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  1. I like your first build, I myself have played with a rodean Archeaologist Myself as a NPC since usually I run our games dealing with the Edge/Genesys Games. Am working on another Archeaologist for another game that I am running for two new players to the Edge/Genesys system, So will see what I come up with and will post him/them here for you.
  2. Looks very cool, will wait until your finally version though.
  3. I was not actually planning Wagon duels, Just in case though I would have liked vehicles stats for Wagons though. I am running an edge game Starting Planet is Forgotten Realms as my players are new to the NDS and so I would like to take my time showing them the ropes of the Game. One player has not Role-played since the 80s and the other has role-played just not Edge/Genesys system. His most recent game was 5th edition D&D. Neither of the Characters has Pilot(Planetary) or (Space) so I know it will be planet bound for awhile. I did also check there as well and everyone has them down as Gear as well. The only thing I have not looked was Edge of the Union which is the Wild West so maybe try that as well.
  4. This question is mostly for those who have done a Fantasy conversion for Edge (I already checked all the fantasy PDF). I was wondering if anyone could come up with Wagon stats as a vehicle as I see all the fantasy conversions do have Wagons but they are in the Equipment section and does not have vehicle write ups for wagons. I am starting a game with 2 players and starting them on Forgotten Realms, One character is a Big Game hunter and the other character is an Bounty Hunter Assassin and I am going to do an Archaeologist that would be going to ruins to find Force Artifacts (ie: Ironfang Keep in the Moonsea region and Myth Drannor). The players right now are not interested in travelling in Space which is okay by me as they are new into the Edge (not really gaming but into the NDS). So could some one help me out on this problem. I might even do some converting of stuff from Forgotten Realms to the Edge as I do this Campaign, so I could post some stuff later...
  5. gilbur

    Forgotten Realms Genesys style

    Thanks for the responses, will look into as i run my official terrinoth game for a friend of mine starting within the week. Will look into if i want to have different adaptions of the races as i will be basing it mostly off of the d20 system since i have those books and i got rid of my 4th edition books and could not really see forking out the money for 5th as i was already collecting edge/genesys books at the time...
  6. Since I see no one has played around with Converting Forgotten Realms over to Genesys, I think I will make this a spot for my ideas for Forgotten Realms to Genesys. So come back and see what I have planned for the Conversion. I will be adding the some more Races and adding Specializations to the Classes as I do like the Specializations for Classes and gives you more options for the classes as well. What do others think of this?
  7. gilbur


    Have never read the series, but does sound interesting alot of Weres and vampires along with the Fey. Very interesting though. I do not think anyone has talked about doing the series.
  8. gilbur

    Edge of a Dragonstar

    Okay, must be me I just can't find the permissions page and when I get busy with this conversion, I am going to put everything on either Google drive, Dropbox, or even one drive got to look to see which one as the most free space available. If you are interested in the Races file, you can download from my Profile page.
  9. gilbur

    Edge of a Dragonstar

    I tried that already that is why they can't download maybe removing and replacing the file even though I can send by messager to everyone
  10. gilbur

    Edge of a Dragonstar

    it is uploaded already to my profile, if you want to download
  11. gilbur

    Edge of a Dragonstar

    Thanks for letting me know, don't know what the problem is.
  12. gilbur

    Edge of a Dragonstar

    okay, someone else let me know if this works apparently there seems to be a problem with the download.
  13. gilbur

    Edge of a Dragonstar

    See if this works as I have it linked to my attachments in my files collection under my profiles
  14. gilbur

    Edge of a Dragonstar

    see if it works now, I was seeing of my files work for download and they are fine. have no clue why it says you don't have permission...
  15. gilbur

    Edge of a Dragonstar

    try it again, I deleted and re-posted the file and thanks for letting me know..