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  1. “Death from Above” NOTE: This is an exact copy of the in game handout. www.wix.com/cubeagent/toi St Mere Eglis: 02:30 hours Oral brief -Double blind scenario (discuss function). -Discuss TOI gameplay. -Each team has 3 players. 1 player is the CiC and the other 2 players run the infantry. The CiC is responsible for: -Making sure all players follow and use the rules to their advantage -Makes sure all player knows their stats, and the enemies stats -Collects and spends command pints (cards, initiative) -Allocates annotated resources -play all action cards -Counts possible objective points and tries to guess which team is in the lead. -Assigning objectives to players Players: -Move and coordinate the strategy aspect and actual “boots on the ground” Discuss -RED Marker flag: Your team has the initiative -GREEN Marker flag: Marks leading team. Winning the game: The army controlling the most Objectives in the game at the end of turn 8 wins. Penalties: If any player loses his officer the following penalties occur until a new officer arrives. -Actions are reduced 2 per player (CiC is still 1) per turn. Until another officer (reinforcement) event occurs. “Death from Above” St Mere Eglis: 02:30 hours German TO&E / Setup Pre game Setup Objective: Defend and hold the town of St Mere Eglis. Setup: Step 1) Germans setup map board with the following: a. 3 Landmine markers b. 3 Barbed wire c. 3 sandbag bunkers d. 3 tank traps e. 3 objectives a. 1 Objective (2 points) is the church). b. Second Objective (3 points) is the AA gun. c. Third Objective is the US players Obj point (Unknown location and value) Step 2) The Germans may then place all of their STARTING troops listed on their gamer card. Step 3) The Germans review their responsibilities, defensive plans and reinforcement tables. German CiC may use: Turns 1-4 “German Reinforcement Deck” (These are NEW units, in addition to reinforcements. Allocated to players by the CiC). “Supply Deck I” Turns 5-8 “Artillery Deck I” They must also used the event cards -“Massive Confusion” until turn 4 -“Desperate Defenders” Until turn 4 -“Tank Ace” After turn 4 Tactics: -Turns 1-4 are at night. Although your slow to wake and prepare for combat, the US Soldiers are scattered far and wide from their airdrop. Use surprise as a crucial element. Defend and cause as many casualties as you can. -Turns 5-8 is the real battle. It is a daylight counter attack. You outnumber the defending US Infantry, move in fast and hard supported wit armor and Mortars. Player 1 CiC Hier Karl Walbaum Captain Hauptsturmführer Starting units: 1 Squad base, 1 officer, 3 Elite Infantry Reinforcements: Phase I, None Phase II Turn 5: 3 Squad Bases, 1 officer, 13 Regular Infantry In phase 2 you may also hand out: 1 x Flamethrower, 1 x Medic Turn 1-4 reinforcement units may deploy on, or within 1 hex of controlled German objectives. Phase 2 reinforcements may deploy in any or adjacent road hex on the edge of the map, in any fashion. Player 3 Armored infantry Division Hier Klautz Fritz 2nd Lieutenant Untersturmführer Starting units: 1 Half Track Reinforcements: Phase I: Turn 1: 1 Squad base, 2 regular inf Turn 2: None Turn 3: 1 Squad base, 4 regular inf Turn 4: None Phase II Turn 5: 6 Squad Bases, 1 officer, 15 Regular Infantry, 8 Elite Infantry 1 Mortar, 2 Half Tracks, 1 Tank Turn 1-4 reinforcement units may deploy on, or within 1 hex of controlled German objectives. Phase 2 reinforcements may deploy in any or adjacent road hex on the edge of the map, in any fashion. Player 2 Infantry Division Heir Trimborn Grefees 1st Lieutenant Obersturmführer Starting units: 1 squad base with 2 infantry 1 MG Reinforcements: Phase I Turn 1: None Turn 2: 1 Squad base, 4 regular inf, 1 MG Turn 3: None Turn 4: 1 Squad Base, 4 regular inf Phase II Turn 5: 6 Squad