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  1. For the record I understood what you meant about the Creuss Flagship. As I was saying if they have the flagship and fleet logisitcs 1 dreadnaught is not going to cut it, regardless of the rules.
  2. I can kind of see the point, the original rules reserves the tactical retreat for the defender, where as the stalemate rules allow a dreadnaught to retreat into a space that is beyond the "picket". I realized that the silly Creuss flagship has only 1 attack roll and thus can manipulate this rule. However this a small loophole that seems to be getting overhyped and is easily averted either by decent planning (you can't tactical retreat into hexes with ANY enemy units) or a simple house rule. Also if you're dealing with the Creuss with Fleet logistics, I don't think your one dreadnaught stands much of a chance anyways. Your issue is with the way retreat is handled in the system, and your gaming grounds uses the loophole in the system rather then intent. So it's either an overhaul of the retreat system or a logical discussion with your gaming group. I've played with rules lawyers before (assuming that's the issue) and they live on the loopholes and shy from house rule fixes. If this is the case, where there is a will theres a way, and one oversight fix isn't going to amount to much in the long run.
  3. I don't think tactical retreat is as bad as you think it is, granted I haven't had a chance to test it. We're talking about 3 CCs to get past your allocation (1 to active the system to attack, 1 to tactically retreat, and then a 3rd to use fleet logisitc which is well down the tech tree.) Probably be easier to have Light/wave deflectors and move past your picket with 1 CC if you only have a ship deep picket line. It's doesn't seem so different as planning for Warfare I.
  4. I'm trying to plan an 8 player game this Saturday, and in attempt to speed up play I want to use one of the preset maps variants found in the support section. The one in particular I found interesting was the multiple galaxy setup. However I'm wondering if I should remove the Ghost of Creuss as a possible race in this game. This decision is based on the Creuss third racial ability "Other players may not use "A" or "B" Wormholes to travel into a system you control" allow them to lock down Mecatol Rex galaxy from the rest of the players. I really like the race, but they seem overpowered in the variant map I'm using in this game. Thoughts? Suggestions?
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