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  1. sorry for the delay, work got in the way a little. ill post thee links to te pictures, since i cant seem to insert them into the post... so here is my setup:tokens, random cards we rarely use, characters and standups are stored in selfmade boxes. these are not very hard to make, all you need is some colored cardboard, stanley knive, scissors and glue from any office supply shop. http://de.tinypic.com/r/2ccp1ls/8 http://de.tinypic.com/r/2sab57c/8 http://de.tinypic.com/r/10opn2c/8 cards that are never shuffled are stored in folders with the transpareent envelopes, which are stapled and cut. you can get these "card sleeves" online too, but for a ridiculous price, so i decided to make them myself. http://de.tinypic.com/r/2w1yux1/8 http://de.tinypic.com/r/1znquky/8 http://de.tinypic.com/r/16lzhit/8 hope you can get some ideas for your own organization out of this! have fun
  2. hey there! after years of carrying around the stuff in bags and the like i decided to organize it neatly. took me about 1 month of my free time, but it was worth it. The GM stuff is organized in folders: conditions, monsters, NPCs and all cards that are not dealt out randomly are in transparent envelopes DIN A4 size which are stapled to fit between 9 and 12 cards, depending on the size. After stapling 3 times for each card, left right and under, i used a stanley knife to cut out a slit large enough to pull it out on one side, the second should be unharmed to prevent the cards from falling out. i used a cardboard as "protector" while cutting. making these is hard and boring work, but once you're done they are awesome to use. same goes for all action cards, talents and the like, organized by trait and action type they are now easily browsable by players when using their XP. the tokens have been sorted by color and i made a custom cardboard box to fit them in. each player was given a box himself to store his character. ill post some pictures for you tomorrow if you llike...
  3. back when i started none of our group had any idea about the warhammer universe. we played with 4 players and one set of dice in the beginning. it is doable. i ran eye for an eye as the first ever scenario. good and bad idea. eye for an eye is a very nice scenario which can take up to 3 sessions to completem depending on how long ýou play. the setting is pretty open so all you really need to explain that there is somthing called chaos and that there are cults worshipping it, which is, of course, illegal. my group had mad fun trying to find out about the cult, it looks obvious at first but with all the nicely written characters people start getting suspicious of anyone in the villa. there comes the "bad" idea. this scenario made my group hypersceptical to any NPC i would introduce later on, always thinking everybody was evil or even a cultist. they have it to this day, almost 4 years into playing! but i heavily suggest you run eye for an eye at some point, it is worth it! in this forum there are also some clue cards and a whole topic dedicated to building and solving the mystery of gruenewald lodge, i never used them (we played eye for an eye 5 times up until now) but i think for a new group they might come in very handy!
  4. my group just finished a homebrewn epic campaign called "end of an era" in which they basically banned the chaos gods for a while. so now its 30 years later and chaos is slowly creepin back in the old world, along with a new power, called the nameless, borrowed from another RPG called "the dark eye", who's an evil god just out to corrupt the priests of the old world. pretty funny stuff up until now, but we are just messing around a little with the new low-level characters for a change. although these poor unfortunate souls managed to accidentally wake an ancient necromancer named lazarus the thin, whom they have to deal with now as being forced by an evil witchhunter who heard they are responsible for the trouble...with some nice surpises of course! we have a break now until january but usually play every 2 weeks for 5-8 hours we also have 2 new players and plan on running eye for an eye at some point with them, as its always fun to make players paranoid for the rest of their WFRP life! cheers neph
  5. i have a pretty complete master list of anything but some PoDs, Edge of the Night and TeW if you want. just email me at patricia.weber@gmx.at i dont have the boxes specified though
  6. i choose the cards free depending on the situation and the monster. cultists and marauders always have "blood for the blood god" and "skulls for the skull throne" for expample. usually on the right side of the card, below the stats damage, soak and defence there are symbols. spells/meele/ranged/support. by the rules you can attach 2 meele cards on a monster with 2 meele slots for example. all khorne creatures would also get the khorne action cards with the trait "basic" but again, just choose what you deem appropriate for the creature and switch them out every once a while, it makes players go nuts hehe
