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  1. The shine is off, the meta is expanding, some people have grown tired of running against the rebel pancakes which is only going to get worse with the outrider, some people don't like the fact a third faction is coming out, some people are just moving on and selling while the game is still hot, some people are getting ready for Armada which is the type of game they way to play. Pick your poison. Games go through various life cycles.
  2. Mayday games and Fantasy Flight both make them in that size, Mayday call them Mini sleeves. As much as I like Fantasy Flight products, the Mayday games sleeves fit tighter. Less over lap, but Mayday have more bad sleeves, but we are talking about 1 out of a 1000. I've had no trouble finding either brand at my various local game stores, though game shops and card shops just don't carry the mini sleeves cause they don't have too big a demand for them. You are better off at a game store that sells lots of board games and such. Of course I've never had trouble special ordering through my local game store either, ask them. Sometimes they actually have discounts if you pre-pay and such.
  3. I think I've killed more ships by running them into asteroids them my oppenets have shot down. I have fun, but I'm the 55 in the good player's 55-0 win/loss record.
  4. I spray the outside of my dials and all my play tokens (good lord I've got so many unpunched tokes in my file cabinet it wimpers), with a spray fixative, then I put a piece of clear contact/shelf paper between the dials. This seems to make them pretty bullet proof and the contact paper can be peeled off and replaced from time to time. Another thing to extend the life of your dials is turn them from the outer rim instead of the top and bottom, if you get into that habit your dials will have almost no wear.
  5. 1) Card binders for the cards, side load the upgrade cards. Can build list on the fly pretty fast. 2)Little Hair rubber bands around target locks, move rulers, and and other tokens. Stacks of 2, 3, 5 for shield tokens. 3) Bases, base cards, dials stored with the ships. Pretty much makes it so I can put any team on the table as quickly as I want.
  6. Some day I will get the handle on my dyslexia till that day, I will use my protractor to mesure angels, and be robed by rouge whiches. Spell checkers help, but they only help so much.
  7. I try to avoid drinks at the table, one rouge slurpee is very capable of killing many a game. Lost half a dozen GEV tokens that way.
  8. Kith

    Teaching Lists

    Why do you do the basic Rookie Pilot + Hull upgrade vs 2 Academy Ties? I know the hull upgrade isn't in the basic set, but everything else is and the matches are quick, teach a lot about the game and are evenly matched. Only real issue with this is that you don't get to see how card synergy can effect dice rolls, so some people may feel the game falls too much on dice.
  9. At my game store we've got home made felt mats, home made cloth maps, one vinyl mat and my yoga mats. I'd say the cloth and felt are probably the worst solutions, the cloth map has memory from the folds when the person puts it away, and the felt one is starting to wear and makes it hard to line up the tabs. The bought vinyl map is pretty solid and it's thin so it's easy to carry around. The yoga mat is hard to roll up tight but it offers a nice solid play surface with little shifting. The vinyl and Yoga map are pretty good at avoiding the table ditch. I would say cost to usability the yoga is the best, two mats for aprox $20 and a box cutter, nice non-slip surface and really durable, just hard to carry around. I imagine if you are good at sewing and bought a good game grade heavy felt, those would hold up well, but from what I've seen they have issues. I have yet to see one of the vinyl banner mats, so can't comment on those.
  10. I find this is a great comprise, for many miniatures game it's also nice cause you can put it over the miniatures. http://www.diceshield.com/
  11. Kith

    4 B-wing?

    So when I get my Rebel Aces I will have 4 b-wings so how do you think 4 Blue Squadron pilots with Advance Sensors Would fare?
  12. Now I just need to figure out how to fly 4 B-wings.
  13. One thing that helps a lot with flying is to have a field set up with some asteroids place two or three ships, place your dials, then put drop a ship or empty ship base where you think your ships will be. Then flip your dials and compare how far off you where. The reason I do this with the dial and reveal and turn order is it helps keep you in the pattern of playing the game, while the predicting helps you see how far off your mind is between the movement in your brain and the real movement of the ships. I started out 1-2 ship bases off, now I'm less then half a ship base. All in all it's pretty good practice for pure flying skills.
  14. Kith

    Game night trouble.

    So next friday at my local game night I was planning on showing a group of Wings of War players, X-wing. Usually we have 4-8 people show up. So my idea is that we split up into teams, and everyone flys one ship. My problem is while I am getting better at the game I am not good at building teams. I'm trying to figure out a roughly balanced set of 3-3 or 4-4 ships where each person will be roughly equal, I do not need absolute equal, we usually just grab random planes for wings of war, but will still allow for some of the more complex parts of the game to shine through. I have 2 core sets. Rebel 1 additonal X-wing 2 B-wings 2 E-wings 2 Z-95s 2 A-wings 1 Y-wing 1 Falcon Imperial 1 Imperal Aces 1 Tie-fighter 1 Tie Interceptor 2 Tie Defenders 2 Tie Phantoms 2 Tie Bombers 2 Firesprays 1 Lambda
  15. If you have a Games Workshop store near you, not always possible, go in and check when they are doing painting demos. Most GW stores do these quite regularly and usually charge the princely sum of nothing. They'll give you a cheap plastic figure, some in store brushes and in store paints and give you the basics. You'd be surprised at how easy it is to pain a figure. Sure you are going to mess up a few times, but such is life. The great thing I've discovered over the years is acrylic paints can be stripped quite easy with green stuff or break fluid (Some softening may occur) so nothing is unfix-able. I admit that I don't have nearly the skill with vehicles that I would like and have been browsing around in bargain bins at my local game stores and swap meets for tiny figures I can ruin, hot wheels and matchbox fear my arrival. Dollar stores are also great to get cheap toys to practice re-painting skills. The truth is in the end your paints and brushes will cost more then your practice figures/models. Good brushes help, but if you are just getting into it, buy a package of $2 brushes from your bulk craft store (Michaels, Blick, Hobby lobby) and some of the cheaper acrylic model paints and destroy a few dozen thrift store Hot Wheels (I once got a bag of 10 off brand for a buck) and have fun. You can only get better with practice. Also I will say that depending on your eye sight and such, a good set of magnifying goggles will make your life a lot easier and may save your eyes.
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