Bases, 1 officer, 9 Regular Infantry, 8 Elite Infantry 1 MG, 2 Mortar Turn 1-4 reinforcement units may deploy on, or within 1 hex of controlled German objectives. Phase 2 reinforcements may deploy in any or adjacent road hex on the edge of the map, in any fashion. “Death from Above” St Mere Eglis: 02:30 hours US TO&E / Setup Objective: Para drop / Attack and hold the town of St Mere Eglis. Capture bridges, destroy targets of opportunity, and raise hell! Setup: Randomly roll for parachute drop points. The map is 3 x 4 tiles. Each tile is numbered 1-12. Step 1: CiC runs the air drop. Step 2: Number the 12 map tiles, 1-12. Step 3: In any order, Roll a 1d12 for each squad. Place squad in the exact center of the hex for each map tile rolled. Step 2: Choose wind drift. Roll a 1d6 against the direction hex marker. This is applied to all squads. Step 3: For each squad, roll 1d6 to determine how many hexes the squad drifts. Move the squad the number of hexes in the direction of the wind. -Squads landing in the same hex as the enemy or water are immediately destroyed. -Squads that and off the table a simply placed in the last possible hex. -Squads that land in a woods or buildings hex lose 1 soldier, and are fatigued for the first turn. -Squads that land in land mine fields are immediately attacked, and fatigued. -Squads are not “camouflaged” as per the game card, for the first turn. Objectives: -Place a 2 point Objective on any bridge hex. This is unknown to the German players. Special rules: -While one objective markers are placed on the table, the second is carried by the CiC and is placed on the table any turn he sees fit. This Objective marker is a spawn point, and needs to be protected. It has special rules: -IS the only objective that US troops can spawn on. -Does not generate CP’s until placed. US Players use the: “Command” Strategy deck “Moral Deck I” And use the “Camouflage” card until turn 5 “Seize the initiative” card until turn 5 May use the “US Air Support Deck” starting turn 5 Tactics: -Turns 1-4 are at night. Although you are scattered about, you have the element of surprise. Recon, move quick and take them by surprise. Only the Bold players that are willing to kick some teeth in will win the day. You MUST capture Objective in 4 turns, before the sun comes up. DO NOT HESISTATE. -Turns 5-8 is the real battle and the counter attack. Repeal at all costs. Dig in and hope for the best. Player 1 CiC 101st PIR “Screaming Eagles” Capt. Ben Schwartzwalder Unit stats Starting units: 3 Squad bases 1 officer 7 Elite Infantry Phase 2 reinforcements 2 Squad base 1 Jr officer 7 Elite Infantry In phase 2, you may also hand out: 2 x Bazooka Phase 2 reinforcements may spawn in, or 1 adjacent hex, to any US captured Objective. Player 3 507th PIR “Easy Company” Sgt. George Bowler Tullidge III Starting units: 5 squad bases 1 Jr officer 19 Elite infantry 1 Medic 1 Eng Phase 2 reinforcements 3 Squad bases 1 Jr Officer 13 Elite infantry 1 MG 1 Bazooka Phase 2 reinforcements may spawn in, or 1 adjacent hex, to any US captured Objective. Player 2 101st PIR “Screaming Eagles” Cpl. Edward A. Slavin, Sr. Starting units: 5 squad bases 1 Jr officer 17 Elite infantry 1 MG 1 Medic 1 Eng Phase 2 reinforcements 3 Squad bases 1 Jr Officer 13 Elite infantry 1 MG 1 Bazooka Phase 2 reinforcements may spawn in, or 1 adjacent hex, to any US captured Objective. Complete scenerio can be downloaded here: http://app.fantasyflightgames.com/tideofiron_scenarios.html http://i739.photobucket.com/albums/xx31/landogs/IMG_0447.jpg http://i739.photobucket.com/albums/xx31/landogs/IMG_0446.jpg http://i739.photobucket.com/albums/xx31/landogs/IMG_0445.jpg http://i739.photobucket.com/albums/xx31/landogs/IMG_0449.jpg http://i739.photobucket.com/albums/xx31/landogs/IMG_0448.jpg http://i739.photobucket.com/albums/xx31/landogs/IMG_0276.jpg
