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  1. From my point of view both Teokrata and Mallurmo are right but in different aspects I agree with Teo that Arcane is too powerfull - drawing whole deck and discard is too strong - imagine Reclaiming deck with Rangers but unlimited times, while Empire and HE decks are even stronger In contrary Mallurmo is right - it haven't abused meta yet (it just won one regional tournament in Poland). Maybe it has to have its time in winning all the tournaments and be the "bad deck" as Visit the Haunted City was. Some of you know me, and know that I am a "comboing player", but in my opinion Arcane decks are too strong and too easy to play. When the winner is defined not by deckbuilding and play, but copying a deck and having luck that something is wrong. BR, Jaszczur
  2. Entropy42 said: That Triggered Action is already "floating" out there, even though the unit is dead. You can choose to put it on the chain at the first opportunity, or you can pass on it and its gone.t. In my opinion you are wrong. Yes there is a floating trigger for action but the action was not yet played. After resolving the stack Thief is dead and there is a trigger for his action but it cannot be played as Thief is not in the game. BR, Jaszczur
  3. Vamosamorir said: (and remember that the european winner plays a anti-chaos/DE deck, not anti empire). Not anti-chaos/DE but just strong overall deck. It is just that current meta in my city is rather pro-Destruction. Overall good restrictions (I'm still not sure about Rodrick, but I'm very happy with this too ). I give 2-3 months untill people start to whine about DE decks being overpowered and Offering of Hekatri banned/restricted (some of you might not know it, but this "overpowered" Empire was the last defence against DE). It will be fun time to see all the same faces (I'm looking at you DB.Cooper ) whine about overpowered DE, and "who gets the first tokens on Hekatri wins" Jaszczur
  4. @gr4ffi - Are you serious? In my meta Orc's are one of the best races, and they constantly win many tournaments (both control and rush). They have one of the best economy (We'z Bigga, Squig Tracker), rush (Spider Rider, Squig Tracker) and Control (Vomit and Pillage). There are some concerns if Mork's Teeth Ritual can be a little bit broken - it can put Gringor in opponents turn, or Bloodthirster as a defender! Jaszczur
  5. stormer said: Ok, the one i saw was slightly different... Now I have some questions for you, if you want to reveal your secret strategies : - Why just 1 Pilgrimage?? It's a useful card, but only one... what does it mean? Couldn't you put 2 more? - No Long Winters? What can you do if your tombs make go down your "Reclaming the Fallen" as developements? - It seems you count on toughness ability... i think it's strange if you want to sacrifice most of your units... is that because of Chaos "shots"? No secrets from my side (as I won't be playing this deck ), so: - 1 Pilgrimage is just a metagame choice. Normally I play 3 because of amounts of Manfred and Hekatri that I have to face in my meta. It wasn't usefull during Stahleck as it is kind of dead card against empire. - Long Winters are not needed - in the worst case you get 2-3 Reclaimings or Ancient Debts as a developements but it is againts math You can always win without Reclaiming, though it is quite hard. The main problem is that it is another tactic and I hate to have more than 12 tactics in ALL my decks. - without Toughness I have auto-loose against Chaos and in mirror matches. It is very important againts Hounds, Plague Bombs, Dwarf Rangers, Sorceror of Tzenneth, and all HE indirect decks. Jaszczur
  6. stormer said: I agree, Jas, DF is a great boost for the very beginning... and you put it in your Dwarvern deck! But i think it's true you were focused on empire... for example, did you put beleguered scout in your deck? Without that card you can't resist against a good rush... and i didn't see that card in the list posted on this forum (but maybe the list is not right, or maybe you tought nobody plays Rush in an european! ) The deck I played: www.deckbox.org/sets/103954 I had 2 Belegueded Scout but they are not neccessary for rush decks. You can easily stop them with Karak-Kardin, Stand Your Ground, My Life for the Hold, Dwarf Ranger and defensive Reclaiming the Fallen. They are as an alternative to sacrificing units under developements and only seldom to stop rushes. In 80% of the times that I used them I was targeting my own units only to have more units in graveyard (to trigger quest, Burying the Grudge and have more units for Reclaiming). And for the anti-empire theme once more. For 100 games that I played with this deck before Stahleck only 2-3 of them were against empire. I was more focused on Chaos/DE/Orc meta than any types of order decks. Jaszczur
