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  1. so this was just put together as a starting point for others, I already pointed out the Nuyen problem with the writer of this book and offered ideas like 1xp unused would be equal to 5,000 nuyen for credit and he said go for it. Paul wrote this up just for the kicks of the game, as we also pointed out missing of two key careers like the adept and the technomancer which others started to work on and I put together the Adept powers for others to use, should be on the first page of this post. If you work on improving this setting please post them here for others to use and enjoy the setting as much as you have.
  2. looks nice, I know others that just stick with 4 career skills but it is not for the Specializations. We have have initial Class skills of everyone gets their own in the career but the other 4 are for the players to pick on their own and allows each character to be different and then if you as a GM want you can still have multi-class where players can take another career but would not get the bonus 4 free skills as career skills. Nice Work though, I have been helping others with their settings books.
  3. I finally checked out your program and it is an awesome program will play around with the rest of the program the next couple of days... Great work by the way...
  4. Looks nice, but the only problem is we can't download to read offline. I usually don't have my laptop on while I run my games and if I wanted to hand out the creation rules players would need to look online to get them.
  5. i would really like to see some of their older ips first before keyforge myself. i know some would like to see midnight reborn where i would like to see dragonstar or even dawnforge be revived over keyforge.
  6. not a problem, glad I could help...
  7. Here is the Start to the magic System: MAGIC Magic is a big part of the setting, but sometimes there are greater forces at large, which impede the Weave and renders areas completely devoid and cut off from the Weave in dead magic zones, or corrupt it into wild magic which change and alter the magic invoked out of the controls of the one casting the spell. Magic is a great boon to mortals, although others believe it to be a curse; the truth of it is all in the eyes of the beholder. Magic in the setting is governed by four primary skills, those being Arcana, Divine, Primal and Verse. A fifth magic skill exists, though it is technically not magic; Psionics falls under Magic for its classification, but it doesn't count as being traditional magic like Arcana, Divine, Primal and Verse. A psionic character is also impeded by the same restrictions as spellcasters, in terms of wearing armor, using a shield, etc. However, the psionicist is not hindered by not being unable to speak, as psionic powers is not dependent on language (verbal spell component). A character must have at least one rank in a Magic skill in order to tap into the Weave and utilize it to form, shape and bring magic into the Prime Material World. A character with no ranks in a Magic skill simply lacks the basic knowledge of how magic works and is unable to bring about even the simplest of cantrips. Unlike other skills, a character can only purchase skill ranks in a Magic skill if it is a career skill. All spellcasters, no matter what type of magic they use, also need to have a certain amount of knowledge concerning magic and its possibilities. For this reason, your character is going to benefit greatly from having a couple of ranks in the Knowledge skill if they want to be a spellcaster. For easy reference and not having to balance two books, the various magic tables from the GENESYS core rulebook have been included into this chapter. And while Chapter Nine: Magic greatly expands on the magic rules presented on page 210 through 219 in the GENESYS core rulebook it is strongly recommended that players and GMs alike familiarize themselves with those rules prior to embarking upon reading this chapter. PENALTIES ON SPELLCASTING CONDITION PENALTY The character does not have at least one free hand. b The character is gagged, silenced, or otherwise unable to speak. bb The character is wielding a shield. b The character is wearing Light armor b The character is wearing Medium armor. bb The character is wearing Heavy armor. bbb The character is in circumstances that interfere with their ability to concentrate, such as trying to cast while swimming or hanging from a rope, being buffeted by a sandstorm, or casting a spell that doesn't target the person they're fighting in hand-to-hand combat. Upgrade the difficulty once (or more at your GM's discretion). Akin to other skill checks, resolving a Magic skill check is exactly the same as resolving an ordinary non-magic skill check. If the check succeeds, the character achieves what he tried to accomplish. The outcome of this depends on the positive and negative symbols left uncancelled in the pool, as interpreted by the GM and players. A rule of thumb for magic, however, is that accomplishing something through the use of magic should rarely be as easy as accomplishing the same task by using the skill designed for it. Magic shouldn’t be a way to master everything. Magic (and Psionics) is more taxing than other activities. When your character casts a spell that requires a check (whether or not the check succeeds), they suffer 2 Strain after resolving the check. This limit keeps magic-using characters from using magic indiscriminately. Note that magic-using characters only suffer Strain when they need to make a check to cast a spell, so minor and narrative spell effects do not impose this penalty. Having one or more skill ranks in Arcana, Divine, Primal, Psionics or Verse doesn't mean that you have access to every single type of magic that exist within the Weave. Each discipline of magic path grants you access to a listed number of types of spells. This indicates that certain arts of magic excel at certain things in comparison to other arts of magic, and there is no way one character can be a master at everything within the Weave. The table below indicates what specific types of magic your character has access to when having ranks in a particular Magic skill. Access to a type of magic is marked with a z symbol in the table. The fact that a character cannot purchase ranks in a Magic skill without it being a career skill is also a factor that helps limit the access to types of spells that a character can have at any given time, though it is possible to branch into two different magic paths by having two Magic career skills. It is strongly recommended that you do not grant a spellcaster access to every singly type of magic, as that would shift the scales heavily in favor of the spellcaster in comparison to other careers. Of course, as the Game Master, you are free to meddle with the rules as you please to fit your individual campaign. But meddling with restrictions on access to certain types of magic can essentially break the combat system in favor of the spellcaster – just a cautious heads up. Certainly one can argue for and against restrictions to types of magic according to individual Magic skills, but for the setting, these rules are the ones that work the best and thus are the rules implemented into the campaign. Here is a List of Magic actions which I will post later for everyone to see and will be putting to pdf form when I get everything together. Arcana: Attack, Barrier, Conjure, Curse, Dispel, Illusion, Necromancy, Teleport, Utility Divine: Attack, Augment, Barrier, Curse, Divination, Heal, Influence, Necromancy, Utility Primal: Attack, Augment, Conjure, Heal, Shape, Teleport, Utility Psionics: Attack, Augment, Barrier, Divination, Heal, Influence, Teleport, Utility Verse: Augment, Curse, Dispel, Illusion, Influence, Shape, Utility y Let me know what you think of the list so far, they all could expand as I think of other actions and as I add more stuff to the list.
