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  1. There are two options: Only temporary --> then after the effect all goes back to what it was before. It has a permanent effect --> You get the boni, but also the mali from the end of the possession. Either or. Either it was too weak & short to permenently leave a bodily mark, or it was strong enough for permenet repercussions, but then you get them all, and not just those that you like.
  2. @Catachan I stand corrected. Grappling is indeed a very good Anti-Psyker technique in DH (and in BC as well for that matter). I overread the action restriction for people in a grapple. So choke them for all its worth before they xplodify your head! ;-)
  3. In my group we houserule after 1 year of play-experience to upgrade the power of the supposed powerful weapons. Plasmaweapons got +1D10 damage and +2 pen. Kept recharge and the "might nastyly explode in your face" downsides. This made it a balanced weapon. Before that way to weak for its price, drawbacks and totally unfitting to the fluff-describtion. Even if you worked under the assumption that the stats for basic and Pistol Plasmaweapons in DH were from weak civilian versions. Same for Melta Pistol and basic, who got +6 damage and double Pen at short range. BC later implemented changes in the same direction for the non-Legion (aka Astartes) normal-human versions of many weapons. P.S. Somewhere in this forums is a Houserule-Thread where many groups told that they made similar changes. i thing that was one of the reasons for the Plasma & Meltaweapon revision when FFG designed BC.
  4. I remember two different stories where "psy-free" rooms were mentioned. One was in the Planetfall-Anthology where the Astropaths on a Forgeworld could withdraw to to get piece and quiet fro the warp when they were not on active duty. These were private rooms fitted with machinery (it had an on/off switch) that kept warp-influences out, or at least so massively reduced them that the normal Astropath was down to the abilities of a normal, blind, person. The other was a shortstory (cant remember name) about the Prisoner of the Inquisition who was kept in a Psy-Cell. He was cut off from the warp in there, but when a bribed orderly smuggled in a Psy-Focus-like artifact the prisoner was able to overcome the psyblock under great stress and get a message out. Both cases could be nicely described with the rule-mechanic of the Psy-Damper described in a previous post. --> So the paranoid Planetary Gouvernor should get his hands on several Psy-Dampers and install these rare Techno-Arcane constructs in his Palace. Makes most Psykers to blunters, and even the strongest and most potent Psykers will be greatly reduced in their dangerousness. 4 dice less for the normal small car sized one, and up to 6 dice less for the (probably much bigger, scarcer and expensiver) Black Ship kind.
  5. Grappling a Psyker doesnt help you when you want to stop him from psykering. Almost all Psychic Powers need no gestures, or even talking. This is not D&D where every spell and their grandmother has somatic components that can be disrupted by being grappled. Sorcerers can be hindered that way, as these guys do indeed flail their arms around and chant dark invocations. Psykers simply will effects into being.
  6. The Psyker-regrowing trick also works with Ascension. It has an Ascended Psy-Power "my Will, known" iirc, which lets a Psyker take control like its his own of a willing targets body. Biomancer Psyker takes control of the cripple´s body and uses Regenerate.
  7. Sazabi said: 1: Templar Calix: Wow, what a class. Why would any psker not take this? A large amount of high level skills (step aside, wall of steel, counter atack, armour of comtempt) become availible early, and you trade INT for WS. 2: Soul Killer: Arguably the best damaging power in the game, this power just rolls through every kind of bad guy, and is undogeable. Makes every high level boss a chump, unless they are a pariah (not all that common in the 40K) 3: Tainted Psyker: If a psyker takes the Sourcery talents they get benifits of just +1 psy rating, and no corruption. Not even an increase in Psychic pheanomenon. Seems like a safe bet, and with a certain background package, their mind can't be read. 4: Chamelion: A minor power that cause -30 to hit? Combined with a certain biomancy skill that allows flight, mooks are at -40 to hit with shooting. Again, no wp saves even. So thats the psyker I deal with, basically flys around, is nearly unhittable with ranged, kills everything easily with soul killer, and has buffed up psy rating equil to the class that focuses on Psy rating, and has Seal Wounds, which makes him immune to being whittled down. Oh, and inspiring arua means NPCs HAVE to say nice things about him, just to rub it in, lol. Frankly I need help to challange this guy, as he makes the rest of the party look useless. The game generally goes like: let the psyker fly in a kill all the bad guys while they shoot back ineffectually. My other players are getting bored, so help please! PS the party is just getting ready to ascend, to give you an idea about power level. Thanks! Psykers can and will indeed get very powerful, but normally they always have a Damocles Sword hanging right above their heads. 