  7. stormer said: Doc9 said: - The winner deck was an anti-meta, Jaszczurr did a great work but he built a strong combo deck focused against Empire... Why do everybody knows better how and why have I made my deck? It was not designed against Empire as meta in my city is empire-free. It is really hard to win with numerous Chaos decks, that eat empire for breakfast For me empire is kind of deck-checker which can evaluate if the idea is good or not. If the deck is weak than it will loose 99,999% against the best control deck - Empire. Wait till FFG restricts/bans Verena/Rodrick and everybody will want to restrict Unleashing/Sorceror of Tzennech, or some dwarf card. I still have to write it over and over again - restricting DF will bring balance to the game (in terms of controling decks). Jaszczur
  8. Vamosamorir said: As I always say, this game has always had a dominant faction. Now the empire is a better choice than others, but it is perfectly whippable. So his BP is the latest to leave. And then, all the other factions have obtained 10 new cards rather than the empire. As I said to Shindulus, is only my opinion, no one has managed to convince with solid reasons to the need of restrict RR or DF. I read only opinions, not statistics. So respect your opinions but do not convince me ... As a debate, each think what he wants It is not good that DF is in all competitive order decks. It is auto include in Dwarf and HE decks... ANy other whining about empire is just lack of skill Jaszczur
  9. Empire needs to have storng economy. I even think that it needs the strongest economy to be able to compete with other races - it needs to have both kingdom and quest zone build up. Look at other races: - Dwarf - decks can win by only using one zone - quest. In some games I didn't have to put units (or reviwe them with Reclaiming) to Battefield because Ranger kills them outright. There are still some strong decks that need to work on 4 resources to put Serpent Slayer in the BZ, but in general theay are weaker than RTF decks - Chaos - good Chaos builds can win by rushing opponent and dealing some damage while having 3 resources the whole game. Their finisher - Unleasing the Spell is better THAN ANY OTHER EMPIRE CARD in terms of winning the game. Don't forget about Sorceror of Tzeenth, which generally is better 3-drop than Rodrick and a way better than Osterknaht. - Orc - generally Orcs need to have 4 resources to play Trolls Vomit and Raise Dead, but with introduction of Squig Tracers they can easily rush and HAVE BETER STARTS THAN EMPIRE. With We'z Bigga Orcs can easily field Blood Dragon Vampires and dominate the board for only 3 resources. - HE - there are some strong rush tactics that can work on 3 resources (Dreamer of Dragons Rush, or Spell/Star Dragon combo) - DE - with Thief of Essence thay don't have to put ANY card in quest zone (apart from Offering of Hekatri and questing unit) Thay can work only on Kingdom. Can Empire do the same? Can it work with empty kingdom or quest? I found that this is imposible for this race. Can Empire burn two zones in one turn? No, but it can be done by other races. Can Empire mess up oponent on their turn, to stop some kind of combo? In small amount yes - Called Back, and Call for Reserves, but comparing to other races it is almost defenceless. Use the disadvantages of Empire to win with it. Don't try to control it, because you will loose. @Shindulus This game is not "power icon" game. Its "two zones burning" game. Jaszczur
  10. Sign me in. Only some unexpected Spanish Inquisition could stop me from attending to this tournament Jaszczur
  11. DB.Cooper said: The european deck (strong player) won by surprise. A single tournament/win doesn't say anything. What's important is a regular basys. After you know how to play against a deck, Empire wins. That's it. That's playtesting. I'm with you at this point - at certain levels good empire will almost always win (I mean the decks that all your friends brought to Stahleck - great starts, strong economy, and perfect use of maybe the best legend - Karl). Empire in right hands is almost unbeatable at the moment. But there is still hope. What I want to see is for players to realize that you cannot win control war with empire and you will always be somewhat behind. If you can find a way to breach empire defences even from behind than this "unbeatable" race can be beaten. For me the situation we are in is almost balanced. One small restriction for some forge would be enough. If they can achieve board control a little bit slower than I would be elated. It wouldn't be good if empire lost it's "control the game" possibilities. Would you like to see the situation where Chaos with Sorceror of Tzeeneth and Unleashing the Spell is the best controling race? Jaszczur
