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  1. I saw March 28 as release date on Alliance Distribution's website.
  2. Find a rebel player at your FLGS and trade for their unused half of a core set. That's what I did and both of us are super happy about the decision.
  3. Does this really happen? BeforeGame of Thrones went second edition I went to Worlds for Thrones. One day I didn't have anything else to do I played Netrunner. I don't play a lot of Netrunner, but I know the rules. I won 2 or 3 rounds and dropped after losing 2. Do you think I interfered with the integrity of Worlds?
  4. So that is why I didn't see you there. I was still hopeful for 3-1 finish (and top 8) but lost the last round. All four games were lots of fun, you should have stuck it out.
  5. I'll get them at some point, but I'm planning on winning Worlds without the new hotness.
  6. Put the data in Excel, then make a Pivot table on that table. The Pivot table will then let you slice and dice the data however you want.
  7. Aghhhh, binders are awful. Way too much work (keeping it organized, pulling cards out for decks). Also too expensive (all those pages). I found long boxes that fit in a green grocery bag, actually it is a blue Mayfair Games bag. Anyways, I can fit all the attachments, characters, and locations of two houses in one box (sorted by type, then cost, then alphabetically). Another box is events and plots. One box is multi-house cards and neutral cards. Final box is assembled decks. I do most of my deck building online, but I still take a quick pass through my cards to make sure I didn't miss something.
  8. I like it, except "At the start of the taxation phase discard the top card of EACH deck." Alternatively, it could be at end of phase if you want to balance it by disallowing responses to that discard.
  9. Now I'm just sad I can't go to GenCon. Maybe again some year.
  10. Personally, I'm not too upset Stark Murder is having a hard time right now. Not having any characters on the board turn after turn is a NPE. I believe it was my misconception that all games get to this point that kept me from playing the CCG and I only gave the game a second chance well into the LCG reboot.
  11. J_Roel said: Not to be a ****, but how about basing it on common sense instead. If you have no cards to put back in your deck, the unshuffled deck is as random and unknown to you as the shuffled deck would be, so what would be the point of shuffling it? If your opponent played Dark Prophecy on you and then you bring out Summer Sea Corsair as your only smuggler it will matter. If your next three cards are beneficial, you probably don't want to shuffle, but if you have jank, you'll want that shuffle. Your opponent will most likely want the opposite of what you want. I don't think you can shuffle 0 cards into your deck, so there is no shuffle. Too bad it didn't say, then put the rest on top of your deck and shuffle your deck, because you can clearly do that.
  12. Characters in the dead or discard piles don't have keywords afaik.
  13. Any Thrones players going to Origins Game Fair http://www.originsgames.com/ June 12-16 in Columbus, Ohio? I'll be there. I see some Thrones events planned Event Name Feature Text Description Price Event Category Event Start Date/Time Event Duration Track Request Ribbon Request Maximum Players Hosting Club or Company Game Master Game Manufacturer Game / Rules / System Game Edition Materials Provided? Tournament Style Tournament Round Minimum Age Game Complexity Experience Prizes Awarded? Amount Run Location (Room + Area + Table) Game of Thrones Card Game Game of Thrones is a card game for two players based on the epic HBO series where players wage war in the fields of Westerns and conspire to crush their opponents at court in Kings Landing. You can shift the balance of power with game-changing plot cards, $2.00 Tabletop Wed 9:00 PM 1 None None 4 GB7 / Gamers of the Apocalypse Game Base 7 Team Fantasy Flight Games A Came of Thrones the Card Game 1st Yes Not a Tournament Not Applicable 13+ Detailed None No Repeated Hall D - GB7 Area And this event runs on multiple days, so I am guessing it is an intro to the game. Sorry if the grid copy and pastes terrible on this forum. Anyone interested in an informal tournament or maybe just playing some games (guessing above event might be core decks)? Later, ~Rehlow
  14. Very nice. So did you just use Photoshop (and actually know what you are doing)?
  15. So I took all the draw 1 attachments out of my Son of the Mist deck and then this answer shows up in another thread http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=18&efcid=4&efidt=818286&efpag=0 I sent Damon this question, and a similar one regarding Quentyn Martell's draw effect Vs Cersei's Scheme. This was the response: "Okay to understand how response effects work you need to understand that once a triggering condition has been met that effect can trigger. It does not matter if the card is affected by a later effect that changes the changes the current card state away form the one which was required. IT happened, that is all that matters. Look at it this way, the speed limit is 30 MPH. You go 50. A police officer sees you clocks you on his radar gun at 50. You see the cop and slow down to 30 before he pulls in behind you and pulls you over. Telling him you were doing 30 before he caught up to you doesn't change the fact that you went over the speed limit. Same with the game. If Brothel Guard stands it can trigger its effect. That it is no longer standing later doesn't matter, as long as the Response is triggered in the appropriate window. The same is true of Cersei's Scheme and Quentyn Martell." Looks like the deck building never ends.
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