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    gilbur got a reaction from TwiceBorn in FFG In-Flight GenCon Announcements   
    i would really like to see some of their older ips first before keyforge myself. i know some would like to see midnight reborn where i would like to see dragonstar or even dawnforge be revived over keyforge.
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    gilbur reacted to Dragonspawn in Dragonstar Genesys   
    Soul-Mech Brawn 3 / Agility 1 / Intel 1 / Cunning 1 / Will 1 / Pres 1
    Starting XP: 190 Strain 8 / Wounds 11
    *Soul-Mechs are identical to Bioroids from the Shadow of the Beanstalk setting.
    Artificial: Soul-Mechs do not need to eat, sleep, or breathe, and are unaffected by toxins and
    poisons. They do not reduce their strain threshold when they receive cybernetics (cybernetics represent upgraded mechanical components instead of true cybernetics).
    Inorganic: Since Soul-Mechs are inorganic, they do not gain the benefits of healing wounds with slap patches (painkillers) or a Medicine check. Soul-Mechs can heal wounds and strain naturally by resting, as their systems attempt self-repairs. Soul-Mechs can also be “healed” by using the Mechanics skill instead of the Medicine skill, but otherwise following the rules in the Medical Care section on page 116 of the Genesys Core Rulebook.
    Possible upgrades: more options are possible.
    360 Vision Enhancement: Upgrade Vigilance once when making checks for initiative and to spot things passively. Cost: 1200cr.
    Armor Enhancement: +1 Soak. Cost: 1000cr.
    Dark Vision Enhancement: When making skill checks, they remove up to  imposed due to darkness. Cost: 500cr.
    Enhanced Hearing: +1 rank to Perception on audio based checks. Cost: 500cr.
    Enhanced Reflexes: Enhanced reflexes increase your character’s ranks in Coordination and Vigilance by 1. Cost: 800cr.
    Enhanced Vision: +1 rank to Perception on visual based checks. Cost: 500cr
    Integrated Communicator: You are able to communicate with others who also have comms. Cost: 150cr.
    Integrated Tools: Depending on the exact nature of the tools, you are considered to have ‘’the right tools for the job’’. Cost: tool cost + 300cr to install them in. An extra 2000cr to hide the tools when not in use (Daunting check to spot them casually, Hard check if actively looking).
    Integrated Weapons: You have either a Melee (Light) or a Ranged (Light) weapon built into one arm. Cost: weapon cost + 500cr to install it in. An extra 2000cr to hide the weapon when not in use (Daunting check to spot them casually, Hard check if actively looking).
    Language Translator: Allows you to communicate in any language, as long as you have the proper language chip (100cr). Cost: 200cr.
    Multiscanner: A useful sensory tool is built into your body (see p. 107 of the Starfarer’s Book). Cost: 3000cr
    Recorder: This can record and store all that you see and hear, for up to 12 months. Cost: 2000cr.
    Reinforced Construction: Whenever you suffer a Critical Injury, you roll twice on the Critical Injury table, and choose which of the two results to use. Cost: 1000cr.
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    gilbur got a reaction from Erahard in Strange Aeons - Paul M N Haakonsen   
    i will pass it on to Paul.
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    gilbur reacted to lyinggod in Strange Aeons - Paul M N Haakonsen   
    Thanks for looking i found a copy, plus his Fallout and Dead End books. 
    They are, however I would actually like to have them printed so I am rebuilding Shadowrun to be more print friendly and consistent. I can pass a link onto you when finished if you wish to give it a review. I also hope to give the final PDF the ability to switch between GENESYS and SW symbols using javascript attached to a button. I think I have figured out how to do this but is the last thing to do after the last layout corrections.  Its close to being done.
