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  1. i thank thy for sharing thou wisdom upon me gitface.
  2. thanks so basicly: MA is how mutch zeon i get in a day , also how mutch i can use in a round. And if i had a MA of ex. 80 i would have 30 zeon every round , and could cast any spell that costed 30 zeon WITHOUT drawing from my zeon pool?
  3. hi guys ! it's me again I have some questions about magic now. what i have read in the book , only a few is born with "the gift" (witch all magic user needs!) . I also understand that Zeon is like Mana , and that MA on the character sheet tells you how mutch Zeon you can gather in one day (without accumelatin(spellingxD?). And Zeon on the character sheet means how mutch Zeon you're character can have. And magic projection (MP) is kinda like ATTACK , but for wizards, warlocks etc. and now i have some questions: 1. Is it really needed to use an imbalance on you're magic projection ? and how do i know how mutch points i can place there ? and where does the point's come from ? my DP ? an exampel would be me having a character with MP 40 , and i want him to be offence , and i want to put 20 points in balance , so i should have: offence 60 , Defence 20 , and i cant have more than a 30 points differing? 2. what is "innate magic" really used for ? what does it mean ? thank you guys for the help
  4. hi ! i was woundering about fumbles in anima. how does fumble work ? And while roleing dice (in this case a 00-90 dice(d100), and a 0-1 dice(d10)) does a 00 mean 0 or 100? because when im playing in my groups i call it as 100 and not 00. But when reading about fumbles i wounder:"how the hell do you get a 1 in a check ?!" please anwser quickly ^^ and thanks for the help !
  5. hey ! i've read what you been asking about the Core Exxet, And i must totaly agree with all the fellow members here. It's not really worth buying the book, because it's almoste the same thing as the original exept som things, like for an exampel: ''NEW art'' and som other things. So if i where you i would rekommend the normal Core manual , because it's almoste the same thing. But you do as you wish ofcourse ^^ , I acctly have the spanish version , though i can't read spanish very well. But i got the book free from my mate , but i've translated about 10 pages of the book on my own. And what i've red is almoste the same as the old book , ecept som details. //Squall
  6. Hey everyone ! It's me again I started thinking of adding some minis into my campain. And I started to think: what could be used as a good terrain map? Right now my mates want to have World of warcraft miniatures (because they think they are cool, and some of them have found some somewhat like some of the lost souls in Anima(don't ask me how O.o) what should we use as a grid ? even better, how shall we mesure steps? (or travling distances?) In dnd you move around 7 squares on a battlematt. Any ideas or tips how we might get this to work out? //Squall
  7. I do know one thoug, a book called something like ''gaia: beyond dreams'' which is more of a source book (i would say) but it's not a ''campaing'' Just thought i might add it.
  8. thank you lia and wizuriel (hope i got the spelling right!) you have been to very mutch help ! //squall
  9. I haven't heard of any ''Premade Campaings'', Though I've heard that in the GM's toolbox there's suppose to be one. Im used to the d20 system. But i find it fairly easy to write a own campaing In ANIMA . I would get the GM screen , or maby you allrdy have it ? Helps out ALOT ! If you want any tips for modefiers or ''tests'' which the players will have to face, check around with some other people, or watch in movies , would it be hard or would it be easy to jump from a building to another ? If you want any more tips , post again , or mail me
  10. So depending on how many points i want to offer i get a number of multiples? If I offer 40dp as you said , I will have a x2 so then i add my constitution (which is +10)so it would be 20? in this case? (so in No Multiple ill wright in 2, because i spended 40dp to get x2 right?) then i got my class bonus +5 so it would go in the Class box. In this case i would have 135 lp ? im just wondering where it's being written down ^^'' //squall
  11. greeting everyone ! ^w^ I've just bought the Anima beyond fantasy core rulebook. and i've already started making a sample charecter (just to get a view of how it is done. I've encountered a problem , or well ''problem''. It's with the life points on the charecter sheet. What does ''No multiple'' mean? base is the base lp of my charecter (with in this case is 110) CLASS i guess would be my bonus (the charecter is a shadow ) and now we come back to another Multiples? Can somebody help me with this ? I've been having loads of problems with this //Squall
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