  12. I sometimes feel that some people think that who has better starts and board control wins the game. Let me remind you that 2 zones need to be burning to win, not board domination. I have seen numerous games in which empty chaos (only loyalities from quests) burned 2 zones via Unleashing the Spell against Empire which had 10 resources and 5 cards each turn.... Dwarfes that I played on European Championship are designed to burn two zones from scrap even in situation when I don't have anything on the board (except for some developements). Can Empire do that (either Dwarf or Chaos case)? Empire cannot deal any damage other than combat, and their combat damage is in 99% Hemmlers power. Just think how to use this constraints that empire has. Derricburg Forge needs to be restricted because it is used in all competitive order decks. I use it in all my Dwarf and HE decks, and this situation is not good. Jaszczur
  13. Hi all, As I don't have a lot of time (and will propably write some report later this week) I would just like to thank: - Johnny for coordinating the whole tournament - judges for their strong nerves - my team for winning every tournament in Stahleck - all the players - it was a great time for me, I had a chance and privilage to meet all of you and exchange experience, especially Itallian players with their great empire decks, hope to see you on other tournamnets in Poland or Italy Lot of luck and well tested deck helped me win the tournament, but for me the biggest winner is our community. We all drank some serious amounts of beer, gathered contact mails and I believe that this will be a great start to make our international community finally work in proper way - many european tournaments each year, not only Stahleck. We will make an english sub-forum on our polish forum (www.whinvasion.pl) so we can inform about tournaments and share experience with foreign players. BR, Jakub "Jaszczur" Serafin
  14. Hi all, Most of the things that I think about current metagame was already said in this topic. For me only one card needs to be restricted - Derrickburg Forge. Some of the people just don't understand that Empire is the best fraction for controling the board. They have the best tools and they have the best economy (without strong economy empire can't win while other fractions can). In my opinion most of the players wrongly think that wining the game can only be achieved by controling the board. This game is so complex and different to others that some need to change their mindset, and search for new decks/possibilities. In my city Wroclaw (we won all the tournaments at Stahleck) empire decks have a hard time because of high density of Dwarf and especially Chaos, which is far more better deck against empire than mine. @DB. Cooper and some other anti-empire people: I believe that I will have to write it in many topics as this thread is almost everywhere: MY DECK WAS NOT DESIGNED TO BE ANTI-EMPIRE!! As I knew that there will be many empire decks and not so many Manfred/Hekatri I changed ONE card - one of the Pilgrimages to one Burrying the Grudge. Jaszczurr said: stormer said: But... after stahleck it will be no more considered like a winning deck!! True true... so maybe I will post them the day before BR, Jaszczur ****... so it was a winning deck after all . BR, Jaszczur
  15. @Fortep, I wouldn't mind if empire led by you won the main tournament Many people might not understand that empire, more than other fractions, rely on its high economy. I am strongly in favour of restricting Derrickburg Forge, but it would put order decks (both dwarfs and HE uses it) far behind destruction. Maybe we need this metagame change. Jaszczur
  16. Vamosamorir said: Contested village in KZ and destroy the churh. Contested village is not a Chaos support so it won't do, but you are right - empire have veeeeeery hard time with new Chaos. Jaszczur
  17. DB.Cooper said: If we talk about SINGLE tournament results, we're talkin' about the VOID. If we talk about ongoing result-traking, we talk about the state of the game. So, post a deck that wins against Empire on a regular basis like empire does with others during tests (like 10-2 or 10-5) and believe me, I'll be pleased to say you're right, I'll make a party, dress as a Dwarf and destroy my house's doors with my head. DB Hmmm... I won 3 last tournaments with Dwarf deck in 20+ player tournaments and beat good empire players. Second place is typically Chaos or Orc. I had to side out cards that are great against empire only to have better matchups vs destruction decks via to metagame shift in my location. The problem with Dwarven decks is that people tend to rely on gaining control (Demolition, Spite, Verena) and/or developement dependant finishers (Serpent Slayer, Hellblaster) which being good against most of the decks is very weak vs empire. Dwarf race is very sneaky one, and really want to win in sneaky manner BR, Jaszczur
