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  1. I can't believe we haven't gotten any Old Republic content. or hell, Rebels.
  2. Fatigued from what? I can't believe how slow they are making games. This is the first new non filler board game since the show has come out. They should be pumping out way more.
  3. I look at this as really bad news for the game. Anytime they go PoD with something before it's gotten a full expansion, it's been it's death.
  4. Personally I plan to just sticker the 11 no ability rooms with 2nd addition abilities it's missing. Right now I'm thinking: Secret Passage x3 - When you choose to move from this chamber, you may move normally or place your hero on another “Secret Passage” room already in play. Drakon's Due x2 - As you enter this room, you must put one coin (if you have any) in the “Start” chamber. Drakon's Bargin x2 - You can pay one gold to the Dragon’s Hoard to take one room in play without heroes (not the “Start” room) and place it in your hand. Base Structure x2 - This chamber and the four rooms adjacent to it cannot be moved, rotated, destroyed or otherwise altered in any way by other room effects. Tornado x1 - When you leave this room, you can legally move your hero up to 4 chambers at once, applying only the effect of the last room. Locked Chest x1 - Set aside the gold you’ve gained so far: for the rest of the game, these coins can’t be affected by any game effects.
  5. As the topic says. I have a few 2014 Regional Full Art affilication promos. Looking for Warhammer Conquest promos. Let me know if interested and we'll talk. Thanks Dustin
  6. I bit baffled by a ruling I found in the FAQ. "I have an Ethereal Envoy (Planetfall Cycle 046) that has a Gun Drones (Core Set 158) attached to it. When it uses the Area Effect ability granted by the Gun Drones does its Forced Reaction trigger? No, because the Ethereal Envoy never resolves an attack when it uses the Area Effect ability. When a unit uses an Area Effect ability it first is declared as an attacker as per the rules on page 26 of the Rules Reference Guide. The second step of an attack the “Declare defender step” is then replaced by the Area Effect ability as outlined on page 3 of the Rules Reference Guide. After this ability is resolved the attack is ended. This means that the 3rd step of attacking “Resolve attack” is never completed (and it could never be completed since you never declared a defender!) The Ethereal Envoy’s ability triggers off this third step, and since the trigger never happens the ability does not initiate." This doesn't make any sense to me. It's clearly an attack, but it misses the resolve attack window? What? Why in the world wouldn't they just add a resolve attack window at the end. This is very gamey, and clearly not the intent of the AOE rules. None of these cards would work. If Snake Bite Thug gets aoe somehow, it no longer takes damage when exhausting. Doesn't seem to be the intent behind is negative ability. Rok Bombardment doesn't effect someone using AOE. How does a giant rock miss them thematically? Ravening Psychopath gets an aoe attack, somehow he is calm cool and collected? Prodigal Sons Disciple gets an aoe attack, his ability does nothing. I think they should really consider changing this ruling. It's only gonna impact the game negatively as more cards come out.
  7. You don't loose your movement points. So you could move to a corner to see down it, shoot, and then finish your movement getting back out of the way.
  8. It's been under miniatures for a few months not under coming soon
  9. Word from several distributors (today) was they have it and waiting on FFG
  10. Don't think so, I payed in full right after it was announced.
  11. I hope you are a troll Mine in Kentucky is telling me the same, febuaury 15th.
  12. We can't wait because most of us have been waiting our entire lives for a good star wars board game.
  13. I think at some point they will have 3+ rules and missions.
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