  8. I am going to work on the magic system I will be using and let others play with it first to see what they think. This was a joint venture and maybe even expand on the magic system myself to bring in Tattoos (Spellware) to the system thinking it will be based off Presence.
  9. I posted character sheet link a couple of links up, if broken let me know I will repost again.
  10. they look good, might try some stuff the next couple of weeks as the guy i usually help is on vacation in Norway which is why i have been on hiatus lately. i might try and throw stuff together since he is allowing me to use some of his stuff if i like it which magic system is combination between both of us.
  11. gilbur


    since this is active again might have to get my stuff back together for everyone i taken a hiatus helping out others with their books and got other ideas like my classes will have starting 4 skills that will be fixed then players will be able to pick their other 4 skills this would allow players to multi-class. i also might re-visit the races again.
  12. Here is Adept powers and a Genesys Character sheet, Have Fun with the Setting and post what you have done so others can enjoy your creations as well.... https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Whwb1bW1VbO9GFZAeUBqBn_D0jkr_9sh https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cQTnZFd1zymCsJDlSvh2WBISGbgASxDC
  13. when i get home, i will post some my shadowrun stuff i have cteated and found from others for shadowrun. as right now getting ready to do a fantasy setting type so i really van post some of thr stuff i have
  14. i will repost later this week
  15. That is why we were playing around with starting nuyen. I was thinking for every unspent XP is equal to 5,000 or you could do the 2,000 from 5th edition. I myself like the 4th edition better. Paul wrote this has guidelines so it is how ever you want.
  16. Qualities (Positive and Negative) complete list Let me know what you all think...
  17. I have been working on doing a conversion for Dragonstar for Genesys and do have some stuff written up but I want to look them over and see if I can modify them and getting rid of the Specializations as I have been working with classes and like our 4 main skill and player picks the other 4 where other classes stay at four for multi-classing for the characters.
  18. gilbur


    Going to start my conversion back up, since helping out others on their conversion and giving me additional ideas. Going to look back over my races and classes and even going to start up my own forum in the Settings Forum.
  19. Just got approval from Paul even though I don't think he uses to much of the 5th edition stuff. So I am counting on the community here to see what everyone here thinks of them. I am working on the Negative Qualities and should have them done within the week or two
  20. This should be in full swing once again after I get some conversions done with others. Am getting some ideas about the conversions with others help. So will start to write some stuff down for my conversion and will probably be based more off the Genesys stuff over the Edge stuff.
  21. Just found out I am at 97% to post the good qualities, so either I need to figure out how to get rid of some attachments under my profile or I need to get my google drive back up and running again. I will post my link when I get fix my little problem. go to this link to download my good Qualities for shadowrun:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1f41P4bSt1PklYnvEeQD6cP5ZCxcO4cQo/view?usp=sharing
  22. Actually others have posted his stuff here and I will probably post the stuff here as well, like when the new setting book comes out and his other project he got involved with a couple weeks ago as he is taking a hiatus from our Setting book to convert Borderlands over to Genesys.
  23. unfortunately no he did not create a more printer friendly version and there is a conversion chart for both Genesys and Star Wars so it is for everyone. I myself would not get two different sets of dice considering both have the same effect, you could print out the conversion chart and place on all sides of the table so others can look up the comparison.
  24. Paul took a little hiatus into the setting we are working on together but is doing a Borderlands conversion and he got into painting miniatures as well. Magic and Psionics is going to be a little bit different that all the other settings he has put out, so I am giving him a break from the creation process. We did chat almost everyday, so I am communicating with ideas. I will keep everyone up to date as the setting gets back on track.
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