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  1. It sounds like I'll need to go download Strange Eons and start playing around with it. My big problem will be that I don't have an artistic bone in my body. Any suggestions of where I could find (preferably public domain) art that would be suitable? @JCHendee: I'll have to think about setting up a place to draw Fragments from, but I like the idea of them being scattered all over the board. Perhaps I should add yet another card into the mix. The thought of all players converging on a single location is appealing. Crater Place Draw a random Fragment from the Fragment Deck, then roll a d6 and place the Crater in the named Space. 1 Forest 2 Chasm 3 Oasis 4 Castle 5 Hidden Valley 6 Crags Discard Crater when the last Fragment is claimed, if it would be discarded otherwise roll for a new location instead. I'm starting to be concerned that the Shattered Crown is going to be pretty text intensive to fit on cards... Well, not going to know until I play with it.
  2. klaatu barada nikto...Threadomancy!!! I've had some thoughts about Alternate Endings, and it seems logical to put them here rather than start a new thread. There is a quest, a brawl, some spite, and a bit of silliness. Enjoy. *************************************************** Shattered Crown As you reach for the Crown it shatters right in front of you, scattering its pieces all over the land. You pick up the last remaining piece before setting off to find the others. Take the Fragment of your choice. Roll 2d6 for each of the remaining 5 Fragments to place them on the board, if there is already a Fragment on that space then reroll. 2 Graveyard 5 Temple 8 Warlock's Cave 11 Crags 3 Forest 6 Castle 9 Cursed Glade 12 Chapel 4 City 7 Oasis 10 Village You are then Teleported to the Portal of Power square, but do not encounter that Space. Take an extra turn after this one. * You can not use or gain the benefit of any Fragments if you do not also possess a Talisman, although you may still carry them. * Fragments do not count against your Object limit. * If you have at least one Fragment and a Talisman at the beginning of your turn, you may attempt to cast a Command spell. Roll 1d6 and add that to the number of Fragments you are carrying. 2 Implosion: You are killed. Drop all Fragments on the space you are on. All of your other Objects and Followers are destroyed (discarded). 3 Uncontrolled Burst: You lose one Life. 4 - 5 No effect. 6 Feedback: You and one other character of your choice each lose one life. 7 - 8 Minor success: One character of your choice loses one Life. 9 Major success: All other characters lose one Life. 10 Mastery: All other characters are killed. Fragment Object Cards (keep in the box until needed): Shattered Crown Fragment: Instead of rolling for movement, you may cross the Storm River as if you had a raft. If you roll a 6 for movement you may instead teleport to any other space in the same region. Counts as 2 Fragments when attempting to cast a Command spell. Strength Gem Fragment: +1 to Strength Value. In battle you may roll an extra die and then remove a die of your choice. Craft Gem Fragment: +1 to Craft Value. When attacking another character you may use Psychic Combat if you choose. In psychic combat you may roll an extra die and then remove a die of your choice. Fate Sigil Fragment: Between the start of this turn and the start of your next turn you may reroll one die roll; this may be done even if the die had already been rerolled by fate or if it was a die roll that fate could not affect. At the start of your turn you may choose to lose that turn to replenish up to your full fate value. Life Gem Fragment: Between the start of this turn and the start of your next turn you may prevent one loss of life to any player, creature or follower; except a loss caused by the Command spell. At the start of your turn you may choose to lose that turn to heal to your life value. Gold Sigil Fragment: You may pay the gold cost of any Adventure Card or board space as if you had the required amount of Gold in possession. If you land on the Village or the City you may take one card of your choice from the Purchase or Stable deck. **************************************************************** The Red Mist A strange red mist has covered the land, inciting rage in all who feel its effects. * The Inner Region is locked and sealed. Any Characters in the Inner Region at any time are immediately teleported to the Portal of Power. The Portal of Power can not be opened by any means. * All Characters lose any restrictions regarding attacking other Characters. * If on your move you pass through a Space occupied by another character you must stop in that Space. * If you end your move in a Space occupied by another Character you must attack that Character. * If you defeat another Character in Battle or Psychic Combat, you must take a Life from that Character, rather than any other reward. * Each Talisman gives +2 to Battle, and +2 to Psychic Combat. ********************************************************** Teleport Trap The immense power put out by the Crown has started warping reality around it. Unpredictable things happen to those who attempt to teleport in its presence. If you entered the Crown of Command through the Valley of Fire you will suffer no adverse effects. Encounter the Crown as normal per the base rulebook. If you were moved to the Crown of Command from any other Space you lose 2 Lives and instead appear in the City. * The energy field extends out to cover the entire Inner Region. Any effect resulting in a Character being moved to any space in the Inner Region, other than the Crown of Command, will result in that Character losing 1 Life and will instead appear at the Warlock’s Cave. Movement caused by the Crypt or the Mines is excluded from this effect. ******************************************************************** The Great Race A Trickster Spirit has claimed the Crown of Command, and refuses to release it without being entertained first. To the fastest goes the Crown. You get an extra turn immediately following this one. Move all Characters to the Graveyard, no characters encounter that square. * Teleport effects no longer work, including being moved to the Warlock’s Cave after completing a Quest. * Due to magical restrictions placed by the Spirit, Characters can only move counterclockwise. * The Sentinel will not stop any Character from crossing the bridge to the Middle * If a Character defeats another Character in Battle or Psychic Combat; they may choose to make the losing Character miss their next turn, rather than take the normal reward. * Each Talisman gives up to +1 to the movement die roll. * First Character to make it to the Cursed Glade wins the Crown and the game. It does not have to be on an exact roll. ****************************************************************** Reality Shift A blinding flash of light splits the sky. When your vision clears something doesn’t feel right, but you can’t quite remember what it is. Deal a new Character card to each player. Swap the new Character cards out with the old ones, but do not change anything else. Move all Characters to their new start space. Ditch any Objects or Followers not allowed by alignment. Place a new Alternative Ending card on the Crown of Command.
