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  1. I have a sinking suspicion that POD expansions for A Game of Thrones Second Edition will become a yearly thing from FFG at Days of Ice and Fire. I'd expect either a Tully expansion akin to the Arryn one, or a Winds of Winter expansion akin to Dance with Dragons (although probably including Targaryens) if Winds is out next year (fingers crossed). Either way, I could see a nice deluxe edition going like this: Arryn pieces, Tully/Targaryen pieces, and redesigned pink cards and pieces for the "Starks" from Dance with Dragons.
  2. Forgot to post the link, here it is: http://enter-there.com/
  3. The same guy who made the 9 player Winds of Winter expansion made a set of House Arryn tokens for me. Here's the link for those interested. I just finished up my set today, and it's much better than using Tyrell pieces. I took the sigil from the victory tracker and magnified it by 125% and used that to make a home area marker for the Eyrie so as to fix what is (in my opinion) the expansions biggest flaw that the Arryns max power at 19 while everyone else maxes at 20.
  4. This acctually sounds like a pretty good idea. What I'd recommend for a fortification icon is this: it is removed while the invading force is there. If, however, the area is vacated without a power token being left behind the garrison token may be returned.
  5. I probably would to, especially if the footmen looked more like the game of thrones footmen.
  6. If they made this, I would buy it. I'll buy pretty much anything for the Board Game.
  7. Also, I disagree with new pieces based on the show, I honestly love the marbled plastic look.
  8. Neo1818 said: Well this "extension" is not hugely popular, so this explains that. But as you can see here : http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/987229/would-you-buy-blue-units-and-tokens A lot of people are on your side, and that is what should be showned to FFG. In my opinion, I think FFG should sell a Premium Pieces Pack with all new pieces from all houses ( including Aryn, and maybe Targaryen for the PoD ADWD). And the new pieces should be inspired by the show : http://imgur.com/B86e2t2 It would be awesome, and a lot of people would be ready to put a lot of money in it. What makes you say it's not hugely popular? Does anyone know how well it's selling? Also, what Targaryen pieces? There are no Targaryen forces in DwD.
  9. I also interpreted it as including Winterfell, for the follow reasons; 1. The two objectives are completely seperate, as in the case of the other Houses. Holding Lannisport is unrelated to holding King's Landing, holding Dragonstone is unrelated to holding King's Landing, and holding the Eyrie is unrelated to having more available power tokens than any other player. By this logic, holding Winterfell and controlling 5 areas with castles and strongholds are completely seperate objectives. If this is true, then Winterfell is not a factor any which way in the 5 areas, and therefore counts as one. 2. It doesn't say "5 OTHER/ADDITIONAL areas." If it somehow specified a distinction from Winterfell then obviously you wouldn't count it, but as Winterfell is not mentioned I see no reason to assume it does not count as one of the five. 3. Lannister and Arryn have good odds of meeting their objective in turn 1, and while more difficult it is certainly plausible that Baratheon could as well. If Stark really needed to net 6 total areas with castles and strongholds then it would be impossible based on the position of their forces and available march orders for them to achieve this goal. Stark is already at a disadvantage by being 4th on King's Court, I cannot imagine they would put Stark at an even further disadvantage by not permitting them to claim their once per turn in turn 1 like other houses have the option of doing.
  10. I got in touch with FFG, and they said they have no announcements regarding this at the time, and are unable to accept custom orders of blue pieces. Sadly I haven't found the fan support I was hoping there woould be for such an expansion, so as of the moment I really doubt we'll ever see dedicated House Arryn pieces, which is a tragedy. I'm frankly surprised so few people who read this topic expressed interest, I would have imagined this would be right up everyone's alley.
  11. 1. No. Only units can be supported, not power or garrison tokens 2. Uncertain, never really used tides of battle. 3. No, support and defence may be played as many times as desired per turn 4. I'm not sure I understand your question, but I believe the answer is no. You can only support adjacent areas, you cannot support across seas. Similarly, a land unit cannot support a sea unit. Hope that helps!
  12. While I think this could be ann interesting variant, I think it adds more randomization with the house cards than was ever intended. I think there's an extent to which you're meant to be using house cards to counter the house cards you expect your opoonent to use, rather than assigning multiple stages before the conflict will occur and hope you're not assigning the wrong card. In theory, I see how it could be viewed as adding a more tactical element, but in practice I think it will only serve to randomize everything. If you're doing to be more thematic, couldn't you argue they should be face up since you would know who is leading forces in a real war? I think 1st Editions Storm of Swords did this better, but again, it could be interesting. I'm definitly not one to knock it until i try it, so if I ever get a group interested in playing this way I'll give it a whirl.
