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  1. Siranui said: Soft cover merely obscures the target, but won't stop a bullet (ie bushes, internal walls). Hard cover both impares line of sight to the target and provides a measure of ballistic protection (stone walls, sandbags). Ah...oh... n/m... LOL But I'd buy the hardcover book because I like hardcover books, and we all know how the gaming table can become a hazardous environment for books, and hardcovers have a higher toughness bonus.
  2. deinol said: How can Rogue Trader be a hard sell? "Do you want to play space pirates?" is usually all I need to say. I do think that whenever they do a 2nd Edition they need to just make a Core 40k RPG book with unified mechanics and release each of the player options as new supplements. I have to agree on both points, RT is an easy sell. DH feels more like "Hey guys want to play a bunch of people who do what they are told or are executed?" DW... It feels like the wargame lite to me, and BC I'm looking forward to haven't seen it yet at a local retailer (Opinionated Plug: Buy local gaming shops are good). One totally unified rule system with settings as supplements would be nice, like White Wolf did with the new WoD... just don't trash the settings like White Wolf did with the new WoD (IMO).
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