  3. Regarding the Martyr's 3rd ability; the use of the singular 'die' could be read to exclude multiple dice prayers like at the temple. Was that intentional or a side effect of the wording?
  4. Okay, now I am getting really confused. From the thread 'Bunch of questions' Page 2 http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=129&efcid=1&efidt=519452&efpag=1 talismanamsilat said: <snipped> One final thing regarding a characters turn. If a character wishes to cast the Temporary Change Spell on a character that has just landed on the Chapel or Graveyard, he must do so before the player announces his intention to heal his lives or replenish his fate. The best way to do this is to declare the word "Spellcasting" before casting any Spell in the game. In the above example you need to declare "Spellcasting" before the other player declares his intention to heal lives or replenish fate. This might seem quite difficult to get the timing right, but in practice it is surprisingly easy to do. Always know what your Spells are and be ready to use them at a moments notice! Ell.
  5. Felis said: That would be great but I foresee one technical problem - flipping the overlay while some other Characters are still in Dragon Realm. That's why I thought about two copies (I guess printing one side of it would be copyright infringement ). Making a copy of one board out of a set that you have purchased should not violate copyright law, as long as the copy is for personal use only.(Disclaimer: Statement based on sketchy knowledge of fair use law in the USA and no knowledge of any laws anywhere else, your milage may vary) Of course, you may have some dificulty convincing the staff at your local copy shop that it is for personal use.
  6. Persiatic said: Hi This is sort of related to the topic, a tricky warlock quest situation: * There are only two players left in the game Player A and Player B * Player A draws the warlock quest "take a life from another character". * Player B goes into the inner region knowing that Player A will never be able to enter. * Player B then dies in the inner region, what happens? Does Player A automaticly win or does talisman win? * Dungeon is not in play So far this scenario have happened twice for us, and we have played that Player A can discard his quest and automaticly win if not any ending where he can be killed is in play. Just wanted to see the community Pro's thoughts on it You have two possible scenarios here and I thought I would give my opinions on both. 1) Someone has been to the CoC. Thus, all other players have been knocked out when their characters got killed. In that scenario, my group would play that the last remaining character wins. Sometimes it is a perfectly valid tactic to hunt down and kill the other players rather than make a run for the crown. 2) No one has yet been to the CoC. Here players have not been knocked out of the game and should draw a new character. If they decline, they are conceding the game. If all other players have conceded then the last remaining character will again win. Don't forget that the default win condition for the game is after any character has gotten to the Crown of Command you then must kill all the other characters. How they are killed is actually irrelevant to the rules. Even if an alternate ending card is used that adds an additional win condition, there is nothing that states that the alternate ending overrides the default win condition. They only change how the Crown of Command mechanics work.
