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  1. Action: When one or more dwarf units you control leaves play, deal 3 damage to target unit. Does this apply to developments that leave play (if development card is a unit card)? For example: I have Thorgrim Grudgebearer in play and use Tunnel fighter's ability: "You may sacrifice 3 developments to lower this unit’s cost to 0" and one of the developments is a unit. Will Thorgrim Grudgebearer deal 3 damage to opponent's unit?
  2. Hi guys! 1 quick question. Can Plague Monk's ability be triggered if a spell just played was canceled? Step 1: Player with a plague monk plays some spell (paying all costs and having legal targets) Step 2: Spell gets canceled by HE Disdain so can a player with a Plague Monk still use its ability?
  3. I guess you can not trigger his ability at all because it clearly says "After one of your other..."
  4. One more about redirection: I have White Lion Vanguard and opponent has 1HP unit in a corresponding zone. When I play Loremaster of Hoeth and assign 2 damage to White Lion Vanguard is there an action window for the redirection effect to trigger and kill opponent's unit in the corresponding zone (before my opponent assigns her indirect damage)? Tnx and cheers!
  5. Love this game, but Visit the Haunted City is a little overpowered for the current card base and metagame.
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