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  1. Hello, my question is regarding cybernetics and the medicae deck in BFK, page 39. Can this deck handle cybernetic implantation and treatment? I know that i can rule it, but want opinions.
  2. I want to make my players fight a bunch of tyranids hormagaunts, using the horde rules. My question is regarded towards the dinamics of the combat scene, how can i show the players what a real horde is and how to play it with the rules?
  3. The arch-militant archetype starting gear says "One good craftsmanship primitive melee weapon of your choice with the mono upgrade". One of my player picked the Kraken Tooth knife, but it is extremly rare. Is this correct?
  4. If a character is pinned with suppressive fire during combat, rolls willpower to shake it off and gets a success. The rules says "he may act as normal the next turn". This means he cannot longer be pinned or I can do it again?
  5. The component description says "It can only fire every other turn". What does this mean?
  6. Hi all. Im returning to GM this glorious game and have a doubt about void ship construction. In the components chart there is the power, space requirements for them. Also there is a SP column. In the component description there is no mention of this, do they consume SP as well, in addition to power and space? Thanks in advance and Hail the emperor!
  7. Hi, thre is a situation that i´ d like to present to you guys. In my last sesion, the navigator (under orders from the rogue trader) used his powers to kill a few mercs. The thing is that he killed 24 civilians in the process. This happened in port wander. So, my question is, how the imperial autorities should respond?
  8. It is regarding talents and the prerequisites. If a character has a talent that requieres a characteristic in a certain number (lets say Ag 30) and gets caracteristic damage (Now Ag 20). Is the talent lost? Or, if the damage can be healed, its maintained? Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks, my wife has both and she is going to give me headaches from now on.
  10. Does the Machinator array changes the size category on the character? How does the benefits of the machinator array, the STR bonus, affects a good quality cybernetic limb? The limb has already a bonus, so, it is replaced or they are added together? Thanks in advance.
  11. Those are excellent ideas, thanks!
  12. I was wandering, what kind of tactics could a rogue trader use to attack another rogue trader, besides outright combat. When i say attack it actually means "beat into submission"-like tactics, but without expose him/herself, counting they are in por wanderer. Im having a writters-blockade.
  13. Wow, these are very good advices. Thanks guys.
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