  7. >>The_Warlock said: >>>>Thels said: >>>> When I'm the Minstrel or Ghoul, and I encounter the Cursed by a Hag follower, do I lose all my Animal and Raised followers? Can I recruit new Animal and Raised followers? >> No, these "Followers" have no Follower keyword and are not affected by any effect regarding Followers. If dropped/ditched they are discarded (this was ruled officially but it's not in the FAQ). >>A) So I assume that also means they cannot be sacrificed at the Vampire's Tower or similar incidents, and they cannot die at the Chasm? >>I admit I'm not 100% sure on this. See also the reply by Velhart, who says that these Followers are "Followers towards the Minstrel/Ghoul" but not "Followers towards the other Characters". I do not like this interpretation because it allows strange things like the Ghoul using Preservation Spell on them (is it legal? who knows). I hope that this could receive official clarification in a FAQ, because I cannot find the discussions anymore. I can't give the right answer on this one. I only suggest that you don't consider them Followers by any means; it simplifies a lot of things. I'm going to side with Velhart on this one. There is a thread here about the Ogre Chieftain being able to use monster followers in the Cell in the Dungeon, implying that special followers for the Chieftain, Mintrel, and Ghoul do follow all Follower effects. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=129&efcid=1&efidt=399836&efpag=0#401272 Regarding Preservation, the text on the spell specifically prevents a Follower from being killed which won't prevent it from being discarded in other ways. >>The_Warlock said: >>>>Thels said: >>>> I carry the Amulet when another character casts a spell, which I want to Counterspell. Can I drop the Amulet on the space I am at to cast the Counterspell spell >> Yes >>>>K) Hmm, if I can drop objects in reaction to a spell, would that also indicate I can drop objects in reaction to an Acquisition spell, to prevent the caster from taking that item? >>This is not so easy to explain. Rules allow you to do what you want with Objects at any time (put them in and out of a Concealed Pouch, turn into Gold with the Alchemist, ditch them), but it was clarified you can do this only before the intention to take a specific Object is declared. The gameplay in Talisman usually doesn't allow enough time to react properly and for this reason many players complain that there's no specific timing and a yelling competition instead. I would tell them this is Talisman, not a strategic boardgame. If a Character casts Acquisition on you the only chance you have is to Counterspell or Reflect it. Otherwise it takes effect and you can't do nothing. Ditching the Amulet to cast Counterspell is a 100% legal reaction. I very much dislike this ruling. It is a specific exception that applies to a single card, and I think that goes against the very nature of a board game. This is Talisman, not Card Game: The Subtitling. If you can ditch one object in response to a spell being cast you should be able to ditch any object in response to any spell being cast. Are Counterspell and Reflect the only spells you can do this with? Can I ditch the Amulet and cast Restoration to prevent another player from being killed by a Fireball? What about so I can Hyda Spell a Healing/Teleport/whatever? Misfortune on a spell with a die roll? If you allow exceptions for only the Amulet and only for specific spells you are going to have to justify why other scenarios don't get an exception. I say let them ditch any objects/followers/gold they want in response to the spell being announced, but the spell shouldn't be targetted against a specific object or follower until everyone is done ditching objects. If the character with the Amulet and Counterspell wants to counter Aquisition, I would say that they have to ditch the Amulet before the specific item is targetted. Of course, this is entirely theoretical, as a character with the Amulet can't be targetted by Aquisition per the FAQ. PS I hate this forum software: I've tried editing this 5 or 6 times now and I can't make the quote boxes work right.
  8. Mattousai said: I have to agree with this, it seems foolish to judge whether an action has taken place or not by something so arbitrary. By these rules whoever is sitting closer to the box of counters gains a massive advantage. If fact is you play with these rules, if player 'A' on the chapel is able to shove player 'B' (the caster of Temporary Change) out of the way and grab Life counter before player can put the evil alignment card down then he's finished his encounter with the Chapel before the spell went into effect. By these rules the most effective strategy would be to constantly slap cards out of people’s hands or throw the bag of counter across the room! We play with rules where once a player has declared their action it happens. If you play this way there is a degree of separation between the character and the player. The Character lands on the Chapel and heals and then the player picks up a counter to keep track of their character's health. If character 'A' is on the Chapel and says "I'm going to he.." and player 'B' interupts with "Spellcasting Temporary Change" then 'A' looses a life, and no one gets shoved! Having thought about it more, I just don't think there is a perfect answer to this question. Ideally all players should be allowed a reasonable amout of time to react to any given situation. Using my original logic, you could end up with the equally bad situation of players talking fast and pounding through their actions so that other people can't get a response in. Everyone will probably have to figure out the balance points for themselves. I'm kind of thinking of the rule given as "tournament rules". If you aren't playing fast paced, intense games, then going the opposite direction is unlikely to change how the game plays out.
  9. It should work like that if you were cast it on someone else's character, so I don't see any reason that it shouldn't work the same way if you were to cast it on your own character.
