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  1. AP = Anti-Personnel, since the relevant ICE all do net damage to the runner.
  2. I've doubled up the current identity cards so they are back-to-back in a card sleeve. This helps prevent accidental shuffling into a deck. For the third card in the expansion… yeah, get creative I guess?
  3. Yeah, pretty much. If you were running under a Stimhack, say, you'd have your separate pool of 9 credits which you would sensibly burn through before using your actual credits. You could pay the tollbooth using any additional "running" bits.
  4. Metropolis Games said: So, I'm the Corp, I've scored a copy of Private Security on a previous turn and have Tagged the runner on my last turn. Unless the runner loses the Tag, on my next turn I play my three copies of Biotic Labour and flatline him with the six Clicks. This has set off all kinds of corp build ideas in my head… Indeed! Send in the drones! That is until the hardware market gets flooded with MRAM chips.. (the original hardware cards that increased your handsize)
  5. I mentioned in another thread that I would like a corp that focused more on Black Ops, but not necessarily in terms of dealing direct damage. Agenda's more based around politcal coups, corporate wars and the like. The defense industry seems an ideal candidate here as it can cover not only these shady global opportunities (and superglobal, read: Heinlein and Mars), but funky opportunties for Research agendas. Some examples of the type of cards I'm looking for in a new Corporation:
  6. Paul Grogan said: hollis said: It's like trying to get onto the bus when you don't have enough change. The bus driver doesn't steal what you have, punch you in the nose, and then kick you out. He just closes the door on you, and you keep your pennies and dimes. You've lived in the UK then? Bloody buses! They charge enough these days to warrant paying with a note, only to find that they don't carry change so you're SOL.. .. But I digress. My interpetation is it's either 3 creds or end the run, making it an excellent starter ICE for a server. After hacking through so much ICE, the thought of a Runner getting dumped by such a simple ICE simply because they ran out of creds is delicious- savour it!
  7. Surprise! It's Option 3. Nothing happens. As drawing is purely optional for the runner, there is no effect from running out of cards- you just can't draw anymore. I guess it also means that you could be more at risk of getting flatlined if you lose your grip.
  8. I think a powerful-yet-experimental/unstable icebreaker would be certainly fitting.
  9. The only one that immediately springs to mind is Lesley Major: I believe the intention here is that the advancement counters are used to score an agenda/further a trap before the Runner accessed the data fort. I would have said Vapor Ops as well, but that requires an action to move saved up advancement counter. Now with NBN's Astroscript Pilot Program, the potential to score a agenda mid-run is evident, so I can't see a reason why the following sequence couldn't work: Spend advancement counter from Astroscript > score Priority Requisition > rez Archer for free (ideally as the Runner approaches it)
  10. Anarchosyn said: Except you can't score agenda's while the Runner is making a run (or on their turn at all), so you'd be rezzing Archer during your turn, and not catching the Runner off guard. Whoa now, you can't score agendas during the Runner's turn? I can see this from he timing chart but it still doesn't seem right. There was no constraint in the old game was there?
  11. So I go to my flgs, Heroes and Legends Games and ask around for Netrunner, and they didn't have a scoobies about this game. Surprising, seeing as they are proponents of both card games and FFG. On the plus side, it might mean little contention for stock when it arrives, but it might also be a struggle converting an entrenched Magic community. I'll demo the crap out of this game when I got my two copies.
  12. The official word from FFG (Lukas) regarding strength boosting Femme Fatale for bypassing suboutines: "Femme Fatale can bypass any piece of ice regardless of strength. Bypassing is not considered to be interacting with the ice."
  13. An ICEbreaker returns to its listed strength for each new encounter.
  14. Anarchosyn has it. Wyrm synergises well in the Anarch deck, comboing with Parasite, Yog.0 and others. It feels like there's solid integration in the Anarch programs, which can be both good and bad thing depending on how capable a Corp is at trashing programs.
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