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  1. Wouldn't one possibility be that if you gang up on a monster, you don't get a trophy?
  2. Does it exists any good house rules to let investigators fight monsters when they are togheter? I have always missed being able to do so, I feels very Lovecraft trying to fight monsters as a group (I believe there were three main characters spellslinging at the Dunwich Horror in it's novel), and the cover art of most the boxes shows several investigators figting/running from a monster.
  3. Can somebody tell me how 'Escape from Arkam Asylum' works when the monster limit is reached. Do you put the three maniacs in the outskirts like normal? That what is making me confused is that the card tells me to collect Maniacs from the outskirts if there aren't any in the cup.
  4. When martial law is active in Innsmouth, do you have to pass an evade check when you come out from another world and sort of end your movement at the gate's location?
  5. I wonder if anyone could help me understand exactly how the rumor 'Cursed Relics' works. Is it so that it always rises the terror level by five, and then five more if you weren't able to sacrifice or exhaust any artifacts?
  6. Do you have to recast your spells each round you fight against the ancient one, or does it work as other combats?
  7. Is it worth to buy MH for the Madness- and Injury cards if you dont have DH, or do they don't work well on their own?
  8. I heard that there are Injury and Madness cards in Miskatonic Horror. Is it totally new cards, or just reprints from Dunwich?
  9. But when Ashcan seeks at the bottom of an item deck, does it mean that he sees the most recently discarded card or are they put in a discard pile that he doesn't search?
  10. Do you put cards that you discard at the bottom of their respective decks on in a seperate discard pile? Thinking about how Ashcans Pete's ability work with recently discarded items.
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