90% of the time nothing happens, but when it goes pear-shaped spectaculary when the wrong Perils trigger at the wrong time. In your case there seems to be some issues: @1: You have to go the martial Psyker-Path to take it as a prereq and so you have to give up on 1 Psy-Rating, many Psy-Powers, many Knowledge-Skills (and worse at the ones you have due to lower INT) and only get Favored by the Warp (important Talent) only at 8th level. Also a non-melee Psyker can ignore WS and the Templar Calix has MAD (Multi-Attribute Dependency). All the XP a Templar spends to become a 1st rate Melee Expert, he lacks in spending to get better at Psykering --> less raw Power, less utility through fewer total Psy Powers, less control over it due to on average lower WIL, has less and is worse at the often very usefull Forbidden Lore skills. It is very nice, but it has noticeable tradeoffs. @3: You missed much about a sorcerous Psyker! He gets +1 Psyrating, but henceforth if he rolls a Psychic Phenomenonhe gets a flat +20 on his D100, which means a much higher chance to get the nasty ones. Also if he uses an Arcana-Power, every time, he rolls a D10 and reduces this by his WP-Bonus. He gets the rest, if there is a rest, in Corruption points. If he hasnt taken the Talent that lets him use sorcery unnoticed (and comes at a +2 to the needed threshold) every time he psykers (not just Arcana, but any use of Psy-Powers) he is clerly using Sorcery. Chanting Formulas of sorcerous Chaospowers and waving his arms. This is dangerously obvious to even the untrained eye that something ... smelly ... is going on in what he does. Psykers normally just will their powers into existanceand only a few powers have any requirement in speaking or bodymovement. @4: Chameleon gives -20 for ranged attacks and is a upkeep power and thuis makes all other Psyker-tests +4 more difficult. Perhaps you mean the free power that obscures vision? This gives -30 to being hit, but also has to be recast every round, so that if the psyker casts this, he cant use any other power for that round. If he uses this he cant burn people, cant let heads explode, cant channel a Force Weapon (as its activation is like activating a minor power). And he has to test for Phenomena every round. Law of great numbers will get him in the long run + his offensive abilities are effectively down when he is in this defense-mode. please check for the points i spoke about, because if you missed one or several drawbacks that can make a Psyker clearly overpowered. Normally they go with" Great Power - Great Danger".
  8. 0. A Daemon doesnt get corrupted. He is no mortal which gets "infected" by the warp´s touch. He doesnt play the Corruption game.
  9. Puritan Inquisitorial stance: Better save than sorry. (After having picked the best for the =][= of cousre.) And PDF-Troops / Guardsmen literally grow on trees .. eh in Hiveworlds. Its understandable that some puritan Inquisitors just clear the field. While more moderate ones might go through a strict weeding of the units for signs of and one not being 100% pure, perhaps even erasing 50% of the survivors. And/or ordering these surviving units always into the most dangerous missions so they are ground away by attrition (Dont be wasteful with HIS resources). And giving the rest of the units a higher Preacher and Commisar quota, while also never gining them sensitive missions any more. But Always eradicate Everyone? - Nah.
  10. I wouldnt go as far as to call Marriage a Heresy in the Eyes of the Omnissiah, but certainly frowned upon. And not socially supported, so no inheritance benefit, legal privilegs or other martial boni. Perhaps even "closeted", you know like Techpriest Uncle Bob has this special female colleague he spends much time with studying. And nobody in his social circle goes deeper with asking how much time and where. And perhaps gets oversseen on the occasional promotion.
  11. I´d go with the previous posters and say that your character replaces most of his food with rare meat to stay fed. Other stuff just gets passed through without him being able to draw sustenance out of it (just like if a normal person would eat a kilo of freshly plugged pure green grass from his frontlawn without dressing). So in the end in most circumstances that should only mean a premium on paying for your food. How high a premium should highly depend on the lcation where you are. Agriworld = not really much if he´s willing to eat the occasional butcher´s cutout (which is here mostly made into dog snacks). On a Hiveworld it might be noticeable, and on a smaller Voidship on vojage it might get critical if he didnt stock up his own "store" pre-flight.
  12. Cifer said: @bogi_khaosa I think that was purely the rosette on its own. Yeah, the Rosette did it on his own.
  13. I concure that the general rules evolved nicely to what is now written in Black Crusade. @ Psy Powers I see the different ways of psykering in DH/RT/DW/BC as different "schools" of how to make use of the warp. So that differently schooled Psykers use differing systems on how to evoke their powers. I find it okay that an imperial Sanctioned Psyker, an Eldar Farseer, a Space Marine Librarian and a Chaos Sorcerer use different mechanis how to use their powers. From the fluff side i always think of how the Eldar always complai that the human psykers are all so unrefined and crude when psykering, even when their raw power can sometimes be as big as theirs.
  14. In the Eisenhorn novels he had to identify his status to a train operator. His Rosette could be activated (after the afromentioned genecheck) and displayed a detailed 3D Holograph of his head that slowly spun in space in front of the Rosette, to show he could activate it and it was indeed his Rosette. And in the Ravenor novels Ravenor handed his Rosette over to two of his Acolythes to influence a Enforcer investigation. The Enforcer Captain they visited was indeed very impressed when they showed it, but before further conversation could take place the Rosette was inserted in the Cogitator the Enforcer Captain had in his office, and the Acolythe then activated an authentication programm in the Rosette of some sorts. After this greenlighted the went on to "talk". That would be two ways of several to make sure that not every killed-in-duty Inquisitor´s Rosette is easily used by Criminals/Cutists to wreak havoc, just by waving it around. Or simply building a look-alike and waving that around.
  15. We already do for our Ascension group, as it outgrew the standart Chaos and Recidivist rabble. At the high ranks they can (and should) get their hands on bigger opponents to chew out. And their stats are for example in DW.
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