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  1. Hi folks Just getting into Descent now, I have all the 2nd edition boxed stuff, even the new trollfen expansion that I picked up at Gencon. Really like the theme and minis, but my usual game club is really just into wargames. I've never played before, but I'd like to. Are there any Descent clubs out there or other forms where you can find other players?
  2. Necross

    My models

    And here's my BBQ Squad Still have to do my allied command squad, bazooka joe, and my hot dog and pounder.
  3. For my armies I used the base primer color for the armor, and found a good color to go with it for the clothing. For axis, I used Citadel Fortress Gray, washed with badab black. For Allies I used a 50/50 mix of Citadel Desert Yellow and Bleached Bone washed with Devlan mud. Quick & easy
  4. Necross

    My models

    Finished my ludwig here he is That was my last Axis model so my whole army is done for now, here's a shot of the whole gang You should be able to click here to get the full size photo with more detal, I didn't want to put that in the post and the whole page huge. Now I gotta go finish all my allied models.. still have to do 2 units, bazooka joe and my 2 walkers.
  5. Hi Andy .. another question, sorry if it was answered already and I missed it How many models will we need for an "average game" of Dust Warfare? Like, generally speaking, will you usually have about the same units as an average game of Dust Tactics, or will it be more along the lines of games like 40K where you need 100 men on the board?
  6. Necross

    My models

    I'll get some pics tonight probably, should be finishing the ludwig, just have to paint the base and it's done I may go back and add more rust to the feet though, after I sprayed it with varnish, the rust colors darkened a lot, now it looks more like dirt than rust.
  7. Necross

    My models

    Got some more done.. here's my Axis Command Squad And a WIP shot of my Ludwig, still have to dirty him up more and do the base. Then that'll be all of my Axis models so I'll take some group shots then too
  8. Hi Andy Fist I'd like to Echo Peacekeeper's question about other units. Like, will we be able to buy a 1/48 scale tiger tank from our local model shop, and use it in an axis army? I think it would be a great idea to add that, even if it's some kind of add-on supplement later on. Right now we can buy a box of men and that's all we need from that unit. Will it still be that way for Dust warfare, or will we be able to add more men to our units? like, take a recon unit for this many points and they're equipped with these weapons. Add up to 5 extra men with this weapon for XX points each.
  9. I think the revised core comes with posters you fold out, instead of tiles. Guess they're trying to save money that way. At $80 though it still seems like a great deal for a bunch of models, even though the old core set was a better deal. Going forward I think it would be cool to see the Dust warfare book bundled with a bunch of models, but different stuff than what comes in the Dust tactics core.. so people could buy one of each and get a nice army when you combine the models from both.
  10. I always thought of it as a sci fi game, just taking place in the WWII era. I really love the stuff they've been coming up with, the power armor guys and those huge walkers they had showing at Gencon.. can't wait to get ahold of them.
  11. no, I meant why doesn't FFG just come here to this board to answer questions instead of using facebook
  12. I don't think it could really be a 40k competitor, more like another game folks can play. GW is just too big. I could see it being like warmachine or flames of war as far as popularity goes. The hardest part is gonna be getting my friends to want to play, so having 2 armies from the DT sets will help there, and then I just gotta hope they want to start their own army instead of knowing they can always use one of mine I think in general a lot of folks don't want to invest $500 in a new army for a game they think not enough people play. (I know a DT / DW army won't cost $500, but because of 40K a new player will probably think that's the case at first)
  13. Why not just answer questions here instead of crappy facebook
  14. I take it Dust Warfare uses regular D6's? does that mean the target dice from dust tactics are gonna be useless? I kinda liked em for some reason.. guess I could use em as markers or something...
  15. Necross

    My models

    thanks I made the khaki color myself, it's a 50/50 mix of GW's desert yellow and bleached bone. It's probably similar to the commando khaki color, but I didn't have it. I was going to use desert yellow itself, but it was really transparent so it pretty much just looked like the primer color just a little lighter.
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