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    gilbur got a reaction from Erahard in Strange Aeons - Paul M N Haakonsen   
    Paul took a little hiatus into the setting we are working on together but is doing a Borderlands conversion and he got into painting miniatures as well. Magic and Psionics is going to be a little bit different that all the other settings he has put out, so I am giving him a break from the creation process. We did chat almost everyday, so I am communicating with ideas. I will keep everyone up to date as the setting gets back on track.
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    gilbur reacted to drainsmith in Something Strange - a modern horror setting (updated v2.2))   
    Huge update. Introduction re-vamp, tons of new talents added from SotB, bunch of more adversaries, and player helper sheets.
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/lw3bdwjovyc11bg/SomethingStrangeSetting v1.5.2.pdf?dl=0
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    gilbur got a reaction from Erahard in Strange Aeons - Paul M N Haakonsen   
    Unfortunately the only place to find  find Paul's stuff is on the Facebook pages, he does have another setting coming very soon which should be very impressive as I am helping him with it and we have a creative group started on Facebook, so there are other things that Facebook allows you to do. So come and check it out... He does have other stuff like a Zombie's game which I think was his first pdf following by the pdf you are looking for then he has a Fallout pdf  and finally the Shadowrun Pdf which I highly recommend great books all of them.
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    gilbur reacted to sharkfin6 in Shadowrun - Paul M N Haakonsen   
    I have some basic notes on a ki skill and power points somewhere. Will dig up and post tomorrow for you. Note play tesyed yet, but meant to go hand in hand with Gilbur's adept powers. I also added new drain rules to spells casting.
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    gilbur got a reaction from Andreievitch in Shadowrun - Paul M N Haakonsen   
    sounds pretty good, if you put together something, i will show Paul as he usually doesn't frequent this forum like i do. you can start with what you have planned and could modify as you go. i am actually getting ready to put together a shadowrun game myself and going to possibly work on the other meta sapients this weekend and maybe even expand on the adept powers from the magic book...
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    gilbur reacted to CitizenKeen in Osmium - Galaxies of Fantasy Adventure   
    Absolutely fair. I'm not saying "Everything should be web", but rather, "I want to see what I can do with the web."
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    gilbur got a reaction from CitizenKeen in Osmium - Galaxies of Fantasy Adventure   
    Sorry, Just thought I would ask a simple question as When I run a Game we try not to get on the Internet as it distracts from the game for some people. In my froup of players I am the only one who usually does alot of Research on the web then I print out for my players to look over and use if they want to.
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    gilbur reacted to CitizenKeen in Osmium - Galaxies of Fantasy Adventure   
    Part of the goal of this supplement is to get away from PDFs. I want features of the modern web in my supplements - rollable tables, tables that can be filtered before I roll on them, modal dialogues for supplementary information.
    For example, if I want to refer players to the Cybernetics talents, there's no way to do that in a PDF in a succinct way. With a website (and this is in staging), I can link to "All the Cybernetics Talents".  Or "All Elf Minion groups". Or whatever.
    Plus, a PDF or any fixed format prevents it from being a living document. You have to worry about versioning, etc.
    Making it as a website isn't for everyone, but the same can be said about PDF. Making it as a website works for me.
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    gilbur got a reaction from CitizenKeen in Osmium - Galaxies of Fantasy Adventure   
    Looks great, but would be better in a PDF format, so we are not fixed to the computer when running a game...
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    gilbur got a reaction from Synge in My review of Genesys rpg   
    Great review by the way, even though I did not have to watch your review as I was drawn to the book once it was announced. Your review is 5 times better than the idiot on "Live from the Sword Coast". He did not do his research which he had plenty of time to do and do his comparing of GENESYS to the Star Wars system and would have seen that they were the same systems for the Dice and would have at least saved 30 dollars, but do understand wanting to be complete just like your review.
      Everyone needs to understand that this is not a complete game system but a TOOL KIT to use the Narrative Dice System for any Setting from Dungeons and Dragons to Star Wars, So everything in between these two settings you only need this book to help guide you in the direction of your favorite Setting using the Narrative dice.
