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  1. You know Zappiel, thats not a half bad idea with the figures. I think i might try that next time i get around to going down to the local gaming store. And honestly, we all love to powergame, and the devastator would still pale in comparison to the group librarian. Now that i think about it, i think the group assault marine still would have a higher damage output then the devastator due to his ungodly strength and number of attacks per round. But all in all, i think Zappiel has put it the best way. My group is having fun, and thats really all that matters. So im fairly sure that this horse doesnt need to be beaten any more. Thanks for the quick input.
  2. N0-1_H3r3, when you say, "My personal thought is that, short of getting a team of thoroughly unorthodox Tech-Priests to modify the armour and weapons extensively, affixing any more weapons than the standard two (with a couple of exceptions) onto a suit of Terminator Armour is both pointless and impossible", It brings up a few points i forgot to mention in my original post. When you say having so many guns is pointless, i can only assume its because you are saying this because he wouldnt be able to use all of them without constantly switching out weapons mid combat. When I imagined how it would work, i was thinking about the fire selector on judge dreads side arm. For those of you who dont know what that was, it was a vocally programed system in the gun that automatically swapped out the ammo his gun fired. Instead of just switching out ammo, giving the vocal command would activate whichever gun he told it to use. It should be said, standard action rules would apply for the battle brother, it just gives him a larger variety of ways to blow any heretic/xeno to hell where they belong. Due to a series of Highly uncannon events, most, if not all Tech-Priests would be "unorthodox" with regards to 40k lore. I do realize now that you pointed out that only a few types of weapons can be fitted on a suit of Terminator Armor that this post would be more suited for the hose rule section of the forums. My bad. But none the less, If we assume that the standard 40k lore has all been slightly modified, which it has because of my gaming groups combined lax of caring about accurate history, and that the battle brother has access to all the time and resources required to mod a suite of terminator armor into the walking armory that i have envisioned, would my original post seem like something at least remotely feasible?
  3. Recently my kill team has come to a situation where the standard rules of requisition have kinda gone out the window and i am expecting the groups devastator marine to dawn a suit of Terminator Armor and jam pack it full of as many guns of as many different types as i will allow him. Now i have no problem with this, and am encouraging him to go hog wild with it, but before i go letting him grab 10 of each type of heavy/mounted weapon and hooking them all up to the suit I have been trying to come up with some kind of base line of just how many weapons a suit of Terminator Armor can actually hold before it starts to become so bulky that it cant move. Here is what i have come up with so far. And before you go any further, lets assume that the battle brother has a master crafted Mind Impulse Unit so that he can have access to all his weapons. The arms have 3 locations where guns can be mounted. To help understand what i am talking about, imagine reaching out and holding onto a pole sticking out of the ground. Guns can be mounted on the under-side, upper-side, and in the hand. The under and upper arm can both be fitted with a basic class weapon and the hand can hold a pistol class weapon. The under arm can however, be fitted with a heavy class weapon, but that also takes up the hands ability to hold a pistol. The body has 2 locations where guns can be mounted, the shoulders and the back. Each shoulder can mount a basic class weapon. The back has the option of holding 1 or 2 mounted weapons. If it holds 1 mounted weapon, the shoulders can only hold a pistol class weapon per shoulder. If it holds 2 mounted weapons then the shoulders are unable to mount any weapons as the bracing on the mounted weapons takes up to much space. The legs also contain 2 locations where guns can be mounted, the knees and the outer thigh. The knees can each hold a pistol class weapon. The outer thighs can mount either a basic class or a heavy class weapon. If a heavy class weapon is mounted on either leg then the armor gives another -10 to the wearers agility for determining the battle brothers movement value. If anybody took the time to read this thinks this is to much/not enough i would appreciate any feed back, as this is still a work in progress.
