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  1. Scally09

    In-Jokes And Slang

    If cards like 'Scorched Earth' are fatal for me then I tend to say that they 'Blow my brain out of the back of my skull!!', the idea being that I've taken a massive electrical surge from the source while physically 'plugged in' to the network. I apply this in other games as well, like in Magic, if i'm 'milled' to death, that represent my brain turning to mush, as I cant think of anymore spells or my spellbook has been torn to shreds!
  2. Scally09


    TheRealLeo said: I believe he was referring to the topic that shall remain unspoken, but thumbs up on the effort to deflect away from that. There's a topic that shall remain unspoken?? Does it have anything to do with only getting 1 of certain cards in a core set?
  3. Scally09

    Clear Sleeves Argh

    I also am having a problem getting clear sleeves for Andriod:NetrunnerLCG. How exactly does the colour-coding system work? It's Blue on the back of the game box but I can't find the blue sleeves on the FFG website. It talks about Board Game size sleeves instead… It's all very confusing. Should I get Dragonshield instead and save myself a headache??
  4. If the Runner manages to draw through their entire deck does anything special happen? Or can the Runner just no longer use a Click to draw a Card? I know for the Corp' they loose if they can't draw but what about the Runner. It was suggested by a friend that the Heap is shuffled back in to make a new Stack but after looking through the rulebook I can't find anything on the subject. Thanks in advance.
  5. Scally09

    What feels better?

    I like beating CowboyJesus in a total whitewash, maybe 100-40. I like it best when the game is over so quick, i haven't finished my coffee because it means we can play another game of Cold War.