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  1. Does anyone use Squats in their games?
  2. Nunnery's in history often had orphanages attached and a lot of the children were the Nuns own offspring. Likewise a lot of old Nunnery's in Britain are next to streets called 'Lovers Lane' because this is where the Nuns met their lovers.
  3. I got a very fast almost superfast response from Tim about some errata in the Character Creation Supplement. We should be grateful FFG are addressing questions. Just keeping up with the FAQ etc. must be a chore. At least FFG provide a forum and are commited to updates.
  4. Who do you use the critical charts on? If you use them on enemies it is the equivalent of giving them more Hit points. Just wondering do you always use them or only for characters and those touched by the fates?
  5. I would like to see an Acolyte's Handbook. Some details on recruitment, training etc maybe with some low level adventures. I like low level stuff and it would be good to know just what a beginning acolyte knows about Chaos/xenos/malleus and so forth.
  6. Thankyou for the informed reply, most helpful
  7. When facing Fear causing enemies a marine in solo mode has a penalty to his willpower tests based on the enemies Fear rating. This means a Librarian in solo mode would face penalties to his Focus Power tests. This penalty means a space marine is less effective than a normal person who passes his Fear test. How do others work this? I dont think this rule makes much sense. Same for a Grey Knight from Dark Heresy.
  8. Just finished first very careful reading of mine and the last few page sections have separated and the stitching is visible. Only other FFG book that went bad on me was Disciples of the Dark Gods. Im in the UK and doubt FFG will send a replacement here. The page count should not matter, I have larger books, not rpg, which are secure after years of use.
  9. Hi How many people still use pre errata Bolter Stats? I am thinking of using the OW ROF rules along with the original Bolter stats as this fits my view best. How many do this? Andy
  10. As the title says any stats for the Koronus Bestiary Stryxis Obediance Devices on page 97?
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