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  1. Okay, thank you very much, any others you can recommend that would be good to pick up?
  2. Hello everyone, I'm very new to the game, haven't bought any cards yet, and haven't played since it was Tested at Gencon 3 years ago. But I wanted to know, is building a deck based around Jedi characters any good, if even possible at all. If it can be decent and possible, what sets do you recommend? I'm obviously going to get the Core set, but should I get more then 1? And which set packs would you recommend for this? I know I'm being very generic, but I'm also not entirely sure how the game works anymore also. I feel bad for coming on here asking for advice when I don't know what I want the deck to do necessarily, I just love Jedi characters, and if I can find out what to buy before I just go spend my money on random things, it would help me centralize my funds. Thank you, ~Azarith
  3. My friends and I played MaO at Gencon. It was VERY difficult. Now we only played with 3 of the 4 decks, but you start with a lot of threat on the board. And the trecherys are rough. I was humbled at the difficulty and glad to see we didn't just plow through it. We lost on the final quest stage due to all 3 of us threating out on the same turn.
  4. The ability to speak does not make you intelligent.
  5. The lightsaber was the weapon of a Jedi Knight. An elegant weapon, for a more civilized age.
  6. Also an awesome card that i saw and instantly bought 3 of the chapter packs for. To be a Wolf, it's from Sacred Bonds, it's an awesome card!
  7. Plus LoW Robb has Reknown which is another awesome thing ^^
  8. Hratgard said: Robb from CS is good when you want to kill a specific char after a successful military battle . not that LoW version is bad but i would take CS version anytime if i am aiming for Military challenges . But he's 4 Gold for a 2 Strength, which can easily be smoked by a Targ burn. Losing him the turn he comes into play due to Forever Burning Sucks....
  9. Curious as to why you're running 2 CS Robbs and a LoW Robb? Personally I think LoW Robb is infinitely better, especially for wolves. With Wolfswood out, Name Stealth all Wolves get +1 Strength, or 2 if you play Crown of Winter. That's my opinion, I personally love my Direwolve deck.
  10. Thank you all so much,. really helped me out.
  11. With Grand Maester Pycelle, would this also count for cards that you must reveal after searching for them, like Summoning season. "Search your deck for a character reveal it and place it in your hand," Does that count?
  12. Kordovan said: Since it is in your dead pile, you cannot play that character anymore (as long as he stays in this dead pile) But nothing prevents you from playing your unique card (any form it has; attachment, character, location..). So in your example, you can play your Robb LoW while your opponent has already played Robb CS. The only thing you're not allowed to do is steal the unique card of your opponent if you already control a unique card with the same title on your side. (if you're a Stark player this is something you could be tempted to do ^^) Now if he is in play by both of us, and his Robb Stark gets killed, does that have any bearing on my Robb Stark that's already in the field?
  13. Hey guys, you've all be so helpful to me, so I will call upon your amazing knowledge once again. Question about Uniques, I made 2 Stark house decks, because of the LoW expansion, and I was teaching my friend how to play, we were playing against each other, now with the same house we're obviously going to have some of the same characters. Here is the question. My direwolves deck uses Shaggydog and Robb Stark, both are uniques, Shaggydog being an attachment. If he plays Robb Stark from the CS, since it's unique, does that stop me from playing him? I know if he dies I cannot play him, and same thing with Shaggydog. Please help me
  14. jmccarthy said: I run Feral Pack and some neutrals. He's a good wolf, and gets better at the times when you don't have neutrals. I also run Winterfel Kennels x2 to get the wolves at the right time. Helps make up for Stark's lack of draw. . I've been kicking around throwing another kennels in I'm only running 1 currently. And I put Wolf Herald's in my deck thinking it was a pretty good search card, am I wrong in this? Should I take them back out?
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