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  1. Dain Ironfoot

    Six Packs In Six Weeks

    I think it's a great idea. I'm more of a causal player than competitive (though, I have been thinking about trying out tournaments) and every LCG is really stagnant for a long time until the card pool grows enough to have diversity. As others have mentioned, I'm sure every pack will not have cards you need for your deck, so you can wait and see if you want what's in the pack before purchasing. And if we really are only getting 2 cards per clan, you really aren't missing out on much. My wallet might complain a bit, but having a healthier card pool sooner is much needed in the LCG format.
  2. hey now...I all did was agree with what he called himself! no name calling here!
  3. Played my first few games today. And the Unicorn champion has me stumped. His ability just doesn't seem good. Every time I broke a province, my opponent just discarded a defender from the conflict that was going to be discarded at the end of the round anyway. How does that benefit me? For clarity: I was using the Unicorn starter deck list. I feel like I must be missing something... P.S. I also found the Unicorn Stronghold ability quite underwhelming. But this could be because it was the starter deck and not a constructed (3-core) deck.
  4. But many were in-stock as of yesterday when I was checking (6/22/17). And Between the Shadows has been in reprint mode since January 2017? Seems an awfully long time, particularly with no other reprints on the way. I'm just trying to get in to the game and found this curious. Any thoughts as to why it might have all gone out of stock in the course of 1 day? UPDATE: Looks like it was just a glitch and everything is back up!
  5. Dain Ironfoot

    2nd Edition?

    Second edition announcement: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/8/2/enter-the-mythos/ The game is dying...
  6. Dain Ironfoot

    Thoughts on tactics Eowyn

    I can't get past calling them "colors" instead of their proper name, spheres.
  7. Dain Ironfoot

    The Drowned Ruins

  8. Dain Ironfoot

    The Drowned Ruins

    The elves of Middle-earth, I reckon, much like myself, only own clothing of one color and never change outfits.
  9. Dain Ironfoot

    Coming Cirdan card?

    I often post deck ideas (typically from BGG, mind you) and other cool nuggets on TGC's FB page more often than not - certainly more than I've ever complained about the forums. I know you aren't saying I never post positive things or cool ideas - but I'm pointing out that 99.9% of my posts on the FB page are positive. In fact, I think the Forum post is the first (slightly) critical post I've ever made. Now, my on-air comments are another thing... You might be right that my opinions are colored by the Forums a few years ago - but I swear every time I re-visit the forums I find some ridiculous fight about this or that (feminism, passive vs. trigger, etc.) - it never seems to end - even if perhaps it has decreased in frequency. I don't run into these issues on BGG - and I find the discussion there just as interesting (if not as expansive). I will say I've appreciated the civil tone of this discussion and with that said, I'll leave the Forums be. I'll refrain from speaking ill of them, and, most likely, refrain from visiting them.
  10. Dain Ironfoot

    Coming Cirdan card?

    Apologies to the original poster for totally (unintentionally) hijacking their thread. At the end of the day, this is a game - and a co-op one at that. Nothing to fight over. Nothing to threaten killing over. Nothing to get in pissing matches over. I, too, have never reported anyone to the admins, as that's not my style. I cut my teeth working 8 years in politics. That's a million times worse than here. Heck, look at any comments on any political article anywhere and it's a million times worse. I can handle it. But, when it comes to something I enjoy as a hobby - I don't want to come here to engage in rude debates. You can be passionate and considerate (i.e., adult) without being insulting. Maybe that's me being pie-in-the-sky and others thrive on winning the argument or debate - by any means - but the older I get, the less time I have for that kind of approach. It really is free of charge to be kind/polite. And that doesn't preclude passion. /endrant.
  11. Dain Ironfoot

    Coming Cirdan card?

    Hey hey hey. I've never seen such negativity on BGG's LOTR page. I've never seen it on COTRs. I've never seen it on TGC's. (full disclosure: it may be there - and i've missed it) But it's here quite often. Heck, people were dropping the f-bomb over whether Spirit Glorfindel is overpowered not two days ago. Trolololo threatened to "kill me." The "triggered" versus "passive" discussion was downright ridiculous. The forums are full of "is this game dying" or endless flame wars (whether about the game itself or feminism or some other silly thing). It's simply not present (or at least rare) anywhere else. Roll your eyes all ya want - it's a pretty universal criticism and I'm no where close to the only one who feels the same way.
  12. Dain Ironfoot

    Light of Valinor

    To me it was quite obvious even without a proof. Not sure why some folks are convinced that they're the same person... Btw, what happened to trololo? because he showed up right after Trololo was banned, makes the same kind of custom cards, posts the same kind of article summaries Trololo did, and engages in flame wars in much the same way. If it's not the same person - it's Trololo's separated-at-birth twin. Though, John does have better grammar...