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  1. You need to issue the order to a unit that has a Radio. So you would need to have joe attached to a Unit with a radio or Issue the order to a squad that has one.
  2. You can also try Ebay or Dust-war.com 's figmo section.
  3. These Dice I great I bought a set from the first run and love them!
  4. Rosie comes in operation Cyclone. Ozz 117 comes in operation SeaLowe Joe comes in the currently oop original core set. Hammers are in the current core set.
  5. Yes, you can fire as many barages as you brought as platoon upgrades.
  6. Technicaly no they can't but it sounds like a good house rule.
  7. I've gone up to about 800 points before and the rules still work fine.
  8. Warboss Krag said: True, you can move the full 12", if that's your move. But at least Dakkon was correct enough to note that it's not a good idea to get into attack position without support, and where the enemy can cut you to ribbons as you wait for the command phase…so jump in last. And as for the 1" separation, Dakkon's response nails him as a rules lawyer, who won't accept any condition not directly stipulated. And he missed completely my direct stipulation that a jump cannot be reacted to, so he's not a very good rules lawyer… As a rule, I prefer to leave such rules lawyer one-upmanship out of these forums, Dakkon. We're trying to give the benefit of our experience, not have a 'making water' contest. Nope, 1" is there to prevent you from moving your own units into a tank overrun. Also just because I know this ruleset well dosen't make me a "rules lawyer" a question was asked and I answered it correctly. My only intention was to prevent the community from being misinformed, you on the other-hand immediately take to insulting me just for pointing out you made a small mistake.
  9. Dude the Axis are the good guys in the dust fluff!
  10. Warboss Krag said: As for your second question, yes, you can land in the middle of an enemy unit. And you can punch them if they attack you. If another unit out of your punch range (3") attacks you, though - which is the right thing to do, since all they have to do is get a hit and your unit is suppressed, meaning they get no reaction - then your only reaction is to try to move out of their range. You have a 6" move, not another jump move. And if you do that, then the unit you initially jumped behind gets to attack you, or move away, or otherwise act normally. So, as you see, just jumping into the middle of the enemy is a great way to get your Hammers hammered. You need to suppress nearby enemy units or they'll just shoot your expensive jump unit to bits. Which is what I love about this game; it's got more tactics in it than Tactics! (Perhaps they should change the Warfare label to Tactics, and relabel Tactics as 'Slaughter'). Craig is incorrect for the most part. First off you cannot move within 1" of any enemy miniature so the for the most part stops you from moving into the middle of a unit. Second off jump prevents any reactions to your move, so as long as all you do is move they cannot react to it. once you use jump to move into range you can iether try to give them an order in you command phase or react to thier action in the unit phase. Also contrary to Craig you can move the full 12" when making a move reaction. but as he did say it is for the most part not a good idea to charge in and wait for the reaction but with high risk comes high reward.
  11. Your first interpretation was the correct one it's just a normal order that can be iussed just like regroup or take action.
  12. All of the factions can use a variety of units and play styles to win.
  13. Necronis said: Are these ubits considered Zombies and not affected by the serum? Or are they living units that can benefit from it? I'm leaning towards they can- since the Suicide squads are seeking death. Which means to me that they are living soldiers and not Zombies. Anything I'm missing here? They count as living soldiers and not zombies. Totenmiester cannot heal them, and they can targeted by the failsafe order.
  14. jkrax said: So Icarus is here and those upgrades raise the following question: By having 2 medics, can I take 2 separate heal actions? The same goes for the mechanichs. If it´s or it´s not like that, why? 2 Medics just gives you an extra body with the medic ability. you can always take the 2 medic actions, same goes for mechanic and other special(not move or shoot) actions. The why is essentialy b/c thats the latest ruling from FFG. This is a responce from Zach on the subject. Rule Question: I've been seeing a lot of conflicting information regarding special skill use (Medic, Repair, pinpoint spot) recently. Especially: -The number of times you can activate the special skill (with one medic/mechanic and with two) can I do a Heal + Heal action? It recently came to my attention that the FAQ entry for double actions was incorrect. The FAQ has been updated to address this, and the entry now reads as follows: Can a unit take the same action twice, instead of taking a double action? “Yes, but only if a unit performs two special actions (such as a Heal or a Repair action). A unit cannot perform two consecutive Move actions. Instead, a unit may perform a March Move as a double action. A unit cannot perform two consecutive Attack actions. Instead, a unit may perform a Sustained Attack as a double action.” -If there are 2 Medics/Mechanics do you get 2 heals/repairs from the action and/or get target 2 units? If there are one or more medics in a unit, that unit may perform a special Heal action on a friendly unit. It cannot target two different units with a single Heal action. However, if the unit performs two Heal actions in the Unit phase, it may target a different unit with each Heal action. If there are one or more mechanics in a unit, that unit may perform a special Repair action on a friendly unit. It cannot target two different units with a single Repair action. However, if the unit performs two Repair actions in the Unit phase, it may target a different unit with each Repair action. -Can a unit with Pinpoint observation do a Spot + Spot Action? Yes. Can you please clarify on units with 2 medics in general as well if you feel there is anything worth mentioning? Adding a second medic improves the squad's resilience by increasing the amount of damage it can suffer before being eliminated. It also allows the squad to continue performing Heal actions if one of the medics is eliminated. Less obviously, a unit with two medics can be arranged so that each medic is at an opposite edge of its Unit Leader's Leadership range. In this way, performing two Heal actions in the Unit phase will allow a unit with two medics to benefit two units that are up to 24" away from each other during a single activation! Injured Unit A <---6"---> Medic A <---6"---> Medics' Unit Leader <---6"---> Medic B <---6"---> Injured Unit B I hope this has answered your questions. Happy gaming!
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