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  1. Don't fix what's not broken. Not only it's a waste of effort, no one cares about the stupid opinions of a bunch of female space marines fans.
  2. Pallomides said: Well lets face it: The Emporer did make a couple of stupid decisions in his time. Which in essence is a good thing. We wouldnt have such a cool story otherwise. More like he made a *********** after another.
  3. You want canon sources on Astartes sexing it up? Fine, here's some references on Astartes sexing it up for you to look up on during your free time. Not mine, yours. It's 3AM and my caffeine subsistence is about to wear off. Emperor's Children chaos marine ****** a woman in official art. (supposedly no longer in print so that the kids don't get offended and call mommy) Space Wolves groping women. Honestly people, do you really think that's a behavior for an asexual being? Are you that naive? Salamanders having "families". This can mean a lot of things, but doesn't exclude marital relationships. That said... If Space Marines have enough willpower to coldly choose martyrdom over survival and not go Sly Marbo sometime during their first century of service, they also have enough willpower to ignore a comparatively minor thing such as sexual lust, especially if they see it as counter-productive. If they, for some reason, don't... Refer to Space Wolves. Heck, refer to vaguely homoerotic undertones of Ian Watson's book. Just because their sexual energy is being massively re-routed through necessity and ritual living doesn't mean it's not there. And castrating soldiers and/or officers doesn't necessarily make them easier to handle. That's was naive then and is naive now.
  4. Not all Astartes Chapters practice mind wipe, but even those who do not find their members gradually forgetting about their childhood. Their mindset changes drastically, and eventually the more mundane aspects of Humanity become lost to them. It's simply the outcome of not thinking about something that ultimately has no importance to them once they advance in the Chapter enough. This is not to say an Astartes can't remember their time before becoming a transhuman warrior. It depends greatly on their Chapter's "culture" as well. Salamanders (ah the Salamanders, ever the hipsters ) on account of their dwelling with the locals of Nocturne seldom become completely divorced from their humanity. Dark Angels are encouraged to cut ties to their former lives through a series of methods, like being given an "angelic" name and avoiding the stationing of Marines in recruiting worlds resembling their birth planet.
  5. Or, Emprah forbid, the GM could bother to look beyond his gut for once and take note of whether or not the team deserves those kind of bonuses based on the way they roleplay and not the way they invest XP...
  6. Why do you care about minor details like the inner works of a founding when you have female Space Marines? -.-
  7. I'd hop in, but 8PM PST is just impossible for me, since I'm in GMT. :/ Hope you got yourself a Marine, sir.
  8. Plenty of warrior castes were eunuchs. Not that I subscribe to eunuch marines. Always assumed their sexuality's buried beneath tons of combat doctrines and righteous zeal.
  9. I thought the Star Wars events happened in the far past (a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..) and 40K in the distant future. Which is to say a crossover isn't impossible, but the Star Wars universe would've changed a lot by then. Discounting a major screw up by a Tzeenchian sorcerer of course.
  10. Saigneur said: LockLock said: I smell orky heresy in the air.... Prove me wrong with the Codex-Rulebook or find a better idea if you can... INNOCENCE PROVES NOTHING!!!111one Besides, growing in size as you fight wars is a distinctly orkish trait. I'd like a few of your geneseed samples for testing.
  11. Inquisitors! Are your acolytes finding their professional hazards too much to handle? Do you often see yourself making a call to your chamber militant to perform that exterminatus on account of lack of heroic sacrifice ? Would a walking piece of cover with a gun be relevant to your interests? Look no further! Send your requests to this thread for a kill-marine, custom-tailored to your needs (as per above)! Order yours today! [/joke] If anyone running an IRC game (european timezones preferred) wouldn't mind another player from Deathwatch to lend a hand with harder encounters and offer another RP venue, I'm hereby offering you my inviting ceramite-plated hand and my force sword. And my bolter. And my krak grenades. I've been looking at the kill-marine spec and what it involves, and I'm getting tired of always GM'ing for my friends. Would like to be a player sometimes, and made a character sheet in a moment of boredom today. Despite the exercise in futility, I actually found myself pondering on halfway valid choices for the char. So yeah, if anyone wants a gregarious Dark Angel (only way they'd take the spec, really) librarian kill-mehreen, tell me here.
  12. I think at this point the old wolf is more interested in feeding the young pup to a Kraken.
  13. Perhaps you could do with less Corax themes? It's a bit strange for a chapter that isn't sure of the actual origins of its gene-seed to pay so much homage to a Primarch that might not be their own. They also diverge somewhat from the Raven Guard's "personal attitude", if you will. The way I see it, you've made "mafioso marines", which is a bit different from the "guerrilla marines" of the Raven Guard. It's still a very unique and interesting concept, and I tip my imaginary hat to you. Another thing to keep in mind is that, iirc, the Deathwatch game is based around the middle of M41. You might want to revise a few things on your chapter's history, unless you're all playing in coherence with your chapter's timeline.
  14. I was dissapointed by the lack of strategic depth of the game, although it was stupid of me to expect it to have any beyond "pay attention to where the explosives are" or similar things. I do feel that the game gives you a lot of tools to try and resolve things through ranged combat if you feel that chainsword isn't your thing. The squad mates were a positive surprise. They neither finish encounters for you, nor act completely retarded and useless. Again, a measure of control over them would be nice, but at least they know how to handle themselves and be useful to you. Fighting is a simplistic delight. It's still too early on for me to declare if it's "easy to learn, hard to master", so I won't make any further considerations on it. Other than it's a lot of fun. The disappearance of corpses and blood annoys me. After a pitched battle, I want to look behind me and see the carnage I wrought dammit! Especially so soon after fast and furious minutes of over the top violence. Good for not clogging up resources and keep things smooth, not so good for further ego-stroking. Duke Nukem Forever, for all its awkward development decisions, at least allowed you to play around with the enemies' corpses. Ork voices were... wildly fluctuant in quality. Sometimes (Nobz especially) you really felt like you were dealing with a deranged mass of murderous muscle, sometimes you felt like you were kicking a foolhardy lad that fell inside a large barrel of green paint before changing into his work clothes. I'm not sure why they ditched the cockney accents. Greatest complaint.... Demo too short. xD
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