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  1. My players and I, a bunch of newbies, started at the end of 2011 and played since a half year ago (sometimes every second week). We only stopped because I was not there for the last half year, but they are eager to continue their journey in the old world. And so am I. Tomorrow I will send them to Nordland for the crimson rain adventure.
  2. Two of my players are friends of the local tabletopgroup (of course warhammer) and they wanted to try rpg out (I was the only one with a little bit of experience). The third one is my roommate and I convinced him to try it out. All of them love the game.
  3. Marco Colombo is an another one. Tilean of course He started with three ships and his goals was to discover the land of the darkelves (some tilean families wanted to take revange). He was also in Arabia for some explorations. At the end he became lord of one of the tilean city state and his known for his ballistic skills. For the empire and others civliced places he is known as discoverer of Lustria (of course the norse were first there).
  4. It's an Manticore. This artwork is from the GW-book "Storm of Magic" for the tabletopgame, a scenario where magic is more important and the armys can choose some monsters to fight on their side.
  5. At the moment I don't have a spellcaster/priest, but for long time there was a shallyan priest in my group. After a while the player wanted to play more aggressiv, so the priest went away from the group and a witchhunter came to took his place.
  6. I searched in the Errata and here in the forum and I didn't found anything that this card is a missprint. But for me it seems a little weird, that such a good card gives the User a yellow dice. At first I was sure this is a missprint, because the yellow dice of ambush (conservative side of the card) makes perfectly sence, but as I said, my research didn't help. Is this card really meant to give this yellow dice to a very good melee attack?
  7. We play weekly for more or less 4 hours (we start at seven pm and end at eleven, but usually it takes a while until we really can start the game)
  8. Do the tomb king and the chaos dwarf captain have any special rules? (for being tombking and chaosdwarf)
  9. Thanks for the information! Some big guys in there. I hope there will be a box/POD for the vampires. Also a chance to come with the new stuff of the tabletop-armybook.
  10. A new question, if it is ok: Which enemys can we find in Hero's Call. Some of the named ones were already shown, but what's about the hellpitabomination we saw as a picture? Is there a varghulf?
  11. I would love to hear about the special gifts for the different regions of the empire and of the dwarfs
  12. I have all woundcards in one deck... but only my NPC's and Monsters seem to pick them
  13. Do Beastmen (and other enemys) can use dodge, parry, melee strike and so on? If they have them, do Beastman own melee strike and savage strike or do they change one for the other? Or it is all up to the GM who makes the obvious decisions (beasts can just dodge, chaoswarrior with shields can block...)
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