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  1. No. If you made the effort to make sure that you care the least amount about something then you care about it more than if don't bother to make sure that you could care less.
  2. Take a look at Task Force 99. These guys are canon.
  3. Hmm. Is the male or the female supposed to be listed first in the hybrid name? Male first, male lion + female tiger = liger. Male tiger + female lion = tigon. The funny thing would be if a Jaw-wookie was like the liger and ends up being bigger than both its perents.
  4. Yes she probably is seeding droids to places that rebels might go, like how the Empire found the rebels on Hoth. As a Republic military station I imagine it might try to communicate with other members of the military when it comes online, it just happens that the Republic military is now the Imperial military. As for why think that it must be Rebel activity. They were looking for rebels. The only other likely answer would be pirates and they are just rebels by another name.
  5. This is legends stuff but... The hutt Zodoh and his Intruder-class starfighter .
  6. "looks on in horror cause I refuse to spend Dark pips" you sound conflicted with your choice.
  7. Those numbers can't really be accurate - they're vastly inadequate for the size of the ships and the size of the crews.I suspect that that 'guideline' gets houseruled quite often. For example, an arvus lighter fits, technically, in a 5x10x10m box, triple the dimensions for the necessary support equipment, and you're looking at 15x30x30m box. That's 13500 cubic meters of volume; in mass terms, that's 13.5 tons of water displacement. Even if you make it a 50m cube, which is way more than a arvus lighter should need, you're still only looking at 125000 cubic meters, or the displacement equivalent of 125 tons of water. The small ships are around 1000m in length, and weigh in with megatons of mass, that is, 6 zeros. There is plenty of space on even the smallest ships for a goodly number of small craft. I just want to point out that cubic meter is about 1 metric ton of water, so a 50m cube is 125000 tons.
  8. George felt that Korriban sounded too much like Coruscant.
  9. redhead222 said: oh about a milion little things and plenty of big ones too In the 40K universe. No it will go perfectly. Sanguinius 2.0 will be acepted with open arms. The other Primarch will return or come back to life. The traitor legions will say they're sorry. The Emperor will wake up and everyone will have a party. But seriously, yeah alot of people are going to burn.
  10. At Last Forgot said: The whole "cloning his psyche" thing got me really intrigued, so now I'm thinking of adding that layer. Of course, this involves the extremely heretical notion of (1) Capturing a Blood Angel or Successor and provoking the Black Rage, (2) somehow delving into his maddened psyche to find the sliver of Sanguinius within and then (3) transferring said psyche, perhaps using Soul Stone technology. That would require dealing with the Eldar to learn how they transfer intact psyches to and from bodies, which is of course another whole bag of chips in itself. But, it will make for an awesome and incredibly characterful arc of adventures! As I said. What could possibly go wrong?
  11. I've also thought about cloning a Sanguinius. Then using the Blood Angels' Black Rage to get psychic imprint of Sanguinius and rebuild his mind to what it was before he died. Basically like rasing him from the dead. When it is successful you move on to bigger fish. What could possibly go wrong?
  12. Does he act suspicious when you just get lucky with a die roll or guess some thing important? If he only does it when you use a psychic power the yes I'd call it meta-gaming. Or maybe... he has a secret?
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