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  1. Game looks great and I am willing to buy it as soon as it becomes worldwide available. About FFG doing a new release for the BB boardgame...not going to happen. GW has strict rules for licensing and this game was the best FFG could do with the licence (no miniatures had to be involved in the game). I really hope they will plan expansions in the future and contests also could be nice, like players proposing new variants and/or cards to add in a game after proper vote...
  2. Hi, about card sleeves for the game...I am not sure I get them right... the number 4 on green and 2 on yellow they have on the product page, do they mean I need 4 packs of green size sleeves and 2 yellow size sleeves?
  3. Come try it at genCom Indy 2011 is a quite self-explainatory statement :-) I will get it at Essen for sure
  4. According to some distributors I contacted, game is expected for July (sounds a mere speculation tho)
  5. Hi all, any chance Blood Bowl Team Manager sees the light in time for Spiel Essen 2011? I am going there and I am doing a list of things I want to buy there. This is on the top of the list!
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