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  1. Thank you very much!
  2. So, this still a mistery.
  3. I´ve read that imperial voidships jump back to reality from time to time in a warp travel. My question is, is there a benchmark or rule that states when this happens? Does the warp engines have to cool down? How long the can operate before that? Thanks in advance.
  4. I see, thank you guys for the advice.
  5. And what about the tuning, the npcs in the bestiary (and in any other book) looks like they are for rank 1 characters and my players are rank 7. Should i add +10 or +20 to the characteristics? Add a few traits and talents? One time I used bloodletters "by the book" and they literally melted in 2 rounds. They (players) were rank 3 or 4.
  6. I´ m creating some npcs for my next combat (Ork nob) using the rules from "Into the storm" book and came up with a very tough ork. I created it just like creating a character for me to play. Just the caracteristics are like this: WS 69, BS 42, S 68, T 60, Ag 44, Int 34, Per 35, Will 35, Fell 33. And talents like Unnatural Strenght and toughness, Sound constitution x 14, etc. I was wondering how much you can tune your npcs and if creating and using one created like the one I made is valid. Thanks in advance!
  7. I was wondering how can a voidship scan a planet. It uses the auger array, but using what rules and sistems? Is that in any book?
  8. Im still a bit confused about this sort of mechanics, i tried a couple of times but my players breeze through them like nothing. Can you guys explain it for me again?
  9. The Core book lets you create an hierophant, what is his exact rank within the ministorum? Is he a free agent? (like missionaries in RT).
  10. One of my players asked me if a character that can`t run, can use the "charge" combat action. My tingling common sense says he can`t, but the question remains. Can you charge if you cannot run?
  11. Im having problems running combats, I`ve had some great advise here but is not a system-wise issue. Its narrative and pacing. Im finding difficult to verbalize all the players and Npcs actions into short and precise sentences to keep the fight exciting. Any suggestions? Also Im a lousy tactician...
  12. I started to GM Dark heresy 2ed and became aware of the Threat system to build the Npcs encounters. I was thinking to aply the same rules (or similar) to my RT campaings. What do you think?
  13. Im going to run my first dark heresy 2nd edition game, Im familiar with some of the rules from my other rogue trader game but I`d like to have some advice. What can you tell me?
  14. I`m reading the exploration challenge and it doesn`t say how many rolls the players can do. The thing is if they can roll until completition of the challenge, there is no point on plan if they fail, they`ll eventually succede. So i`m asking, what kind of guideline can I use to solve this?
  15. It would seem, the good quality implant does give you a bonus with ballistics.