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  1. the project is pure fiction? so there is no real fan game of TI3 , or it might never be released?
  2. One of the more irksome parts of the FFG rpgs , was in WHFRP too i remember. How exactly am i supposed to imagine that going down? Ok , some bloke is yelling at stormtroopers , often while theyre fighting. Unless they´re somehow supposed to listen to the guy, and he can somehow convince them to doubt what they´re doing, why the hell would it bother them in the slightest? I´d get if he were a Jedi , but i just dont really see a good way of narrating that...
  3. Please for the sake of argument , assume my boast of having the competency in maneuvering i claim to have is true , at least about me being good enough not to get in black range after moving . if i am outside black range , he moves in and first ship he moves next turn fires , front and flank = THAT is his flexibility . The expensive engine techs upgrade is both more effective on Glad , and more maneuverable , glad has speed 1 yaw 2 , neb has 1 and narrow front needing better turn , corvette has too weak guns, also this is also thinking of multiple glads with maybe wulf or tarkin , stealing tokens with ion cannons you say , id need to fire first for that too good idea tho.. hmm, good thought , although they will be able to fire on the formation on its weakest side and move away speed 4 , remember people, Armada has Alternating turns . With your idea the B-wings still threaten doublefire in the squadron phase ,which at least adds some threat , tho one needs And the squad command/token,And the Bs not to get engaged , And the absence of the Card That Shall Not Be Named... I wonder what your ideas are for formations on how to counter them? Keep in mind tho, Engine teched Glads have a lot of threatened area .
  4. Hello , if anyone has experienced the use of this upgrade against him, currently only usable on the Gladiator Star destroyer for the imperials , you will know how OP this can get , especially since anyone somewhat skilled in maneuvering ships does not even need the Demolisher title to support it, so we`ll not even mention it for this little rant. This little beauty can make a Star Destroyer more maneuverable than a corvette , and w/ expanded launchers , can oneshot a corvette (avg roll) and even a Neb b (cripple on avg) , especially since you have soo many options in using it . From a conservative speed 2 (1 with maneuver token+Dial) , you can speed up to effectively better than speed 4 , move 3 with one extra click yaw turn if you did the command dial, and then even do another move 1 with a full 2 clicks yaw turn , allowing just soo much freedom and threatened space in where you can toss those 4 black/2 reds. You do not even need those maneuver dials , just the tokens , so you can stock up on concentrate firepower or squadron dials , and still use the extra speed and more importantly 2 click maneuver at the end, getting multiple ships in arc if theyre flying a formation for effect like a neb b LR gunline shooting on 1 target , or dont even worry if youre first player . at least one ship wont get away , and oh, add 4 black dice as a second attack . The thing is they just threaten so large of an area with certain death for smaller ships , even a MkII cant last long against firepower of that magnitude , especially bc its the glads choice of engagement and arc, the trade of fire is better for the imp, and raw damage dissipates blubber even without acc. Although what gets me the most is the fact that its basically kill a small ship a turn , without a way i see to avoid it . Especially builds that include 2 + Engine cracked Glads , perhaps w/ expanded launchers i feel just basically invalidate my nebs and corvettes, and as i said , you dont even need Demolisher to do that , if i was the imp , i could definitely do lots of damage , since my ships are better in every way, including maneuver then. Has anyone any ideas on how to handle these , especially as a neb b/small ship lover? I dont see much of a way short of using bigger shipZ / use moar squadronZ , which seems like a bad way of handling this , since it just accepts them as OP without coming up with strategies , preferably tactics like formations, ways of approaching which set up perhaps enough fire lanes to dissuade their attack , tho its still a Star Destroyer , takes some doing, and whats the first ship the imps gonna move you think? So please if anyone has some insight , please share it here ..
  5. why does everyone automatically think a Vic 1 WILL kill or cripple a neb in its front arc alone? Usually they should do about 6 damage , with maybe one accuracy , not enough to stop the brace reducing it to 3 which just drops shields. Now with some way of ensuring an extra accuracy like extra blue dice from dominator or h9 turbolasers , okay . Yes , another vic can be near enough to reach out and touch them , however wouldnt this mostly be due to the vics flying in line abreast formation? In Left or Right flank the rebel will try to pick on just one of the two and could afford to ram it with one ship , two if the second is in the sides and out of reach of both the vic I ram and the non-red dice of the other vic. next turn the weakened ship can take off , hopefully repairing itself enough and not falling too far afoul of the side arcs.
  6. Please do publish those tactics articles when you find the time . Also please talk some more about fleet formations for the imperials, i find that most of the time the rebel can avoid the medium/short range bit of the VSD front arc, and not allow much of a chance for the imperials to use their massive firepower . So i personally find the VSD I to be very dissapointing and easily outmaneuvered , however soo many people seem to be enamored with it . The only use i see for it is part of the rearguard bringing up a refused flank , since , aside from using it as area control/denial to enemy , i dont see them actually using a lot of their vaunted firepower. Also personally , i think when sending in a ship like a speed 3 Neb b toe to toe , when pressed right up to their face , it can live and fly past , (2 braces) , as well as many formations being unable to add much weight of return fire due to alternating moves and simple range . I as rebel can pick out one ship to focus on . Maybe a Line abreast start with a maneuver command or token to have a speed difference turn it into a right or left flank formation? thinking tank formations with VSDs
  7. If by Sith War , you mean the Jedi Civil War featured in Star Wars KNIGHTS OF THE Old Republic, or to a lesser extent the Cold War featured in the Old Republic MMO ;then Sith War.
  8. This is downright AWESOME . please share your resources with me
  9. Hmm ,i wont be joining your facebook page because f### facebook , worse than the Empire, but i would like to use this thread here to speak up as an Armada player in Oostende . Too bad your group is on the other side of Flanders though , but hey if any of you ever go on a little trip to the coast with your fleet, maybe you can pm me here.
  10. Well, it IS a good excuse to spank her .....
  11. Really, would love to hear you expound on your reasons for thinking the neb is the best ship in the core set. Most rebel players would say it is the corvette , with its ability to get into the rear of the Victory a turn earlier and definitely take up residence therein. Although i must say that i find my nebulons also do not have that much trouble jamming their front into the Victorys rear end by turn 5.
  12. How long did it take for them to release the new Lambdas? Was it when they went out of stock and needed another print run; or was it before that?
  13. The one half of the ship is not shaded at all, just one big even white coating . That to me qualifies as having one half of the ship unpainted. If the paint jobs could be that awesome as i have seen for several Xwing ships, including the contents of the base set , they could have done the same for Armada, especially considering the crazy expensive price tag. I would very much like the chance to return my Nebulon B and have the back half painted .
  14. Somebody should start an online petition , to get them to finish the missing paintjobs. 100 dollars or as they retail here for as high as 120 euros (one store even asks 130!) is extremely pricey , and just a ripoff if you get half your ship unpainted like on the nebulon b
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