  10. Wow, that is quite a list of questions. From reading over them I think you are overanalyzing the game too much. Despite how RPG Talisman is like, it is a board game, not an RPG. A large number of your questions are regarding exceptions to certain scenarios. Unless an exception is written somewhere (in the rules or on the cards) then no exception applies. I don't happen to have my set in front of me, but here are some general ideas to help you work things through. Read the cards as literally as possible. Don't play the "but if" game. As an example you asked about the minstrel and the cursed hag (doing this off the top of my head so I apologize if I am wrong about the text): 1) Mistrel says you may take Enemy-Animals as followers, 2) hag says get rid of all followers, 3) hag has no exceptions for minstrels or other special followers... therefore you lose the animal followers. Follow the Golden Rules in the rulebook Special Ability vs. Rules, Can vs. Cannot, Natural vs. Modif ied Roll, Limited Resources A couple things worth noting. Special Ability vs. Rules in a nutshell states that the text on a card is considered the highest authority. Can vs Cannot can be interpreted from the opposite direction. If a card or rule says that you <can, may, or must> do something and there is nothing explicitly preventing/forbidding you from carrying out the action, then you <can, may, or must> carry out the action. This is not a golden rule (but probably should be) If you are given a choice of options to take, you must choose an option that is legal to carry out, and that you are capable of carrying out. From your questions you can't go to the blacksmith and not buy, you can't go to the alchemist and not sell, and you can't modify a die roll to an invalid number. Hopefully that will help you; look back over your questions, dig out the relevant cards, and see if just reading them literally will help you work out your problems. If you still have questions left, use search in the forum to see if it has been asked before. Anything left after that feel free to bring back and I'm sure that someone with more rules knowledge than I have will be glad to help out.
  11. Uvatha said: The amount of times players roll a 1 for movement is very low and the token placement on endings is also low. The endings slowly get resolved and players can "get rid" of that nasty ending. If the trigger is chanced to lets say the "exchange of Trophy Points" then the token placement would be way to fast. That's interesting, because in my experience the opposite is true. I see a lot more 1s rolled for movement than I see trophies traded in. Maybe that is just because I mostly play 4 player games, so it is odd to see a full 3 turn cycles go by without at least one player rolling a 1 for movement.
  12. I apologize for not clarifying what part I thought was the "huge" part. My concern is that (as you point out) earned strength and craft are tough to come by. At my table, generally only one or maybe two people make any significant number of trophy trade ins in a given game. So, only those people would have a notable influence on which ending were chosen, if the trade in trophies and also get a token choice is used. If tokens are randomly distributed, it is no longer such a huge deal because it is no longer primarily under a specific persons control. And yes, I agree that fair wasn't exactly the word I wanted (which is why I put it in quotes and put a clarification afterwards). Perhaps equal or balanced would have been better, but fair seemed closest to what I was trying to say.
  13. @JCHendee: I like the generic structure. I think I would go with a set movement rate rather than a random one. Either 2 or 3 squares per encounter would keep it on the board for a while but still have it disappear before too many uses. The alternate structure you gave leads to a few extra questions that need to be answered. What is the fastest path from the ruins to the castle? Can the caravan walk by the sentinal? Will it take the ferry from the tavern? What if an odd combination of cards gets them drawn off the main board? @Old Master: I don't see why the caravan would encounter the reaper or vice versa. Most cards/NPCs don't interact with other cards/NPCs unless it is specifically written on one of the cards. On the note of cards interacting with other cards, at the risk of adding too much text to one card maybe the caravan should pick up (discard) any objects and gold pieces the caravan happens to land on.
  14. @Uvatha: I don't like the gone forever variation. I kind of liked the thought of the various endings that people want trading in and out as the players try to outmaneuver each other. @JCHendee: I agree that using the movement roll for a trigger is less than an ideal choice, but it is reasonably "fair". (meaning every player has a more or less equal chance of invoking the mechanic) My concerns about tying it to trophy trade ins is the potential for a run-away win if someone gets out to an early lead. Maybe for the right to choose an ending we should make people pay dearly for it. Perhaps you can sacrifice 1 strength or 1 craft for the right to add a token to an ending card. The right to choose the ending is a huge deal and this way people would have to think long and hard about throwing tokens around. If that is too nasty, maybe 1 life or 1 fate would be a good alternative as those are easier to replace.
  15. Hmm, maybe this would fill a void of places to shop. My apologies if I read something similar somewhere and just don't remember where. Junkyard (Place or maybe Stranger) 3G - buy one (non-magic) object in the discard pile, 6G - buy one magic object in the discard pile, sell an object for 1G, sell a magic object for 2G With a few extra rules it could be a Caravan NPC The Caravan will only move within the outer region. Whenever a character gains or spends gold the Caravan will move d6 spaces in the direction of that character. If the Caravan lands on a player it will buy one of their objects (chosen at random) for 2G. If a player lands on the Caravan they can shop as above.
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