  7. well, first you have to create a poison. using the scarlet elf cap, first you have to find it of course, this might be a tradecraft (INT) check. the difficulty should be modified to how effective the poison should come out in the end, deadly poison is harder to make, of course. poisoning someone can be a little adventure in itself, maybe putting it in a noble's drink or food ad a banquett or so. on weapons i would go with the fatigue at critical wounds as fatigue is very effenctive against normal foes. long term effective poisons call for a home made condition card i would say. something modelled after nurgle's rot maybe. if i have time i may come up with something later today! edit: of course you could also try to take it further by trying to inflict disease on others by tinkering with tubes and ****. i think it would be fun to infect some townsfolk with a little cough or worse at some point. but then you better be careful not to draw too much of father nurgle's attention on yourself cheers
  8. yeah, i also totally forgot about the fortune points! you're right as soon as i get the new players to get a hold of the system ill let them make the checks anyways. but it takes time to understand that you as the player are not the PC but thx for the input! edit: you can still roll the challenge dice, so that way you still have control over the outcome without the player noticing
  9. the campire hunter career is already there, i think it came with hero's call. its an advanced carrer for the witch hunter i am writing all my scenarios myself now, or make em up on the fly. ATM we are playing a scenario in which the PCs have to get a new emperor elected and therefor get involved in politics a whole lot...
  10. as soon as a card is bought it is out of stock so to say with our group. no 2 PCs can ahve the same action card. we just started a new campaign with new characters and so far they have not taken any cards they had before. im curious how they will continue, will keep you updated
  11. sure thing! the town's name is "hall in tirol". here are a few pictures: if you are looking for medieval inspiration in general, the county of tyrol, austria, is the place to go. if i drive like 20 minutes i can reach at least 3 castles, both ruins and lived in ones!
  12. living in austria i get my inspiration from walking through the old town in my hometown, its the biggest in europe. other than that i let myself get inspired by celtic music, and in the following thread's case, by old rock songs, have a look if you're intrested! http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/85878-a-random-idea-that-turned-out-fun/#entry808749
  13. rolls like intuition sometimes demand the player not knowing the complete outcome. lets look into skullduggery first: the player checks for traps in the dungeon and rolls a 3d roll. he generates 2 challenge and 1 bane symbol and now knows that he hasn't found any. i had some unexperienced players once and they didnt wanna continue down the aisle because they failed the check and knew they would run into something. since that point i have always rolled the purple dice in such checks for my players and let them tell me the outcome of all the "good" dice. for intuition it is most important because that way they have no chance to tell whether or not they have succeeded. if the NPC is lying and they check on it, all they hear from me after they rolled their intuition is "he is telling the truth" or "he is lying". that makes it alot easier for the player to roleplay in my opinion. however i once thought of rolling a comlete roll at some point for players, for example to check their observation when they get stalked, so they dont see it coming. but i never actually went through with it, i enjoy it too much to have them make random checks every once a while to confuse them ;P
  14. Heys yall! i've been running WFRP 3e for 3 years now and finally ran a campaign that is worthy of getting a blog. so i put up a website with many features and stories and i plan to do reviews and stuff there too. we play in german so i decided to keep the site in german aswell. for anyone who is intrested in an epic campaign, which i am just summarizing atm and will be posted until friday i hope. i publish every part of the story as soon as im done writing it. so, any german speaker players and GMs! i'd be happy if you visit the site, maybe you can find something helpful there too and give me some advice in how to improve my stories and gamplay! the link: http://wfrp-3e-nephtys.webnode.com/ thx for the attention!! cheers neph
  15. when using the published official scearios and stories of WFRP it is easy for players to "miss out" on certain bits of the story. i personally think that these scenarios tend to throw twists at the playes without any foreshadowing so its hard to get into that. with a few years of running warhammer games i am now at the point where i write the campaigns myself. i usually just put down the most important plot points and some flavour text where appropriate and let the players just have it their way. believe me, even if you have 10 different outcomes thought up for one situation (and i had at some point), they always, always do something different but that is what makes GMing so much fun. reacting quickly to the new situation and make it look as if you expected everything!
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