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    gilbur got a reaction from capnhayes in Dragonstar GENESYS   
    Yeah this project is well in motion, foghorn and i are very much working on this project and lately we have been putting out new stuff every week, so pop on over and be a part of this conversion, we are always looking for new ideas with this project..
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    gilbur got a reaction from capnhayes in Dragonstar GENESYS   
    if you are following, you need to pop over to the GENESYS forums as we (I) are talking about Dragonstar Genesys conversion and you can help convert if you know both system well.
    I do have the Half-dragon some what converted, am calling them Dragonkin, but check out and let me know what you think.
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    gilbur got a reaction from Edgehawk in Alternative Spec for Archaeologist Build?   
    I like your first build, I myself have played with a rodean Archeaologist Myself as a NPC since usually I run our games dealing with the Edge/Genesys Games. Am working on another Archeaologist for another game that I am running for two new players to the Edge/Genesys system, So will see what I come up with and will post him/them here for you.
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    gilbur got a reaction from Andreievitch in I need wagon stats as Vehicle   
    I was not actually planning Wagon duels, Just in case though I would have liked vehicles stats for Wagons though. I am running an edge game Starting Planet is Forgotten Realms as my players are new to the NDS and so I would like to take my time showing them the ropes of the Game. One player has not Role-played since the 80s and the other has role-played just not Edge/Genesys system. His most recent game was 5th edition D&D. Neither of the Characters has Pilot(Planetary) or (Space) so I know it will be planet bound for awhile.
    I did also check there as well and everyone has them down as Gear as well. The only thing I have not looked was Edge of the Union which is the Wild West so maybe try that as well.
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    gilbur got a reaction from capnhayes in Mixing genres   
    Rifts would be great for this system, All you would have to do is come up with different names so there is no copyright. they can not sue over the concept though just the names, there are other names that can be used for the Rifts and nexus points, I would support something like this as long as there is more ideas coming up with this concept, like Rifts where they had the dimension books but really never took off other than once every couple of years. I myself was a big Rifts player/GM and was working on a Dimension book for Rifts as well, but after I work on a Dragonstar conversion, I might even start working on my World since I could use it in my Star Wars game even.
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    gilbur got a reaction from capnhayes in Techno-Mage ideas   
    First off you can pick in me all you want, i myself have stopped trying to convert rifts over as i am involved with two different conversions already and was stating what someone else was thinking about doing not me, i would look them over and see what others have done to their conversion and yes just like everyone else i have played but mostly ran rifts for 13 years before i saw the light just like everyone else has done.
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    gilbur reacted to Absol197 in Edge of a Dragonstar   
    I'm getting the same issue.
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    gilbur reacted to Kesendeja in Edge of a Dragonstar   
    This is exactly what it gives me. Maybe the error code can help with the mystery.
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    gilbur reacted to Kesendeja in Edge of a Dragonstar   
    Still says I don't have permission to view the file.
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    gilbur reacted to Kesendeja in Edge of a Dragonstar   
    It's giving me an error when I try to open the link. But I'm really interested to see what you've done.
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    gilbur got a reaction from panpolyqueergeek in Edge of a Dragonstar   
    Coming Soon, this is where I will be posting my Dragonstar Conversion stuff. As I like the Edge stuff more over the Genesys stuff and I am sure others will argue they are the same system when there is differences like the Classes and Specializations in the Edge which I like more then just classes. The Force Dice I like as well. And since Edge is almost complete where is Genesys we are still waiting for them to post their next Setting. The magic spells are powers in the Edge where as Genesys has an open magic system.
      So I think a Dragonstar Conversion would be great in the Edge over Genesys and besides I have 9 or 10 sets of Dice for Edge of 0 for Genesys. I have given others permission to use my stuff I have already converted for the Genesys.
    To get you started here are the Races that I did work on and can easily be used here as well.
    DS Races.pdf
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