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  1. I love KeyForge, but I have liked the newer sets less that Call of the Archons. I want to explain why. What I loved in Call of the Archons was that KeyForge fast-paced game with a lot of getting æmber, stealing æmber, attacking, back and forth. Free and fast æmber, attacking while getting æmber, æmber crontrol while geting æmber with stealing. All these things made the game fast and fun. These things was not only fun but also quite powerful in the game, some might think that they were overpower, I not sure. I seems to me that all these things were nerfed in the newer sets. A lot of the free and fast æmber was taking out of the game, attacking was made less powerful, stealing was reduced and instead capturing was made stronger, they made more ways to remove æmber from the game and made more ways to make Keys more expensive. Did these things make the game more balanced, maybe in some ways, but all the changes also slowed to game down and each of the changes made the game a little less fun for me. Please make KeyForge a fun fast-paced game again.
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