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  1. +1 to there being sub forums Do we really need a rules forum though? If you separate Campaign and Skirmish, as one should, people would go to the type they play or want to discuss. This should be encouraged as rules are different for each game play style. Giving people the option to go to a rules only discussion board might just get people confused as posters might not define which rule set they are quoting or questioning.
  2. The next expansion I'd like to see would be something from the Clone Wars period but that probably won't be the case. So in wanting along the lines FFG will probably go.... I'd like to see the next expansion box to be called Rebel Assault, with enough rebel miniatures to flesh out the rebel army for skirmish but also come with 6 Empire anti-heroes to help flesh out that aspect of the Empire. As always they could continue to flesh out the Mandalorian faction with some monsters and bounty hunters. It would be cool to play a game of capture Leia and if the Empire does then the Rebel Overlord can't use her and they'd receive a large pay out or if they fail the RO gets to use her in future campaign missions. Just my end of the day ramblings....
  3. @ OpticFusion - Try using lighter fluid if you have any handy. That stuff works like a charm on stickers.
  4. @ FinalFantasyFlightVII - Another helpful hint I had just now as I'm painting the officers. Every now and then remember to hold the model out at arms length to see how the paint job looks. Don't over due the insanely close detail to much. You spend the majority of your time painting with the model 6-12 inches from your face painting but the model is viewed the vast majority of its life at 2 feet away on a table. So unless you plan on using the pieces as show pieces remember that they only need to look as good as you want them to from 2 feet away.
  5. That set of paints is great if you haven't invested already in paints. Those complete starter sets from companies like Vallejo Citadel and Army Painter can get quite expensive. I would, personal preference here, stay away from pot paints. The dropper paints like Vallejo and Army Painter really shine when you start mixing paints. Two drops of this color and one drop of this color is a lot easier to remember than how big of a glop did I pull out of this pot and mix with a glop of this other pot. I stopped gaming/painting during my 20s and started back up again a few years ago. I bought into the Army Painter set and am still using it. I've maybe replaced black white and a couple of the washes once. To get back into the hobby of painting I scoured youtube.com for tutorial videos on painting. There is a ton of them and because of that I would suggest watching a few from different artists and deciding which one you prefer listening to. Just search youtube with "miniature tutorial painting" you'll get a lot to choose from. And the forums for the paint companies, various games, and any other source of media (beastsofwar.com) are a great source to ask questions at. For the most part the communities that I've run into over the past 5 years of starting back up in the hobby have been great. Good Luck, post photos, and welcome to the hobby!
  6. @ Nao- I had never heard anyone say that before. Took me for a loop. Only one coffee at work so far...time for another.
  7. @ Cronus269 & Anyone else who may know- what is the issue with hand painting the matte varnish on? I've done this for years and actually prefer it over spray as I know that I can accomplish a complete and even cover of the model.
  8. @ Nao - I ended up using some matte varnish as a thinner for my ink wash. It took a little longer to dry but worked out pretty **** well. Thanks again for the idea!
  9. @ Nao - Thanks! I hadn't considered watering down my washes.... I'll have to try that out.
  10. Not wanting to answer for Nao, but I used a basecoat of Skull White (spray) and then simply used a black paint for the joints and visor, and then I'l most likely do a simple wash and touch ups This is how I was planning on doing it as well. But in my last test of painting white as the top coat after doing an ink wash, the white I painted over the wash seemed to thin.....This is harder to explain than I thought. I'll try to dig up the models when I get home tonight and post a photo but basically....the white looks dirty. Nao's storm troopers look clean and very defined. I'd like to avoid the dirty looking trooper. Hopefully that makes sense.
  11. @ Nao - They look great! What white paint are you using? I've been dreading painting my storm troopers' due to the ink process. I'm using Army Painter white and it's a thin white.
  12. I've thought about doing this using Mantic Battle Zone scenery. But the odd shaped map pieces make it impractical to do so. Have you considered the cardstock sci-fi scenery from Battle System? I'd link their site but I'm at work and it's blocked....
  13. I was thinking the same thing! Really hoping they will a Clone Wars expansion in the future... even a Knights of The Republic expansion would be awesome. Can you imagen starting with KOTOR and your decision will affect the Clone Wars...your decisions in Clone Wars will affect Imperial Assault...OMG! PS: add space battles to it and it's better then the movies, which is pretty hard to do I know KOTOR expansion would be really interesting especially with all the books that have come out lately for that time period. Be really nifty having some Sith Lord as the over arcing enemy and the "heroes" have to fight through hordes of his apprentices. Though.... This could play out nicely where the "heroes" are part of the Sith empire and are trying to quell the "Jedi" separatists.