  2. I am creating my own custom scenario, are their blank downloadable forms?
  3. Its Delta here again. For our second day of gaming, we are looking at a scenerio for 6 players. To stay in our 4 hour time slot, we need to design a great game and trim the fat to increase game play speed. Once again I am tapping the immeasurable talent here on this forum for advice. Feel free to drop any thoughts, I appreciate all comments. 1) I am not using some units, deleting some basic rules and only allowing some cards in play. 2) Squads, table and gameboard are pre set up to decrease start times. 3) Double blind scenario. (see my previous posts) The scenario so far. St Mere Eglise, 0240, D Day 1) Germans have 15 min to place troops. This gives time for the US player to choose 2 or 4 random objectives. 2) Random (like arty drifts) placement of Airborne infantry. 3) First turn starts US has initiative. 4) 3 players per side, 1 per division and one commander. 5) Division commanders have 4 squads and 3 actions per turn (no strat cards) alternating with one German player, and one US player. 6) Last turn per side is the third player (CiC). He plays strat cards to support troops (limited decks such as arty and air support). 7) The command phase is done by the CiC, the status phase is done by all. My ideas to trim the fat and play time. 1) No squd transfers. 2) No vehicles 3) No engineers 4) Limited basic strat cards 5) No concealed squads 6) Visibility is normal range (night time) More to come… 1) Ideas: What increases game play time? Op fire? Limited vis should cut that down. I may also let players move, then if op fire is initiated, move the targets units to half of their normal movement, then op fire takes place. Thanks. http://www.intelligent-staffing.com
  4. Greetings! I Would love any Feedback from anyone. If your following my posts, we are prepping for a convention in KC. Here's our day two, multiplayer event rules. Thoughts? http://www.wix.com/brianwhiskey/toi D-Day -1 Sainte-Mère-Église D-Day battle The town played a significant part in the World War II Normandy landings because this village stood right in the middle of route N13, which the Germans would have most likely used on any significant counterattack on the troops landing on Utah and Omaha Beaches. In the early morning of 6 June 1944 mixed units of the U.S. 82nd Airborne and U.S. 101st Airborne Divisions occupied the town in Operation Boston, giving it the claim to be one of the first towns liberated in the invasion. The US troops parachuted directly on the town, resulted in heavy casualties for the paratroopers. Some buildings in town were on fire that night, and they illuminated the sky, making easy targets of the descending men. Some were sucked into the fire. Many hanging from trees and utility poles were shot before they could cut loose. The German defenders were alerted. The Game This is a night game, spotting is 5 hexes due to spotlights, fire and other active illumination. Board map is 6x4 board maps. The basics idea of this game is a “round robin” event. There will be room for up to 8 players. Prior to the game start, each player signs up on the roster list and, when the time comes, randomly rolls and builds a squad. At the beginning of the game, the starting players place their squad on the game board in accordance with the scenario rules. Game play for each player continues in a randomly drawn order, until a player is knocked out. He may then resign up on the roster, pick a new squad and rejoin the game. Game play runs until the referee calls the end. At the end of the day, the player with the most victory points wins the overall day, and first place. The roster and building squads Each new player may sign his name on the roster, as long as he is not “in game”. Starting from the top, when a spot on the table is open, a named player may roll and randomly build a squad. At the start of the next run, the new player joins the table. Spawning US Unless the US Squad has an officer, he may not move on the turn he spawned (parachuted in) on. He is simply placed on the board (as a fatigued unit) and hopes for good luck while he gathers the rest of his stick. The squad may still be fired upon as normal. Parachuting in There are 24 map boards in play, numbered 1-12. When a US Squad chutes in, he rolls a 1d12. He locates the both map boards numbered 12, and selects one to chute in on. He then rolls for high drift using the center hex as a starting point. German There are 4 German Spawn points on the map. The German army is more organized than the US and each player may choose which spawn point he wants to start at. Each German squad or until starts the turn Fatigued unless he has an officer in the squad, or is a vehicle. Victory points To win the game, the player at the end of the day with the most victory points wins. VP list There are several ways to gain victory points: Action Point Value Hold Objective 1 per turn Eliminate enemy Soldier 1 per figure Inflict 1 hit to vehicle 1 per hit Squad Support (do any above action within 2 hexes of a friendly unit) x2 bonus per turn per action Spending VP Points A player may choose to hold or spend his VP Points as he sees fit. One certain randomly determined points, the US aircraft drop supplies. There are 3 “Rally points” on the table. When a US squad moves into a hex containing one of the drop points, he may spend 1 VP to roll on the supply table and applies the result. Regardless, any squad that spends the 1 VP has any and all lost figures replaced at these rally points. 