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  1. yardobeef

    2019 Holiday Sale

    I overslept and missed last year's holiday sale, and I don't want a repeat. Any idea when the holiday sale is happening this year? (Or if it's cancelled due to Shoggoth attack?)
  2. Thanks so much for the info. Wow, it sounds like the Changeling can really throw a game into chaos, especially a 3-person game!
  3. The Changeling was first used in our game and brought with it many questions. 1. On the card, it says that the Changeling gets the Miser's horde. Does that mean he takes the cards the Miser currently has in his horde or does he get his own 8 card horde? 2. Does the power go away once the encounter is complete? Does he return the horde cards to the Miser or to the discard deck? 3. If the power is permanent, does the Changeling's target become the Changeling? If so, when is he able to use the power? Can he swap immediately or does he need to wait for the next encounter? Thanks a bunch.
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