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  1. Turns out the new copies might have better models included: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2239941/upgraded-miniatures-latest-reprint
  2. The Secret Name is not on the Asmodee list again as of today (22nd March). So earliest is the 4th April for the U.K. if it’s on next Fridays list.
  3. I've got a spare set if you're in the UK
  4. Ah, fair enough. Good to know, thanks
  5. I don’t think that Stealer of Souls has to survive the fight, it only says if the enemy creature dies fighting. Abilities labelled ‘FIGHT:’ do have to survive but this creature doesn’t say that.
  6. I've always played it as moving back two spaces (so 10 to 6), however the wording can mean either way. Have you tried asking on BGG? cheers
  7. A circle can also mean a group of people, so this whole campaign may be undoing the Silver Twilight, that particular circle of people.
  8. Hi The rules reference states that the following slots are available (page 19): =1 accessory slot =1 body slot =1 ally slot =2 hand slots =2 arcane slots The 2 hand slot symbol is referring to that fact that it fills 2 of the above hand slots, while the 1 handed symbol means it fills 1 hand slot, not that you have a 1 hand slot and a 2 hand slot. I hope that helps
  9. SDW740


    It kind of reminds me of one of the modes from Hearthstone, where you had to build a deck out of a limited choice of cards, and then try to win as many games as you can to get prizes with it (Note: I haven't played Hearthstone since it first came out, so this may have changed). The players with a 'worse' deck could beat players with a 'better' deck based on their experience, card combos and what to expect with different character types. Although there is no deck building, I have a feeling something similar would be relevant in this game too. Playing with different decks would allow you to get a feel of how different card combo's and factions play, and give you an idea of what your opponents may try to do. Of course this is all guess work for now...
  10. It would be handy with the Red Gloved Man, boost your Intellect and Fight, and have a good potential turn.
  11. Whoah, how did you get 15 turns in one go?
  12. Not entirely sure why it's Forced either, unless there are cards to cap the amount of actions you can take on a turn? The first 3 actions I'll be doing with the 3 extra clicks is putting them straight back on the card until I need them... No real forcing to use the next available round otherwise. I guess if you need to discard an Asset in play, it would affect it too to be fair
  13. There's a thread on the front page with someone looking to create a 'Fire Spreads' dice. Usually you can decide to make the fire spread so it does the minimum amount of disruption to the main game. With the dice, it would make it more difficult as the fire could spread in a direction making it much more difficult for the investigators. That's one example of a house rule making it more difficult.
  14. I would argue that it affects face up and face down Horror. My reasoning is that in the Streets of Arkham rules FAQ (Page 3), when clarifying the Righteous card, it says that: "when an effect is caused by suffering Damage or Horror, it occurs regardless of whether the Damage or Horror suffered is facedown or faceup." which I would includes Diana's ability.
  15. I'd like to see Civilization specific tech cards, so the Scythians would have an alternate Military Age 1 card, the Americans would have an alternate Age 4 Science card. It'd make the tech cards a bit more unique, and give the Civilizations a bit more individuality, similar to how the later Civilization PC games have unique units and buildings replacements.
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