  18. stormer said: But... after stahleck it will be no more considered like a winning deck!! True true... so maybe I will post them the day before BR, Jaszczur
  19. BigV said: Can you please post, or send me privately, one of your winning Dwarf decklist? I'm really curious and i really want to know how to evolve this game. Maybe after Stahleck BR, Jakub Serafin
  20. DB.Cooper said: Then, BELIEVE me: if a player will win a 25+ people tournament with a non-empire deck against reliable opponents with well built decks (let's say, a 65% of competitive decks) I would be VERY happy. DB Is that really a problem in Italy - no one can win with non-Empire decks? Lately in Poland we had some tournaments which were won (and dominated) by empire decks (69 and 32 players). After those tournaments many players have found that we were so focused on empire and its great control and economy but have forgotten that there are other fractions that can be as strong as emp. Now we almost always have Dwarfs or Chaos on top - both of these can easily fight with great empire decks. I believe that people in general are very lazy - they don't want to seach for some solutions that are harder to find and just want to play with some of the best cards in a game. Does Verena win games - no, Rodric - no. They are just some economical tools that help you dominate a bord. What can empire do if they have great economy, no damage on capital, opponents don't have anything on the board (like after Verena) - apart for some developements and cards in discard, and their opponent wins the game in thier next turn (not too hard to do) ? BR, Jaszczur
  21. @SEIBO: You are right - Empire has the best cards, but not the best synergy and cooperation in cards (Verena + Will, or Rodrick + Osterknaht are not the best one's). Empire is easy to play and win for weak and medicore players, but when it gots to high-level games you can find many constraints that are between cards (Rodrick messes up with Verena). At the moments Empire is the best controling fraction, but in field of rush or combo its not very efficient - with small exception of Van Klumpf, but they are double edged sword, easy to kill and works best when you have full board control (it really doesnt mater if you kill them via Van Klumps or Hemmler). Try playing with good Chaos, Dwarf or Orc decks and you will see that empire can be easily stopped. As for DErrickburg Forge - it should be restricted as it has the same power level as Minig Tunnels and is now in every order deck. BR Jaszczur
  22. In my opinion (and I am a Dwarf player) unrestricting any dwarf card would be a big mistake. First of all before restrictions Minning Tunnels were in ALL good order decks - just think of it as a 2 power support which can have its power divided into 2 zones (kingdom and quest). This card is just too strong. Secondly RTF is one of the best tactics in the game, which can single handadly win the game. Note that Verena, Vomit or other "great" tactic is very strong to gain control over the game or get you far ahead - they are just tools that don't win the games. RTF wins games, you just need some common sense and good deck to operate it. I think (and I believe that most of the players will disagree) that dwarf is the best combo fraction, and maybe the best in the game (even stronger than the Empire). And no, I am not a casual player BR, Jaszczur
  23. I believe that we all think that VtHC is the best card in WH:I at the moment, but I think that some people are overreacting with idea of banning it. In my opinion the problem is that it can have 95% win ratio, but against weak and medicore decks/players. It strenght lies in its ability to control the board in a way that any other deck can't, and without much effort. If a player knows how to play againts it and have some sence how this matchup is different against any other, VtHC player will have big problems. I have seen games in which players wanted to gain more control over the board againts VtHC but they quickly lost. Only deck that can compete in terms of controling the board is ORC control which in my opinion have 50/50 chance against it. I think that this deck is beatable (I might be alone believing it). Players just have to play their decks in different maner and change they gamestyles just for this matchup. Some cards are useless againts it, some are more powerful than againts any other deck. The only think really neccesery in this matchup is to remember not to panic, and convert one's gameplan so it can cope with VtHC.
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