  13. DarkLoic said: In my opinion, time limit does not apply well in this game, because one major element of this game is making alliances with other players. This means that you need to bargain with other players and this can take time. I agree wholeheartedly.
  14. Alternately, if I were to start some kind of petition to show FFG there was a big enough fanbase to market such a product, how many people would be willing to sign it? Ideally it would include the following Arryn components: Footmen Knights Ships Siege Engines Power Tokens (+1 to Mark the Eyrie as Arryn) Victory marker supply barrel influence track icons player screen Eyrie home area defense marker If enough people were interested in buying such a product I don't see why FFG wouldn't make a collectors' item out of it like the arkham horror minatures, right?
  15. This hits the nail on the head. Mance and Maergery leave me with the question: what happens if the Baratheons and Tyrells are fighting and they play both cards? Does Mance's final take effect, or does Maergery's?
  16. I'd advise one of two things: 1. Attack White Harbor and commit to a war in the North against "Stark," hoping that Storm's End and Dragonstone don't fall/accepting that they might. Most people would probably push for Winterfell and in my experience it will be what "Stark" will expect/will defend much more carefully, which should lead White Harbor open to an attack. Alternately if an attack on White Harbor is expected Winterfell should be fairly exposed. A march from Castle Black supported by the Shivering sea and Karhold should be able to take whichever one is less defended, or if the situation is right march unsupported to use Stannis' special ability. Pros: If you can manage it, there are a lot of cities in the North, and once "Stark" starts to retreat it'll be harder and harder for him to regroup while you gain steam. Plus, you'll need supply badly and there's a good bit of it in the North. The Lannister player will likely be looking for somewhere to expand, and assuming the Greyjoys are busy with the Tyrells/Martells it could be easy to convince the Lannisters to march up the Neck and further weaken the Starks. There are also some rare circumstances in which you might get the Tyrells to support you, but I wouldn't count on it. Cons: With Roose and Ramsay both being effective 4s at the start of the game (and Ramsay having 3 swords as long as Reek is in his hand) the "Stark" deck is pretty powerful immediately, while the Baratheon deck is more average until the Wildling track builds up and Mance becomes stronger. If Storm's End and Dragonstone fall and the "Starks" prove difficult to dislodge, it could mean you out of the game very early. Similarly, if the Lannisters do March up the Neck they'll be very close to winning the game. While players further South will probably attack them to stop this, you'll still have to deal with a powerful Lannister army marching straight towards you, and you could easily find yourself in a situation where you simply traded the "Stark" threat for a Lannister one. 2. Make a deal with the "Starks" where you'll leave for the Vale if they don't attack you. Since you have no castles in the North, the only thing "Stark" has to gain from fighting you is removing you as a threat, so it should be easy to convince him to let you leave peacefully. Wether or not that deal includes getting the Eyrie will depend on the players, but a march on the Mountains of the moon should be acceptable. You'll probably have to leave the footman in Karhold behind, and or throw a battle if "Stark" insists it be destroyed. Pros: As said, it's easier for Stark to simply let you walk away than to fight you, so any Stark player that doesn't accept such a deal is probably not playing their best game. From the Vale you can do quite a bit, and provided you have both of your ships and a lucky muster or two has hit, it'll put you in a position where you can probably reinforce Storm's End and/or Dragonstone. Hopefully the Stark player will be busy with other things and you'll be able to take the Eyrie (1 knight + 2 footmen supported by 2 ships) and having another castle is never a bad thing. Since it's so isolated, the Vale can be a great place to regroup and consider your next move. Cons: The Vale can be very isolated. While you can regroup effectively, it can be hard to go somewhere else. "Stark" will probably want the Narrow Sea at some point, and if it's sooner rather than later you might find yourself cut off from naval support. A march into Harrenhall is still an option, but the Tyrells and/or Lannisters will probably have that well guarded. Also, remote though it is, you'll still be at risk of attacks from the Lannisters/"Starks." If your deal with "Stark" is short term, he could eaisly regroup, turn around and march right into the Vale and try to finish you off. The Vale's main downside, however, is that there's no real logical next step. An attack on Craclaw would be beneficial, but depending on how you stand with the Tyrells/how strong they are it might not be a realistic option. Reinforcing Dragonstone and Storm's End can be beneficial, but then you'll end up sitting on your original 2 castles, not really making progress. The Vale can be a great option, but you need to have a next step planned, or you need to make a plan as soon as "Stark" agrees to let you leave. I suppose there are probably other options as the Baratheons, but these two are the most common variants in my experience. Baratheon is probably my favorite house to play in A Dance with Dragons because of how difficult a starting position they have. My advice is to take option 2 and wait for the Southern powers to come into conflict with one another. As they wear each other down they'll start looking for more allies, and you might find those previously attacking you offering to support you into lands that once were theirs.