1) The squad may choose to accept or ignore the roll, but only gets one roll per turn, per 1 VP’s. Andy roll success is lost if refused. 2) Each squad (as per game rules) may one have 1 specialization, 1 MG or up to two mortars. 3) A specialization may not be combined with a Mortar, Double mortar or MG. US Supply chart (1d6) Roll result Squad Upgrade 1 Engineer Specialization 2 Medic Specialization 3 Bazooka Specialization 4 Mortar 5 Double mortar 6 MG *Germans do not get resupplied. The turn At the beginning of each turn, each player “in game” draws a card (deck of playing cards Ace - 7). Starting in order of the cards, each player may: 1) Drop their new squad in game. The Germans spawn from the specific reinforcement area and the Americans parachute in anywhere on the board. 2) May make 1 action per turn, as per the TOI rules. Victory At the end of the day, the play who has (or had) the most unspent VP when he was knocked out of the game wins. Help: I could use help with 1) How players draw and use strategy and tactics cards. 2) Maybe a gameplay chain of command that allows the player who has the longest surviving squad on the table to use cards, etc.
  5. Well, I did it. Wanted to for a long time, and finally did it. With our convention coming up, it was time. I am doing TWO boxed sets, one German army is finished. 1) Bought the small metal washers from Home Depot, and the paint. 2) Trimmed tabs on the solders and washed them with soap and water. 3) Superglued figures ot the base and reinforced them with another small drop. 4) Painted solders a matching gray. 5) Trimmed flexible magnetic sheet to fit stands making that Squad Specialization tabs were clear. 6) Painted stands. 7) Walla! Troops in action. Time for One box set German army (minus paint drying time) one full day.
  6. Along with our contest, we are looking at implementing 6 player gameplay. I wanted to expand on this topic as I respect the opinion of serious TOI players who have much more experience with the game function than me. Here’s the rundown of the setup, and how I imagine it would work. ANY suggestions would be helpful and I am very flexible so you’ll have to answer your own questions. Goals of this thread: 1) Have 6 players in a game with 3 per team. 2) All have something to do other than just stand there. 3) Discover pro’s and con’s of each theorized setup based upon other players game experience. Keep in mind that this game scenario is a double blind or “Back to back” game setup. There are two exact copies of the game where each team cannot see the other team’s setup. Only spotted units will be revealed and opponent’s locations will be placed/moved by the referee. Setup one: -3 players per team. -All players physically on their respective side of the table. -One team player with most TOI experience is the Corps commander and the other two, division commanders. -Corps Commander operates all command points and strategy cards. He plays 6 per turn as per normal 4 player rules as he see's fit. -Division commanders may build and arm squads, move and control squads as normal making best use of cards being played by the Corp Commander. -Corps Commander gives orders to the division commanders and implements his overall strategy. Goals: -Streamline gameplay and make it faster with 6 players. -The commander helps with specifics of gameplay since he has more experience. Setup two -3 players per team. -One team player with most TOI experience is the Corps commander and the other two, division commanders. -Corps Commander operates all command points and strategy cards. He plays 6 per turn as per normal 4 player rules. -Division commanders (2 per team) on their respective sides of the board. -Corps Commander updates division commanders movement on the enemy board and makes the spotted or non-spotted decisions as approved by the referee. He may then give the appropriate commanders cards from his deck for them to use as they see fit. -There will be no communication from the corps commander to the division commanders in regards to enemy unit’s locations. -Division commanders may build and arm squads, move and control squads as normal making best use of cards being played by the Corp Commander. Goals: -Relive pressure in the ref -Make the corps commander’s strategy more important with exact knowledge of the enemies location, but limits him from revealing positions. Any other ideas are welcome! Thanks!
  7. UPDATE: There is a request from the owner of ISaC (the sponsering company) to allow for as many players in the game as possible. While not mandatory for the contest, special consideration will be given. We are thinking 3 per side, based on my convention game experience, here are some suggestions that I know work: 1) 3 players per team. -Player 1 is the commander and: -Gives orders to the two divisions -Is the expirenced player and assists with the rules -Runs the tactic and strategy cards only Player 2/3 runs their divisions.