  14. Definitely interested in this as well. As previously stated ....
  15. I expect to get slandered for this but... I would like to see some great content spring up from the Clone Wars period. There's endless amounts of heroes, villains, and stories that can be unfolded on the table from this period. You could do it with out touching the Skywalker name or the Jar Jar Binks catastrophe. But honestly General Grievous would be an awesome model to slay some Republic scum with. Oh and a few platoons of Roger Roger's would be peachy.
  16. For those that don't like to paint. Take a look at the Army Painter style of painting. It's a very basic and simple style of painting to make your miniatures look decent and playable. I personally prefer to paint my models to the best of my capabilities but if I need to get something out fast and dirty this style of painting works.
  17. @BergerFett- how close to Fall River are you? I'm trying to get Table Top Games interested in playing IA. I should be up there the weekend after Christmas trying out the game. I am out of New Haven CT so 2 hours roughly. Ouch! Well if your interested I'll send you a private message when I know a bit more about the time and day that I'll be going up to play it. Or I might just make a new thread.....
  18. @BergerFett- how close to Fall River are you? I'm trying to get Table Top Games interested in playing IA. I should be up there the weekend after Christmas trying out the game.
  19. If your going to do Grand'Ma then you should take Koshka instead of Yanna. Koshka and Granny are a great way to get into the rules of pilot skills before you start playing around with Nikolai and the Lavernity or Sgt. Victory on a Punisher.
  20. So I just finished doing the base on Winterchild and felt I should share this model with you all. I don't normally post images of my miniatures cause I'm just a novice but I really am impressed with how this came out. Hope you all like it as well. Enjoy. And one more photo from the back side.
  21. Loophole Master said: Do not trust to hope, it has foresaken these lands. The Record of Lodoss War is awesome….I need to watch it again soon.
  22. Hello folks- So I'm excited to hear of a new box set. What I'd like to see is a remold of Bazooka Joe and Sigrid heroes so new players who weren't able to get a coffin box set can get them. They're great heroes and I'm sure I read some where that Paolo was thinking of re-releasing them in a hero pack at one time. As far as new units go, that'd be cool - who doesn't like new - but I'd rather see them rework the stats of older units to make them more viable against some of the newer units. Another light walker from the revised core set for both Allies/Germans would be cool. I still use both of them when playing larger scenarios. In fact I'd really like it if they just released them as a $15 unit alone, same with the SSU Chinese Volunteers and the SSU airlift walker. Having to spend $35 to get another version of either of those units is just not in the average players budget. Other than that I'm tapped out on ideas of what will come in the box. As far as breaking a hero off from a unit mid game to equal out activations per round, it works. I've been doing this the past few weeks with my SSU army and it helps alot especially if you've already whitled your opponent down some. Overwatch rules are unnecessary as they have reactive fire rules. Reactive fire works alot just like an overwatch rule would, so I don't see a reason for having two sets of rules to cover something thats already in place. And to sum up with rules on limiting players on the amount of unit types they're allowed to play, I can't get behind this. I love fielding 3 zombie units and can't wait for the two new Ubertoten squads to be released to flesh out an entire zombie army. And if you limit how many Observers that can get fielded then you have to limit all other unit types. That would only be fair. Thanks Reorder-
  23. Ya I really didn't think they could but the question was asked and I couldn't find anything in the rules. Though it does lead to another question. Can Angela use her sniper ability to damage the pilot??? I'm not inclined to say no, but at the same time seems kinda cheesy since tanks are closed up pretty tightly. Thanks! Reorder-
  24. So my buddy and I were about to play a vehicles only match this weekend when the question was brought up whether or not a pilot can take some of the damage received to the tank that they pilot. By that I mean: SSU vs. German, the SSU player is using a Lenin with Nickolai which has taken 3 damage after damage resistance from a German Ludwig. Can Nickolai soak 2 of the damage and pass one to the vehicle or must the vehicle assume all of the damage? I presume that the vehicle must soak all of the damage but have been unable to find anything to either effect from re-reading the Zverograd book. Any and all oppinions/help is much appreciated. Thanks Kindly Reorder-
  25. I see what I did there. I read the Advanced Optional Rules for Aircraft and got it mixed up with the standard rules regarding the way aircraft enter the board. In regards to question 2) though I have one question. If you create an army thats to large to enter the board entirely on the first round what happens to the pieces that couldn't enter due to there being no room for them to enter? We just started playing with aircraft as well as playing 600-800 point armies, so we seem to be running into more instances where we aren't quite sure on the rules. Thanks Again for the help. Reorder-
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