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  1. Perhaps I missed it, but what's different about the Force Die in F&D?
  2. Hey everyone! Cardboard of the Rings and the White Book podcast are proud to present our latest project that we debuted at GenCon 2015 Introducing A Semi-Competitive Variant Lord of the Rings: The Card Game was designed as a cooperative game. However, the iconic competition between Legolas and Gimli at Helm’s Deep inspired a variant that encourages players to maximize their own performance, while still working to achieve the overall goal. Objective Keeping Count is designed to be played with 2 or more players, with any available quest, in both organized and casual play. By completing normal in-game tasks, players will gain prowess; points which marks a player’s accomplishments within the game. At the end of the game (whether or not the players complete the quest) players will be scored based on their individual prowess totals. How to Play To start out, select any quest that you and your group wishes to play. This variant does not change any rules of the normal game. You are still working together to complete the quest. However, you will now also be competing to earn the most prowess. Give each player an "Adventure" card, which is the blank card that will be used to keep track of your current prowess total. Anytime you gain prowess, put resource tokens (or whatever tokens you prefer) on your Adventure card. Drawing inspiration from the Game of Thrones card game, players will be drafting Role cards at the beginning of each round. The First Player will gather up all 6 Role cards, randomly discard one from play, then choose one to keep. Then pass the remaining 4 cards to the next player, who will then choose one to keep and pass the rest. This continues until all players have 1 Role card, and the rest are discarded from play. The Role card you've selected gives you a condition in which to earn prowess, and an Action ability that you can trigger during the round. At the end of the round, discard all Role cards in play, then the new First Player will gather up all 6 Role cards for the next round. This continues until either your group completes or fails the quest. The player who has accumulated the most prowess is declared the MVP and the winner of Keeping Count! Download Keeping Count over at BGG Keeping Count is an unofficial, fan-made variant developed by Will Lentz, Sean Switajewski, and Tom Howard.
  3. I would love to see your version of the decks, Bronze Beard.
  4. Does this Beta Book come with a set of Pregen character sheets like the AoR beta did? I saw this pic from the Demo table... but I'm curious what the other character sheets are.
  5. Yeah, the card was made by Shelfwear, who posted it on boardgamegeek.com http://boardgamegeek.com/image/1580300/shelfwear It's a painting by Allen Douglas:
  6. These are phenomenal sheets -- really top notch work! I've made some personal modifications to the character sheet, updating the fonts, including using the EotE symbols for the dice pool instead of Wingdings. I've also added in a spot for a character portrait, cut the custom skills down to 4 in order to add in a Critical Injuries table, and done a handful of other cosmetic changes. It's still a work in progress, but you can check it out here: Sasha Character Sheet One question for you, what are the 5 green Weapon rows for at the bottom of the first page? I put Fists in there since that seems to make sense, but I'm curious what else you might add in there? I was thinking of removing a couple of those rows in order to make each row taller -- which would allow me to use a larger font for improved readability. I would just hate to remove them now just to find out later that they would have come in handy! Cheers.
  7. I'd also really like to see an actual picture of it. I'm trying to update my Maneuver Cards for Wave 3, and I'd like to know exactly how it looks. I made up the one in this card:
  8. Yeah, the error report function works. It generates a list that Mason and I can see. I saw the report for Blood of Numenor, and tried to change it to an Attachment myself, though it wasn't saving properly for me. Mason, any ideas there? If there are errors or missing data on other cards, post 'em here or report them on the site. I'll do what I can to correct 'em! Also, Assault on Osgiliath has been uploaded as well.
  9. rekath16 said: Memetrix, I have saved a looot auf different decks for currently version 1.3. When I install ur new version, will I have to create all decks new or are they compatible to the new version? All the Player Decks you've made should work just fine!
  10. Gizlivadi said: Brownmantle said: These two ideas are really sharp. I'm hoping to have this done by the time I have another game night, http://boardgamegeek.com/image/1555322/the-lord-of-the-rings-the-card-game?size=large I also really think this one is perfect for a one to two player game… http://boardgamegeek.com/image/1529890/the-lord-of-the-rings-the-card-game?size=large Thoughts? Wow, I'm not really that big of a fan of Magali Villeneuve but that second playmat is amazing! I think it captures the look of this game perfectly. Thanks! It's still a work in progress for me… Trying to figure out the best placement of things, etc. (as you can tell, I'm defintely a fan of Magali, lol).
  11. They claim that this deck was built for solo play…. but what good does Rivendell Bow do? (I guess there are a few specific quests that make use of ranged in a solo game, but those are few and far between)
  12. A database of all the known custom scenarios has already been set up over at BBG: The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game - Adventure Database This list also allows players to rate all the scenarios, providing others with a way to see which ones are the favorites. This list also stays up to date even if someone updates their custom scenario to a new version!
  13. Cheers, HilariousPete! Great work putting this all together and providing an awesome tool for the community. This certainly makes it easy to whip up cards! I might as well mention that for those of you who would still like to use Photoshop, you can still find my template files over at BGG: GeckoTH's Photoshop Templates
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