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  1. what other feature would you think useful for future arhkam horror toolkit ? - multiple investigator tracking - show more than 1 investigator on screen, like a summary screen with primary statistic only - investigator card inclusion (item, spell etc) - game information tracker, like session/turn/phase tracker, monster limit track, terror track, doom track, outskirt track, sky track.
  2. dear friends when i play solo sometimes i wish i have an apps that help me play and track stuff and enhance gameplay session.. what if someone develop a 'Arkham Horror Solo player toolkit' that help improve solo play sessions. Could an iPad apps improve gameplay ? lets say someone is making a toolkit to help solo player , what kind of feature is important to track for player who solo using 3 or 4 or even more investigator ? - an investigator tracker, showing 4 investigator at once (on ipad big screen) with all his/her stat and showing cards he/she owned ..? - an automated skill check / combat check / horror check / evade check on single message box (based on investigator stat and item bonuses) ? - a phase by phase checklist , check list of what to do in every phase (making sure everything is done by rulebook) ? whats the most important feature that a solo player needs other than the 3 above stuff ? .. as for group play, are there players who use a DM (dungeon master) as the bad guy (like the keeper in mansion of madness).. the DM spawn gates and monsters (based on mythos card that he draw and only the DM know it).. and the spawn of gates and monster / monster movement is not put on the map but the DM give verbal clues / narrative so other player can guess the monster location and monster type.. the DM keep track of gates and monster movement/spawn location on a small map (preferably on an ipad apps as well).. regards
  3. hi all do FFG allow people to use Arkham Horror stuff / arts for making iPad Apps , like making a comprehensive Arkham Horror helper to help streamline boardgame play turn by turn checklist and investigators counter ? just like more detailed Arkham Horror Toolkit. do FFG also allow creation of multiplayer AH Game in ipad ? anyone know whats the restriction on this ? thanks
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