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  1. My take on it? An OOP game well worth reprinting, a classic in "less is more" game design, simple elegant, but the poster child for how not to publish a game. The box is badly designed putting the pieces back using the insert is impossible, you best bet is to throw out the insert, bag the pieces parts. The board may tear into sections and needs to be handled with care. It is one of the weakest boards I have ever seen. The character cards are an odd size and finding sleeves for them is hard. I had to cut some down to fit. The information on how to play the character cards is in a very small font on the card making it very hard to read there is no reason for this as the cards are very large. A more modern game of MRP would have ICONS listed down the side. Given its age you can not fault it for that. Still a good playing game and needs to be reprinted to a more modern and thought out standard. Just Kickstart the thing to judge demand. The game play doesn't need to change, so no test playing. The "work" is reworking the card size to a sleeve standard and better fit the text/font. The board fast wear, ripping problem addressed, and a box that fits aka provide a box, bags. Seems simple enough, but, NOOOooooooooooooooo.
  2. Gee, anyone know the average time it took FFG to get a FAQ out for other games? Looks like the questions here and at boardgamegeek have stopped. FFG has changed the availability from "Out of Stock" to "Available Soon". I have only purchased two other of their games, one as a gift, neither had a FAQ, do they normally rewrite their rule books or make you piece it together with an FAQ and a long errata. Just wondering if the second printing will come with an improvement.
  3. Was checking the annual FFG holiday sale, it is on. Was hoping to see a $20 FAQ for Elder Sign. Any who, Elder Sign is sold out at FFG? Does this mean a second printing and a new improved rulebook? A rulebook with a FAQ and errata?
  4. Walk said: My standard tactic when there are no free monster tasks is to pile all the monsters on an adventure that I probably wouldn't be attempting anyway. Word from Arkham Nights is that this is not allowed, but it's unclear to what extent it's not allowed. Are you limited to one monster (that's not on a monster task) per adventure before you start putting extras on? Two? Three? Is it just a "spirit rather than letter" matter? I don't know, and for now, I'm ignoring this report. The Arkham Nights info was said to come from the designer Richard who was watching over a game, i.e. it wasn't his intend you could stock pile monsters. They should be evenly divided among the adventure cards. Think about it. Stock piling is picking and choosing which monsters you put in play. I would say you would be better off just looking through the "hat" and pick out the one you want, if you play this way. Come on, how many monsters can one location/room hold in a museum? This game is a mess, more I read, the more convoluted it seems, so much so, it as been shelved until FFG comes out with a FAQ. I hope they include a rewrite of the rulebook. Love the guy who posted claiming the game is broken because he can just sit at the Entrance turn after turn and win the game never landing on an adventure card. PS, FFG posted a thread here, been pushed down, for users to post questions that maybe answered in the FAQ. Seems to be a short list that people have stopped posting to. I hope FFG takes the time to go through all the ones here and at boardgamegeek in their forum under rules.
  5. Second printing it would seem.
  6. How about an idevice app theme generator, you just touch one of the Adventure Cards icons, or type, with auto fill, the Adventure Card's name, and the iDevice speaks out a theme with option creepy sound effects based on the card's text and dice requirements? Boo.
  7. Anyone know if FFG plans to reprint this?
  8. fireduck said: "Monsters cannot appear during Kate's turn" Does this mean, if I'm playing a solo game with only Kate, I'll never see a monster? Seems like she might be a bit unbalanced in solo play if this is the case. There have been so many post here and especially on BGG that I can't remember them all. I think, not sure, someone said Richard, the guy who designed the game, told him that the game should be played with a minimum of two investigators, i.e. for solo play, pick two investigators. I think this was because of the problem of assisting not being available with just one. The comment was along the lines as..... this fixed...other...problems "with the card's" text/rules. Think about it, you really would enter this museum by yourself?
  9. 5) In Eso Mandy's ability is restricted to just her turn..... Just her turn, not once her turn per day? i.e thinking of games with less than four investigators, thanks.. Thanks also for post this thread. A lot better than the second guessing going on at BGG.
  10. Oops, looks like the link above changed. Should point to "Scrolls (is Omens different than board game)" topic under the forum.
  11. I would suggest FFG look over the below thread for questions for the FAQ. It is basically some of the differences between the boardgame and the Omens app. The problem now seems we are playing wrong based on Omens rules or there were more changings made to the Omen rules than FFG stated. Not posting all the changes to the game seems to be the guessing favorite over on BGG on why things are not the same. What is that saying about a man with two watches never knows what time it is? I feel his pain. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=245&efcid=43&efidt=57284
  12. tssfulk said: I have many questions, but only one burning one: Have you (FFG) thought about hiring an editor that understands board game rules and can use the questions/issues brought up in play testing to rewrite the rulebook into something that isn't the butt of jokes on BGG? I was thinking the same thing.
  13. Oops, same to have posted the same questions as the user above my post. Didn't see it. Guess we were reading the same BGG post.
  14. Taken from BGG, from a post from another user. Being posted for peer review by FFG for FAQ, not looking for a posted answer. "While two others and I were in a game at Arkham Nights, Kevin Wilson was watching us play and said that once you focus a die and complete a task, you can't use the same investigator again to focus a different die on a different task that same adventure (though you could use a different investigator to assist of course). If I understand correctly, for practical terms, its like you don't remove the die from the investigator who is focusing/assisting even after they complete a task (though of course you do after you finish your turn). Unrelated note: He also mentioned you cast spells (the ones with blank spots to 'hold' dice) *after* you roll the dice (the rulebook being in error)" Questions: Is the info on focusing correct, once per your investigator, per adventure card, basically the die and the investigator are locked out once used to complete a task, until the next new start or restart of an adventure card? Is the info about casting spell cards after the roll and placing a die correct?
  15. Unofficial Community FAQ for Elder Sign at Boardgamegeek.com. http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/691023/elder-sign-faq/page/1
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