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  1. Since its heavier bulkier and with propa' shielding we could make it feel more Mk3-ish and give it: Head - 13 with gorget aka Mk8 and only headshots from the front Torso/Arms/Legs - 15 with back armor being 13 Shield protection rating of 45-50, with SM disliking this armor for its bad agility we should add bad agility like no black carapace size penalties negation and, lets say, no triggered movement like knockback, sliding, being pushed, assassin strikes etc and with marines disliking it it should be easier to get. Maybe 50 req for the suit itself instead of 60. Im not the fan of DW's terminator armor rules since the penalties make it borderline usable so I wouldn't add any extra agility penalties. Moving 6m per round could be extremely punishing if there is a tiniest possibilty that roflstomping some enemies would not work or if there is some problem with your ranged weapon. U dont want Lightning Claws guys being laughed at and poked to death by every single not stationary enemy, dont you?
  2. We have an assault marine that maxes out his WS (surprise-surprise) and this guy has already quite a powerful stack on 3rd rank which includes 60 WS, Hatred, Hunter of aliens, Master-crafted weapon, Oath of knowelege etc. Which already bumps him up to 100+ WS. Its not too surprising that assault marine can hit stuff reliably but this also kind of making him immune to melee hits. Parrying on this level allows for 100% chance to negate multiple hits depending on weapons/other bonuses. How does that works with bigger foes? Is it ok that he is just immune to wraithglaive to the face, crushing claws and even tyranid biotitan hits? Because I've found no rules regarding parrying stuff that is bigger than you. Logic is logic ofc but whats the limit of parrying capability except reactions ofc? Our GM just made toughness/strength test or fly away and take falling damage I thought that ASM that negates 3-13 hits, has 55% force field of storm shield, -10 to hit because of masking screen and 80% dodge chance if parry is not an option is a bit too extreme in this hit\evade mechanics. Yea, he is hard to hit and this is awright-ish but unless feinted he is "almost" completely immune to any monstrous/gargantuan creatures and walkers that dont usualy have tremendous WS to make quadrillions of attacks. And that is weird imo Yea i know about hordes of tyranids swarming around monstrous creatures, eldar protecting their heroic wraithlords/wraithknights, heretics supporting corrupted dreadnoughts, lesser deamons following big one etc. But apart from hordes that can be slaughtered by anti-horde devastator with some frag ammo heavy bolter with storm of iron and maybe some psykers, there is absolutely nothing that can harm the ASM. He just runs around and teabags every single enemy waving hands and swinging thunderhammer P.S. we use latest rules in DW/RT/DH/DH so we use Lightning attack=DoS attacks, Swift=DoS/2 attacks etc with limit of WS bonus so i guess making Lightning attack unparriable with 3 reactions needed is not an option
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    I saw this section of forums and though i could put my stuff here. Ur RPGs are awesome guys. (Its not thousand sons, I was just inspired by loyalist TS descendants Praecepti Humanus fan chapter that we use with blood raven rules) And a WIP one
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    Fedor. Russia. Moskow. Looking for a Dark heresy game or maybe Rogue trader. Preferably gaming through Teamspeak or Skype. Can speak Russian and English. Free time approximately whole day after 15:00 (GMT +3) Email: GR75X@yandex.ru Skype: dredn0ut
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