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    Reorder reacted to DarkFather in Time for me to brave up (Painting)   
    My attempts at painting the IA minis (Only Imps at this time)....
    ATST front

    ATST rear

    Darth Vader


    Imperial Officers


    Probe Droids

    Royal Guards


    Trandoshan Hunters

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    Reorder reacted to RenoDM in pianted terminals and objective markers   
    For those of you that enjoy crafts check out HirstArts range of sci-fi molds. Many of them are geared for Star Wars games.
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    Reorder reacted to Whisper in Idea for imperial "Heroes"   
    Rebel Heroes                                               Imperial "Heroes"

    Diala Passil (Haunted Exile)                 =     ? (Exiled Nightsister - Female Human)

    Fenn Signis (Hardened Verteran)         =     ? (Great Game Bounty Hunter - Female Rodian)

    Mak Eshka'rey (Bold Renegade)           =     ? (Veteran Imperial Commando - Male Human or Chiss)

    Jyn Odan (Sly Smuggler)                      =     ? (Imperial Agent/Spy - Female Human)

    Gaarkhan (Fierce Warrior)                    =     ? (Extra ordinary Imperial Combat/Assassin droid)

    Gideon Argus (Valliant Commander)    =     ? (Imperial Special Operations Officer - Male Human)
    Those are just ideas, I'll try to look into the stats and possible abilities which is a bit more complicated.
    I guess I just need some blank hero cards
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    Reorder reacted to widgren in AT-ST painted   
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    Reorder reacted to Budgernaut in Budgernaut's painting thread   
    I've been having a blast painting my figures. I'm pretty much finished with everything except the good guys and the AT-ST. I also haven't finalized how I'll do the bases. I was going to wait until I was done with everything, but I'm too excited about my Trandoshan Hunters.
    Trandoshans are my 2nd favorite Star Wars species (after Gands), so I really wanted these guys to turn out well. As I looked at the figures, I could tell that they had the typical flight suit like Bossk. That made me think of the Trandoshans from Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Academy. I used to use cheats to spawn as a Trandoshan and change my player side to player (since trandoshan model default is to be evil) and then play through the game as a Trandoshan Jedi or Sith. One thing you notice with the spawn command is that the flight suit color is random. If I recall correctly, the colors are blue, green, yellow, red, and grey. I'm not keen on grey, but the other four are great. As soon as I saw the flight suit on these models, I knew I wanted to paint them like the ones from JK3:JA.
    The next decision was scale color. My initial thought was to do brown like Bossk, but then it came to my attention that these figures have the ACP shotguns from Republic Commando. The Trandoshan mercs in that game are all green. Additionally, I had been watching The Clone Wars while painting the other figures and saw the episode with the Trandoshan Hunters. Some of them were yellow-brown and some were green. I decided to do both. It will help in distinguishing groups as well.

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    Reorder reacted to blkdymnd in Painting log   
    Going for basic tabletop color schemes, not too fancy. Fun to finally be painting good Star Wars mini's after so many years!

    And not terribly happy with these yet. I'm horrible at white, need to thin them a bit on the other two squads.

