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  1. Ridiculous ruling. Imagine the remade episode IV... Han: "ok kid that's us arrived at Alderaan" Obi Wan : "but it's been destroyed, it's just an asteroid field now" Han: "so? Faq said it still counts, thanks for the credits" And then pushes them out the airlock.... Don't care who ruled it, won't ever be playing it that way.
  2. Well we had our game. Nearly 6 hours of awesome! Big thanks to everyone for the comments above, everything went smooth. Highlights were blowing up Yavin with Death Star 1, our opponents face when we built Death Star 2, and most of all Han Solo joining the dark side. Epic stuff, can't wait for my next game.
  3. Thanks for that, so we should remove those cards from the action deck at the start?
  4. Hi all, Having our first game tomorrow and want to make sure I understand the recruitment correctly. We draw 2 action cards in the first 4 rounds, choose 1 to keep and this determines our recruited leader right? Do we only gain action cards in recruitment phases or do we draw each turn? (Obviously not gaining new leaders) If we choose c3p0 (or r2d2) are we then effectively playing with a leader short for the rest of the game? If yes, what is the point? A leader seems far more useful given the number of turns they can potentially activate. Cheers
  5. I'll add a question regarding the regenerate rule if I may: If I roll multiple 'single swords' on a weak unit, can I use one to regenerate up to non-weak status then apply the rest as damage? (Hope that makes sense) Thanks
  6. Bombers with Jonas and clusters will tear down any decimator in a single turn. Then go on bombing runs against the interceptor.
  7. Anyone else jumping to the conclusion that Fett may be back in Episode VII? The latest trailer for Battlefront 3 shows him flying over what I assume is Jakku due to the latest announcement that there will be a download a few weeks before the films release as a kind of prequel. Or is it just me?
  8. I remember the Assault Gunboat in TIE fighter and thinking WTF? - looked totally out of place amongst all the other TIEs in the game, so not that bothered it's not released. Do FFG have the rights to the assault gunboat anyway? Overall - Like the Punisher, Meh for the scum ship Really dont like the K-wing HATE the Hounds tooth. its REALLY BAD. Just a big box with wings lazily stuck on the back. Its not FFGs fault though, they didnt design they ships from scratch. Will I be buying them? of course I will.
  9. Wouldn't they keep it simple if they implemented it? Less than 1/2 starting shield/hull points = 1/2 victory points. That's how most systems work that I've seen.
  10. Could you swap an X for an ion Y? That might make all the difference
  11. Fly casual to me? Don't be a ****. Casual play or tournament, you forget your action? Then of course you can take it now. If other ships have moved or the state of play has changed then no barrel rolls or boosts. If I need to pull that kind of sh*t to win a game then I would feel I didn't win. Tactics are all valid. Fortressing is lame, but I wouldn't cry about it. I've seen threads where people have openly said they'd ask for their opponent to be disqualified for modifying their ship (rotated B-wings). That's not on in my book. That's playing for unfair advantage, if you need that kind of thing to win you're a loser. Basically I play games(not just xwing) for fun. I played games all day yesterday with friends and I honestly couldn't tell you which games I won or lost. I just don't care. I had a great day
  12. Just posted the same in a similair thread, but I'll repeat here. I use a Shield bag from Battlefoam. It is expensive, but compare £100 vs the value of your collection. Also holds an insane amount of ships with custom trays. ***well worth the time messing around with custom trays, some clever maneuvering can fit loads of stuff in each tray*** Mine holds 100pts (minimum) of all small base ships (except the Hawk, only 2 of those) 2 Falcons, 3 Firespray, 2 YT2400, 2 Shuttles, 2 Decimator, 1 Rebel transport, 2 IG88 Also has spaces for all dials, templates, cards, dice, tokens, asteroids etc. Still has spare trays for future waves. Pockets are large enough for all movement templates and rues / FAQs.
  13. Battlefoam may be on the expensive side, but its **** good. Ive got a Spear case with custom trays, holds everything in my X-wing collection (except the corvette) and still has space so I can hold 100pts of each ship and another couple of waves worth of expansion. OK it was just over £100, but compare that to the value of your ships. KR are a cheaper alternative but very wastefull in space IMHO. You could always use old GW cases if you have them lying around and just order custom trays from Battlefoam.
  14. I think Nigeltastic got it spot on. Before, the Phantom was stupid easy to arc dodge with and then had 4 green dice (usually an evade too) to defend against the 1 or 2 ships per turn that managed to get it into arc. It was a crutch ship that many average players used to play at a much higher level. Now those players are being found out and have to (re)learn how to pre-plan movement and improve. Good players are still good players - they will/have adapt/ed to the new Phantom.
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