  17. I find the cards in the POD to be somewhat glossier than the base game's cards, I'd imagine they print it on a different material/use a different finish, yes.
  18. It's not "simply" new house cards, it also includes new setup instructions. You only play for 6 turns instead of 10, and it follows the plot of the books to start around the begining of Feast for Crows/Dance with Dragons. It's sort of like the first four turns have happened on their own already, and you're coming into the game halfway. Each plyer starts in a potentially disadvantageous situation, and it's immediately a game where the politicking between houses is crucially important. Mistakes are much worse to make in this version as everything is so cutthroat so fast, and for a new player it would probably be overwhelming, but for an experienced player it can be very interesting.
  19. My understanding is that each faction gets five power tokens AFTER placing tokens on the board, so I would say no, it doesn't cut into an individual's pool. My impression is the power tokens (specifically the ones in Oldtown and Storm's End) are meant to act as something akin to the printed icons on the six home territories, only they are removable. A player doesn't have to pay for the printed icons, nor do they have to pay for the power tokens placed during setup. I suppose the rules aren't exactly clear, but cutting into a player's power pool would be a unique enough addition that I think they would specify it. Hope this helps!
  20. Obviously not ideal if you have a 4 person playgroup, but I think the three player variant is great for introducing new players, and very little else. The Starks and Lannisters fight over the Neck, the Baratheons and Starks fight over the Vale, and the Baratheons and Lannisters fight over the Riverlands. Everyone's at each others throats, nobody really has a huge advantage, and it will demonstrate all the mechanics of the game in an effective way. Then a 4 player game, but using mostly 3 player markers (IE Dorne and most of the Reach are innacessible) can be played to introduce them to a bit more of the politicking that can make the game so incredible.
  21. I think the new Feast for Crows POD will adress this with its victory conditions rather than basing victory off of castles. Another fun variant is one my group and I call "one true King." If at any time a player controls all three influence tokens AND controls King's Landing, they may proclaim themselves the one true King and end the game.
  22. So I'm pretty excited for the new Feast for Crows POD, ordered it as soon it was available. There's only one thing that really bugs me about it, and that's House Arryn using Tyrell pieces. I'm not thrilled at the idea of the rose representing Arryn, or of Green pieces running around the board while all the cards are blue, and I'm pretty dissapointed FFG didn't include such pieces in the expansion. Here's my question: Does anyone think it would be possible for me to/know how I could go about having a custom set of pieces made for House Arryn? I'm a pretty bad painter so I wouldn't want to do it myself, and I wouldn't want them to be solid blue or anything similarly conspicuous. If this isn't possible I guess I'll just grin and bear it and enjoy a (hopefully) great expansion, but in an ideal world I'd have blue marbled plastic pieces akin to those the other houses have and printed cardboard tokens for orders/supply/victory/influence tracks. If anyone has any pointers of where I could have something like this made/how I could do it myself I would greatly apreciate it.
  23. I can't help but feel like this house rule defeats the entire point of the clash of kings. It's about shaking up the status quo. If one player has a lot of power tokens and bad positions, but everyone else has good positions and no power tokens, obviously there won't be a clash of kings, which puts that one person in a terrible situation where they aren't able to reap the intended benefits of their labors. Alternately, one person might be at a severe disadvantage in terms of power, but a potential bid could bring everyone down to his level. There are a lot of instances where a majority rules vote is far too biased to be applied: the point of the clash of kings is that not everyone gets an equal vote. I'd propose as an alternative you make the vote to skip the clash of kings unanimous. I think this is the best option, if it's really happening too often a concensus shouldn't be hard to reach, if it needs to be forced it obviously isn't happening too often. I disagree that it happens too often or that a depleted amount of power is "unbalanced" or somehow a problem, but if your gaming group really does then surely getting a unanimous vote shouldn't be difficult, and if even one person wants to play by the rules they sort of have that right, don't you think?
  24. Thanks, I just saw that in the rulebook myself. I must have overlooked it :/ Any idea if the mythos card is a misprint, though?
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