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  1. My Axis all have roughly the same paint scheme. I use the shoulder pads to seperate each unit. Solid blue, blue/red, red/blue, blue w/ red stripe down the middle, two red stripes, top blue/bottom red, etc… If you look at WWII unit markings, especially aircraft tail markings, this was a commonly used method.
  2. Has nobody thought of photo albums? The cards are almost the same as a 4x6 photo.
  3. I originally liked the idea of overwatch, but it seemed to get shot down so quick, I tried to think of something else to solve this problem. I'd be happy if they used either idea, but I think both would be too much.
  4. If they are getting pass cards it means you outnumber them. If they pass when you were hoping they would have to move a unit into your walkers range, activate a different unit than the walker. You have more than that one unit availible. I believe that pass cards would create a more "simultanous combat" enviroment. Also, if you are losing units, you are already at a disadvantage. Eliminating the activation difference would help keep the game balanced until the final turn. As it is now, if your opponent gets one lucky turn, you will be unlikely to recover. Out-gunned AND out-activated means you had better get real lucky, or hope your opponent does something real stupid. I originally said you would get pass cards to keep the activation even, but that was mostly to keep things simple. I do understand some of the objections people have brought up. Personally I would play it as "Pass cards equals the difference in units minus one." So if you have 5 and they have 7, you would only get one pass card. It would prevent the "hordes of cheap units" armies, but not "punish" whoever is winning.
  5. Major Mishap said: Don't think a Pass Acivation is the way to go, I certainly wouldn't be pleased if I were disadvantaged just because I was winning a game. Also the balance would swing in favour to the guy with the high cost units. Best bet is just not to play with a guy who cheeses out his army with spotters if you don't like it or agree to restrictions like 1 spotter be artillery piece and no artillery, no spotters. Is the other player being able to pass an activation really such the disadvantage? I don't see it. Especially if they can't use it at the start of the turn, or twice in a row.
  6. Algesan said: Extra activations are an issue, but the biggest issue I have with the idea of "pass" activations on a turn by turn basis comes when you realize that it will penalize players who take advantage of their opponent's error(s) and gotten a couple of kills ahead. That is a valid tactical advantage. If the couple of units you've killed are more than activation fillers (i.e. spotters) then you already have a tactical advantage, you now have a larger and/or superior force than they do. You shouldn't need to out-activate to finish them off.
  7. SeismicShock said: I think some kind of Overwatch would go a long way to dealing with out-activation as a tactic, rather than resorting to army org charts, or whatever that wall of text was. If you think that was a walll of text, do you think the rules for Overwatch would be any shorter? Did you even bother to try to read any of it?
  8. You don’t need to create force build lists to deal with the “out-activate to win” armies. A very simple change would nullify that “tactic” and still keep the game simple. At the start of each turn each player counts their units on the board, including any in/on transports. If one player has fewer units than the other, they add to their unit cards enough face-down unit cards or “pass cards” to even the difference. (If the Axis has 7 units and the Allies have 5, the allied player will place 2 face-down unit cards with the rest of his unit cards. 7-5=2) Pass cards may be activated instead of a normal unit with the following exceptions: - You may not activate a pass card as your first activation - You may not activate two pass cards in a row A squad with a hero and/or commissar attached only counts as one unit when counting units at the start of the turn, since they must be activated together. If a player with one or more un-activated pass cards separate a hero from a squad the hero replaces one of the un-activated pass cards. (If the Allied player has used one of his pass cards and then separates Rhino from the Hammers, Rhino will replace the last unused pass card.) Units are counted at the start of each turn, so as units are destroyed, the number of pass cards, and even the person receiving them may change. (The Allies have a very successful turn and manage to eliminate 3 enemy units without losing any themselves. At the start of the new turn the Axis are down to 4 units, and the Allies now have 6 since Rhino detached from the Hammers. This turn the Axis will receive 2 pass cards. 6-4=2)
  9. No, she can't. Same as she couldn't shoot a passenger inside fireball.
  10. They are treated as passengers for damage purposes.
  11. Major Mishap said: Sure thats simple and effective way of doing it, but you cant just stop there Actually you can. That's the wonderful thing about rules, you can stop at the level of complexity that you want. Otherwise you end up with an overly convoluted and confusing ruleset. AKA, 40k.
  12. I agree, it would be more realistic. That of course means that they won't rule it that way…
  13. Just want to see what everyone else thinks on this. An aircraft without hover must take a Move action each turn. Does it need to actually move? Could it take the action but stay in the same place? If it has to move, can it move forward one and then back one, ending up in the same spot? This could also matter for "Fighting Spirit" since you have to "Move before attacking". I say a move action lets you move UP TO your movement value. You don't have to use all of it, you could use none of it.
  14. I agree with Krieg, but I would also suggest: AXIS Heavy Recon Grenadiers - scary good anti-infantry unit Flamm-Luther - With 2 range 2 flamers he is amazing and 6 health really helps ALLIES Hero pack - Johnny One-Eye + gunners = almost double the firepower and survivability - Action Jackson is great for the new light phaser troops Chopper/Leathernecks - While fragile, they are so cheap they are almost broken. 15 pts for an artillery unit that can fire every turn, or 13 pts for a machine gun that is more effective than the twin.50s on the heavy allied walker. Stick them both in cover where the Choppers can defend the Leathernecks and they will pay for themselves.
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