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  1. Thanks for the clarifications. This is how I've been playing the game previously, good thing that I've followed the rules correctly. Basically: Ships are activated by Cylons through the Cylon Fleet location or Cylon Attack Crisis cards, but not through the ordinary steps that are on the bottom left of a regular Crisis card.
  2. Hi there, been a while since I played the game, and I have a question regarding the activation of cylon ships. I am playing the game without any expansions. Are the following statements correct? - When a revealed cylon player plays a crisis card, there are no Activate Cylon Ship or Prepare for Jump step. - Ships can be activated through the Cylon Fleet location. - Revealed cylons can still activate ships if they draw a Cylon Attack Crisis card. I am especially wondering about the last statement, because the rulebook says "There are no "Activate Cylon Ship" and "Prepare for Jump" steps during a revealed Cylon player's turn." I'm also a bit confused about the following on page 24 in the rules: "Whenever there are any centurion tokens on the Boarding Party track and heavy raiders are activated (even by a revealed Cylon player), each centurion token moves one space towards the "Humans Lose" space." What does the rulebook mean by "even by a revealed Cylon player"? Are the rules referring to the Cylon Fleet location, or when the cylons draw Cylon Attack Crisis cards? Thanks in advance! :-)
  3. Furelli said: b) if i read it correctly, a Baron can cancel a continuous harmful event in another turn after it has been played by paying 1 additional faith right? Correct It is stated in the official FAQ that if you don't pay immediately, you are stuck with it for the remainder of the game. Paying 1 additional faith is an optional rule. QUOTE FROM FAQ: FREQUENTLYASKED QUESTIONS CANCELING EVENTS Q: If I have a lasting event played on me (such as “Heretic”), can I cancel it at a later time or do I need to spend the Faith as soon as the card is played? A: Event cards must be canceled at the time that the event is played. Once an Event card with a lasting effect is played (and not canceled), the victim is stuck with it for the remainder of the game. (See also the “Miracles Can Happen” optional rule at the end of this document.) FAQ can be found here: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite_sec.asp?eidm=48&esem=4
  4. Hi. I've been playing Warrior Knights about 4 times I believe, and loving it. Most of the rules are pretty nailed in, but I'm unsure about certain things. For the sake of clarity, I'm going to enumerate the questions. Question no.1: if you use a Mobilize Forces card to move one of your nobles into an area and attack an opposing noble, and you have an unexhausted noble there from before, both can join the battle, but do both of the attackers get exhausted after the combat? Defenders never get exhausted if they're attacked, am I right? Question no. 2: Let's say 4 people are attending the Assembly. An Agenda card says select a baron. Player 1 and player 2 choose baron A. Player 3 and player 4 choose baron B. Player 1 has 7 votes, player 2 has 3 votes, player 3 and 4 both have 6 votes. Now. This means that player 1 and 2 have a combined total of 10 votes, while player 3 and 4 have 12 votes. Does the game work in the way that the player with the most votes get to choose (which would be player 1) or will the player with the highest total number of votes in his favor be selected? Question no. 3: If you have 2 nobles in the same area (both unexhausted) and you're moving to another area which also contains one of your unexhausted nobles, is it possible to first give some troops to the moving noble from the one in the area the noble is moving away from, and give the moving noble additional troops from the noble in the area the moving noble is moving into, or does it only work between nobles in the same area the noble is moving AWAY from? I'm generally unsure about when you can and when you can't transfer troops between nobles while doing Action cards. Question no. 4: If you have an unexhausted noble in an area that contains your stronghold, and one of the opposing nobles also is in the area, is it possible to transfer troops from your stronghold to your noble if you're just attacking the opposing noble in the same area, not moving? (Reffering to the rule about transferring troops when moving). Question no. 5: The official FAQ says the following: "Q: My Noble is sieging a city and takes casualties, such that he no longer has enough strength to siege the city on a future turn. Can I have another Noble enter the area and assist in the siege? A: Yes, you may have another Noble assist in a siege. You could even have a different Noble enter the area while the first Noble leaves, so that a different Noble finishes the siege. However, if you ever leave the area of the siege without any Nobles, the siege is lifted." What does "assist in the siege" mean? Does it mean that the other noble also attacks the city by sieging, so that when sieging, the combined strenght from both nobles are counted? I previously asked some of these questions at boardgamegeek.com, but after several weeks with no replies I decided to ask here. Thanks in advance!
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