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  1. plus about 200 various pilot cards as well while we're at it Just out of interest, how many regionals or above has that mathematical model won for you MJ? I know I normally snark, but I'm actually genuinely curious to see if it's given you a significant advantage...
  2. Joe Desmond and Kevin Leintz are definitely USA. I assume SoS was just Day 2 and Extended SoS included Day 1 as well.
  3. Do you have the corrected list details? From a comment on the Gold Squadron report on that matchup:Corran (FCS, PTL, R2D2, engine) Miranda (TLT, adv slam, Sabine, extra munitions, homing missiles, Conner net, and ion bombs) Original comment was missing engine, but I filled it in based on prior experience against Kevin (and it makes the points match up right at 48/52).
  4. Yep. He lost the match to Heaver round 1 which Gold Squadron reported on, and he told me via Facebook that he's flying Dengaroo. Two sources!
  5. You're currently showing an incorrect list for Kevin Leintz. He's flying 48 point Corran and 52 point Miranda. Gold Squadron reported on his one-damage then Final Salvo fiasco of a Round 5 match. (I recognized him in the photo and he flew a similar list against me in a regional this season.)
  6. Joe Desmond is flying Dengaroo. Unsure of the exact loadout.
  7. Does anyone know what flavor of BroBots the winner had? I know one of the guys has the top 16 lists and will input them in the next few days. He just hasn't gotten to it yet.
  8. Mountain View regional is now in List Juggler. Lists are still being filled in, but it's got more details than my previous report. http://lists.starwarsclubhouse.com/get_tourney_details?tourney_id=1748
  9. I'm told the full Mountain View results will hit List Juggler. I just wanted to get the rough outline posted for the curious. There were 96 players.
  10. Mountain View regional results (names and placing official, list archetypes from memory) Winner: Will Pugh (10th Swiss) Brobots-BC Second: Chris Bautista (4 Swiss) Bossk Party Bus, Kavil, and N'dru(?) Top 4: Joe Desmond (8 Swiss) Mynock Special Top 4: Ron San Agustin (11 Swiss) Triple Scouts w Bumpmaster Top 8: Andrew Seely (1 Swiss) Mynock Special Top 8: Kari Kristisson (5 Swiss) Palp, Inquisitor, Whisper Top 8: Kevin Leintz (3 Swiss) Chopper and Corran Top 8: Dan Morris (2 Swiss) Palpshuttle, Doomshuttle, Whisper(?) Top 16: Andrew Schlueter (9 Swiss, that's me) Triple Scouts Top 16: Alex Vayhinger (6 Swiss) Gunner/Vader Chiraneau and Inquisitor Top 16: Thadeus Souza (13 Swiss) Two Scouts and Slaver Party Bus Top 16: Sparticus Jones (16 Swiss) Two Scouts and Slaver Party Bus Top 16: Dave Gausenbeck (12 Swiss) Top 16: Brian Foley (14 Swiss) Top 16: Nicolas Tinlo (15 Swiss) Top 16: Drew Bishop (7 Swiss) Mynock Special
  11. Heh. I had a crazy Round 3 game against Drew in a regional last year. My dice hated him: Corran dealt his Chiraneau 9 damage in a single turn. Combined with two turns of Dash fire, Chiraneau died in two rounds of combat. It was nuts!
  12. I notice Dallas's list for San Diego is still missing from the first page. He was running the same thing Ron ran in Fresno: Contracted Scout + Deadeye + R4 Agromech + Extra Munitions + Proton Torpedoes + Guidance Chips + Boba Fett; Contracted Scout + Deadeye + Overclocked R4 + Extra Munitions + Plasma Torpedoes + Guidance Chips + 4-Lom; Contracted Scout + Deadeye + Guidance Chips + Extra Munitions + Plasma Torpedoes + Overclocked R4 FYI.
  13. Well done, Jeff! You're making me regret skipping that regional... But I should see you at the Mountain View event! It's my only chance to play in a regional, so go easy on me!
  14. Hm. FFG results had it listed as "David" as #3 after Swiss. Was this you? I can update to Dee if it is. Not to speak for him, but yeah, that's him.
  15. Brad Miller and Dee Yun lists contain an error. They run Yorr rather than the Omicron listed. FYI.
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