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  1. No Maverick decks yet, but one Goose deck 😎
  2. Maybe they will announce something in the future. Good luck to you Billy. I hope become the first official KeyForge judge.
  3. What is the ruling about Poltergeist?
  4. My worse deck have 6 rares and best deck has 2 rares. There are a lot of good commons and it's a lot easier to get multiples of commons. Most of the rares in my "bad" deck is even quite good except Qyxxlyx Plague Master that does damages to humans (ignoring armor) and the deck has a lot of humans.
  5. I don't think you can stun a creature that's already stunned, at least not according to the rulebook. "While a creature is stunned, it cannot become stunned again" (p. 12)
  6. Maybe you are right, but one thing I'm sure of is that it's a lot easier to play a deck with "good" scores well. It can very well be that I havn't played my other decks in the most optimal way. I have 6 decks, I will keep exploring them all 🙂
  7. Hi, how do Tremor work? If I have three creatures and my opponent only has two. Can I cast Tremor on his creatures or is the only legal play to cast it on my own creatures? ... and what if we both only has two creatures? What if my opponent has tree creature can I cast it on one of the creatures on the flank or do I have to cast it on the middle creature? What if he has tree creatures and the middel creature already is stunned can I use Tremor to stun the two neighboring creatures? .. and what if it's one of the creature on the flank that is already stunned can I use Tremor to stun the two other creatures?
  8. TheRealGadianton you write that "ADHD scores aren't there to indicate if a deck is bad or good". I have to disagree a little - ADHD scores are a indicate of how good or bad a deck is but only a indicator - They don't tell the whole truth about how good a deck is and the definitely tell nothing about how fun a deck is to play. That being said my best deck is also the one with the highest ADHD score and my worse deck is one with the lowest ADHD score.
  9. Some people has a lot of decks and only take their strongest deck to the crucible. You deck is average or even a little below average, so you have to play very well and be a little lucky to beat someone with a stronger deck. One thing you could do is to find someone in the Lobby chat that have a average deck and didn't just bring their killer deck and set up a match with them.
  10. This expansion (Bestial Forces) will make it posible to play a four player game with a custom Spellbook for each of the four players if you just had enougth cantrips ... and if one more expansion comes out then you would be able to do it with five players. I really hope that FFG will make it posible to get exstra cantrip decks either as a part of a expansion or as a separate item. This is just the thing that would make this game perfect for me.
  11. The most important thing for me is the fifth player. I can wait for monsters and the new schools of magic seems really cool to me. I hope there will be extra cantrip cards so you can make an extra custum spellbook. Do anyone know if this is the case?
  12. I like the flavor text in the rule book for the base game. The historical background for the different fractions, their leaders and the regions on the board are explaned. I really miss some historial background the expantion. I would like to see some historial background for the new region on the expansion board and for the 5 offical tiles. It would be great it FFG could post a PDF with this information online.
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