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    Reorder reacted to VirMortalis in Beginners Guide to Campaign   
    Since setting up the 1st campaign can be a daunting task for anyone new to this style of game (myself included) here is something I think might be useful for you.
    Remember the aim is to have fun so I would recommend a dry run first before committing to the campaign this way you can see how the mission plays out. Remember the Reference Cards, Rules Reference Guide and Learn to Play books will be invaluable and always the forum is here to help you with any advance ruling. 
    Upon getting your very own copy of the SW:IA game take everything out and organise into piles, leave the cards inside their plastic container and the figures for the time being, what we are doing here is sorting out that you have the tiles, they have come off the blister pack ok and that you have the correct amount of items needed using the Learn to Play for the number of items in each section.
    With the map pieces I did 1-10 11-20 21-30 and so on and then put them in separate food bags (temp for now) which means you can easily find what your after as the mission continue.
    Now since you are playing the campaign and not the skirmish you can be picky with which cards bring out of the packaging (ideally all cards will be sleeved to protect them).
    For the campaign you will need;
    Rules Reference Guide (RRG) Campaign Guide (CG) 6 Hero Cards 39 Deployment Cards 3 decks  10 Story Mission Cards  14 Side Mission Cards 18 Agenda Cards 5 Reference Cards 54 Hero Class Cards 6 Decks 9 cards each character) 27 Imperial Class Cards 3 Decks 9 cards in each 36 Item Cards 3 Decks 12 cards in each 12 Supply Cards 18 Reward Cards 12 Condition Cards 3 Decks 4 cards in each 45 Damage Tokens 35x 1 damage 10x 5 damage 8 Terminal Tokens 8 Crate Tokens 1 Entrance Token 35 Strain Tokens ID Tokens for multiple groups 20 Mission Tokens 8 Rebel & Imperial and 12 Neutral 15 Condition Tokens 3 Types 5 of each Ally & Villain Token (Replace when you get the model) 4 Activation Tokens 11 Dice 1 white die and 2 of each red, blue, green, yellow 4 Door Tokens with stands 1 Threat and Round counter Opening up the additional Packs for Luke & Vader you will get some more cards which will slot into Story, Agenda and Reward decks
    You notice you have some assembly to do the Threat & Round counter needs putting together and the AT-ST will need some assembly, following the instructions on page 2 of the Learn to Play guide you should have no issues doing this.
    Now that you have sorted all the bits your ready to get cracking with the game. Choose who will be the Imperial and who will play as the Rebels and choose the Heroes that will take part in your campaign.
    Each hero will then be give their class deck which contains 9 cards, each hero will automatically get a weapon given to them these cost 0 xp and are available from the start you will notice the weapons are basic, these cards tell you what you will roll when it comes to attacks and your character sheet will show you the dice to roll when defending. Again all covered in the Learn to Play.
    The Imperial Player will have the Campaign Guide and not show the Rebels anything within, he/she will set up the mission placing the Tokens as they appear in the diagram and deploy his troops where they start, taking the card for the deployment from the Imperial Deck and placing them face up, the reserve cards for the mission are taken out and faced down so the Rebels can not see what they are.
    The Imperial player will read out the Mission, what the Rebels need to do in order to win and what the Imperial player needs to do in order to win, and if there is a timer how many Rounds it will take before the Rebels automatically loose.
    The Imperial player will put 0 Threat on the counter and turn the round dial to 1 for the first round, and the Rebels will begin, at the start of round 2 the Imperial will gain threat equal to the value found on the campaign log
    Since nothing as been exhausted prior to start of round your able to commence into the action, this means you can opt to do the following
    Move once and shoot Shoot twice Move twice Move and interact with a terminal, door or other mission token  
    You can spend 2 strain to move 2 additional places, this doesn't count as an action! also note you can move - shoot - move as long as you have the movement points to do it, eg you have Speed 4 you move 2 spaces, shoot, then you use your remaining 2 spaces to move depleting your movement points for the round.
    Once you have performed any 2 actions your character is exhausted and the Imperial player will get his turn.
    The ( ) logo on the black and white dice cancels 1 surge You can only use the surge abilities once per attack  You can use unspent surge on recovery this will remove 1 strain per 1 surge if no strain 1 damage per 1 surge You have to use an ability to interact with terminal, door and tokens If you are wounded you will drop any tokens your carrying and are not able to pick anymore up Once wounded any strain is kept but any strain over your new limit is removed Imperial players can spend Threat to replenish lost units from the initial set up these are deployed in or as close to the initial set up as they can get also replenish Stormtrooper at the cost of 2 threat per model as shown to bring their squad back to 3 these models are deployed as close as the remaining trooper As you play through mission you can interact with crates, these crates give you items to use in the mission being played, they do no carry over. The crate however at the end is worth 50 credits.
    Once you come to the end of the mission depending who won the mission you follow the CG each Rebel hero will receive at least 1xp and 100 credits each and the Imperial will get 1xp and 1x Influence depending on the mission. Win Bonus will apply after as stated.
    So you have 4 Rebel heroes in play that is 400 credits earned, you collected crates at 50 credits each and you get a win bonus of 100 credits per hero you can potentially earn 1000 credits to spend on your team.
    The Campaign Log will show you which reward decks your allowed to draw cards from, your will get the I II III decks shuffle the I deck and draw 6 cards then you choose to purchase from them cards.
    Using the XP gained look at character deck and see if you want to buy anything from there, remember you dont have to use your credits or xp point you can bank them to get better items.
    The Imperial player will then check his XP and Influence and purchase Agenda cards and upgrades.
    Bring out the next mission card and then using the side missions the Rebel player chooses 2 at random and then picks one to play you will have 1 active story 1 active side missions and 1 side mission in play 
    Remember to keep a record of XP, Influence, Credits and purchased rewards and cards etc... 
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    Reorder reacted to Jonnyb815 in Skirmish Videos   
    Their campaign games were live streams so there is nothing that could be done about that.
    Odds are they will use DSLR like they have for their other videos. That being said I plan on making a tut video for skirmish but want to understand the game a little more before doing that. I will also start posting skirmish games.
    I want to get the website up like a few maneuvers before we post. so odds are others will beat me to it. Their will be articles,podcasts and Videos for IA just give it time. The game just came out.
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    Reorder got a reaction from naotakayi in My painted miniatures for Imperial Assault   
    @ Nao - I ended up using some matte varnish as a thinner for my ink wash. It took a little longer to dry but worked out pretty **** well. Thanks again for the idea!
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    Reorder reacted to naaba in Brainstorming future content   
    A Time Period where the heroes are Imperial remnants and the "overlord" part is the new republic could be nice.
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    Reorder reacted to sdh007 in Brainstorming future content   
    I was thinking the same thing! Really hoping they will a Clone Wars expansion in the future... even a Knights of The Republic expansion would be awesome. 
    Can you imagen starting with KOTOR and your decision will affect the Clone Wars...your decisions in Clone Wars will affect Imperial Assault...OMG!
    PS: add space battles to it and it's better then the movies, which is pretty hard to do I know   
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    Reorder got a reaction from Forensicus in Custom Game Trayz pledge/joint request   
    Definitely interested in this as well. As previously stated ....
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    Reorder got a reaction from sdh007 in Brainstorming future content   
    I expect to get slandered for this but... I would like to see some great content spring up from the Clone Wars period. There's endless amounts of heroes, villains, and stories that can be unfolded on the table from this period. You could do it with out touching the Skywalker name or the Jar Jar Binks catastrophe.
    But honestly General Grievous would be an awesome model to slay some Republic scum with. Oh and a few platoons of Roger Roger's would be peachy.
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    Reorder got a reaction from Cannis0013 in Brainstorming future content   
    I expect to get slandered for this but... I would like to see some great content spring up from the Clone Wars period. There's endless amounts of heroes, villains, and stories that can be unfolded on the table from this period. You could do it with out touching the Skywalker name or the Jar Jar Binks catastrophe.
    But honestly General Grievous would be an awesome model to slay some Republic scum with. Oh and a few platoons of Roger Roger's would be peachy.
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