  8. I appreciate the feedback, and I don't think changing the timeline would effect the rules of the contest...so... Lets extend the deadline to August 15th. That will give us time to playtest, and you 37 days to create. As far as the scenario goes, all is fair. Our time block is a 4 hour slot so go from there. I have no answers for turn length. Good luck.
  9. Our website is up! http://www.wix.com/brianwhiskey/toi
  10. CONTEST, $30 First Prize My name is Brian and I am to be a Game Host at Fall Recruits, KCMO in Sept. Our current setup and display is well over $500 with a triple monitor PC running movies and artwork. This contest is sponsored by http://www.intelligent-staffing.com The game I am hosting is a TOI basic game, double blind Scenario. The table will feature massive posters, flags and artwork. It will be split into two halves with a full game board per half. Both teams will not see the enemy at all until the units are spotted. Game is run by a referee. This allows for a greater range of tactics an awesome gameplay. But we are looking for a awesome scenario to make this a once in a lifetime event! It may also be your opportunity to get noticed! CONTEST RULES: For this contest, the TOI scenario must meet the following criteria. 1) 4 player scenario, each team having two players, playing one separate division. Divisions are open to the designer but should achieve some sort of function such as Support/armor/infantry. As long as both divisions are fun and have some action. 2) Time frame should be D-Day+2 through D-Day +10. Historical mission preferred. 3) Units and squads should be varied with all rules from the basic game being used. The Scenario should field 10+ squads or units per player and use only the pieces and rules form the TOI basic set. Game will have 2 full sets to utilize but remember that each team has its on map board. If there’s a pillbox on one map, there needs to be a pillbox on another. 4) Game should be a challenge to all players with team and individual objectives. 5) Submission should be in a full layout that is printable (PDF or word Doc) with maps, story, setup and TO&E. This protects you work and makes it easier for us. 6) Size of game should be of mid sized, our time frame (not including setup) will be around 4 hours. Judging will be based on the following and will be put in front a panel of 3 expert long time gamers. The top three will be posted here and the forum community will pick the winner. The scenario should feature: 1) Originality, back story and overall impact. Saving Private Ryan does not count. 2) Multiple specific objectives, map locations and time frames. 3) Clever use of cards and in game options. 4) Being a double blind scenario, ambushes, opportunities and tactics will make the game incredible. 5) Special consideration for scenario’s that include: a. A “mission within a mission”. b. Secret objectives for each player with rewards. c. A plot twist for both sides. d. Pictures, artwork Brian Whiskey reserves all rights to use all submitted scenario’s for purposes that he sees fit, but credit will be given where credit is due, intellectual property resides with the designer(s). Winner will be announced on this forum/thread by August 1st, 2011. Submission deadlines are 15 August 2011. Questions can be submitted to Brianwhiskey (at) hotmail (dot) com Subject matter should read TOI submission Winner’s name will be publicly displayed and given full credit for their scenario at the convention. Game scenario will also be used at other conventions throughout the year, yet to be named. Second place scenario will also be played at some conventions will full credit given. Winner will be notified via e-mail and the prize is $30. Payment will be made via paypal, money order by snail mail or an online gift card to Miniature Market. Game Host Bio Brian Whiskey has a long history of gaming. From the first day of the Original D&D back in the early 80's to the Latest Flames of War updates. Mr Whiskey has run games at many conventions: Kansas City, MO 1990 Jacksonville, FL 2000 St Louis, MO 2010 Game Euphoria Washington, MO 2010 LAN Dogs PC LAN party (CEO) St Louis MO, 2011 (along with over 20 private and public events) Brian is an avid game designer. Forced to create his own version of D&D at the age of 15 (D&D was the devil!), He has over 20 miniature, card and board games and a copyrighted cartoon strip. Brian is also an ex US Navy Corpsman , EMT / Paramedic and has a Associates in PC Repair and Network Engineering. He is currently proud to be employed as an IT Recruiter with the St Louis based Intelligent Staffing and Consulting. Looking for work? Send me your resume! Thanks and good luck!
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