  4. Has anybody had a player who actually wanted their character to be insane, and if so, how did you handle it? The reason I ask is that I recently started a game of dark heresy with a couple players who were new to the setting/genra and one of the players, due to some roll in character creation started play with 2 insanity points. When i told him he this he was extatic and even though I informed him that 2 insanity points is still considered normal he said "NO I WANNA BE INSANE!!!" His character has turned out to be fairly amusing, and by "fairly amusing" i mean "actually so funny that it made another player fall out of his chair laughing". Everything he does is motivated to get him more insanity points so that he can actually start to get some real conditions instead of just role playing quirks. Im not asking for solutions on how to make him stop, i like what he is doing with his character, I am just curious if this is a common thing among dark heresy players, and if so i would like to hear some stories of the "not so insane" insane characters.
  5. The corruption might come later due to actions that my players have told me they might be taking place in. I was actually planning on having the cleric have some sort of "wake up in a cold sweat" kind of thing for basically feeling guilty for basically turning a blind eye to something so obviously heretical. By no means was this a sort of thing they were doing to play against me, it was just something clever that happened to take place on the spot. I think it made the session much more fun for everybody involved even though we are usually a kick in the door and shoot everything kind of group. It was a nice change of pace for most, if not all of us.
  6. This thread is dedicated to those moments in game where the players come up with something so off the wall but at the same time is so clever that you are left with no choice but to run with it and see where it goes. Ill start us off by telling a story about the last time i ran dark heresy with my group. It was the 2nd time we had ever played with our current group of acolytes and they turned what was going to be a standard blow the crap out of some guy and loot his base encounter into a close ally who modded their car and weapons. Going into a little bit more detail, the acolytes were on their way back to the scintilla with their newly appointed "permanent loaned ship" when it came time to set it to auto pilot and hit the stasis pods until they landed. But when they woke from their stasis, their pods had been ejected from the ship somehow and their ship was gone along with the crew and its cargo. They had somehow ended up on an old mining world that had been sucked dry about 20 years ago. So after a bit of investigation they find out that they had crash landed their ship had been hauled off by raiders who control the southern territories of the planet. They figure that they might need a little extra fire power so they can get their ship back without being blown to bits in the process. So they head over the an old scrap yard and rig up an old jeep so they can load it up at the old military base and make their way to blow the raider base to hell. At the military base however, was a tech priest who had taken refuge their and lives with the security bots and over the years had gone a little insane. He believes that the raiders are always watching him and are constantly trying to steal his research about the effects of grafting warp creatures flesh onto human bodies. He lets them in because they politely knocked on the front door instead of blowing it open with their bolters and they talk for a bit. When he finally becomes comfortable enough to take off his robe, the cleric notices and recognizes a piece of skin on his chest as that of a creature from the warp. He politely says that he can no longer be in his presence because its against the emperors will to allow such heresies to be in his presence. This triggered his insanity switch and he seals the exit before the cleric can leave and he starts to spout off how they must be spies sent from the raiders to get his research, to which the group psyker and tech priest who were fascinated with this guys set up attempt to calm him down due to a fear of getting blown to bits and also a need for his equipment, which a fire fight might destroy. It came down to when the insane tech priest gave them the ultimatum of "prove to me that you aren't a spy or you all die" to which the psyker responded with shooting himself in the hand with his las pistol and swearing on his blood that they weren't spies sent by the raiders. After a roll of a 1 on the players charm test and a double 0 on the tech priests opposed fellowship test, the group now has a new best friend who has an intimate knowledge of everything in the army base and a tech use skill that could rival Zeus's skill with a lightning bolt who modded their old jeep into what i call the A.W.M. The Acolyte War Machine! Fully equipped with a Las Gattling Gun in the front, a 360 degree bolter mounted on the back, Mechanical Arms, enough stummers to make it quieter than the most skilled ninja, tank treads, a hydrolic system that can launch them 10 meters into the air, and a customized driver seat that uses the group tech priest as the power source. It should be noted that i didn't give them anything that they didn't already have access to after they were going to kill him, they just made a very useful friend in the process who just happens to know the complicated workings of the warp and how to create warp spawned flesh capable of an endless variety of uses. All in all, i thought it was an amazing night worthy of going down in my groups hall of "Night that will go down in famy, not go down in infamy, just famy"
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