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  1. After alot of consideration, I was working on my own game world along time ago. I am now looking at placing it within the Dragonstar Universe. This world has alot of things from Magic to Power Armor/Robots as I was originally going to place it within the Gaming system that will not be named. So I had written up a story behind the setting but now will be re-writing the history to look forward to it in the near future....
  2. After reading the settings article, might have to revise the races some where down the road, so look for updates in the coming weeks, maybe...
  3. I like, as I am in the middle of converting Dragonstar over to Genesys but would be willing to bounce stuff back your way, if you want and I do recommend making PDF for others to read, come check out my stuff for Dragonstar and let me know what you thing, this is a FFG IP as their D20 books are selling for $5 great setting though would like to see them concentrate on their own IPs for the Settings first before tackling other stuff.
  4. Getting my head back into the conversion as I have started to look back over stuff I have already done and maybe even update. Really hoping to get back into this conversion this weekend and putting stuff together as well.
  5. My favorite would be combining all together as you would please everyone who plays that is kind of why i loved rifts but was to long putting stuff togethet but i think genesys would do that bettet and is simpler...
  6. Pdf files(s) please when done, great stuff....
  7. Keep me informed on your conversion and i might be able to help you like you are helping me with dragonstar.
  8. I never picked up the old editions of Midnight but did like the system and what they did with the setting I would pick it up for the Genesys system as well. I am working on porting over the Dragonstar system to Genesys and have some races already ported over to Genesys if you want to take a look at them. This is what I recommend as they probably would not do anything to the older settings until they fleshed the Big Ips first as more people would by them then the old settings.
  9. well, I actually don't see the legends getting a big support as it is not Genesys complete, it is only a small support for Genesys and since they have their on dice for the system. I would think they would have made it more supported towards the GENESYS system since they are trying for a big push for the system. I was thinking of getting legends until I found i`t was not Genesys. I would pick up Android and maybe Arkham only of it is supported by Genesys. If they end up doing a TI that is backed by the GENESYS system I will support the game as I do see alot of potential from the Game enviroment and if they have free reign of the system as well, there could be alot of sourcebooks for the system.
  10. with everything finally calming down at the new work and all my certifications taken care of, I can now get back to my conversions and since know I looked at the GENESYS magic system and do like it alot, kind of reminded me of the SAGA Star Wars force powers. What they have posted for magic looks decent and universal for all systems, still have to wait for the printing to happen and the very slow freakin' boat from China to arrive. So stuff should be coming in the following weeks for Dragonstar.
  11. My personal stuff is all finalized, so hoping to finally getting back into this conversion and very soon. Will be downloading the legend of the 5 rings to see how they planned the magic stuff next week.
  12. Sorry I have not posted anything in awhile, but personal stuff has gotten in the way and have not put this on the back burner, but hoping for some good results that would change my life (Like a New Job). Still working on Classes and specializations hoping to get back to this in the next couple of weeks. Will keep everyone informed.
  13. I am thinking for the most part, will be very little changes but nothing that will be a major change to both systems.
  14. Spellware is Magic Tattoos and these are things I am putting together as I go, when I finish it was be explained in better details as I have been saying everything is being converted and since I am doing it on my own is a slow process. You can find the books online and very cheap, only tow books you need is the Starfarer's guide and guide to the Galaxy, if you want to help with the conversion. The books are worth the money especially now.
  15. This is fine for the D20 System but it is being re-vamped to the Narrative system which is totally different, so right now I am going through changing everything to the Narrative dice and it does not really give you a feel for the system as It does not have the stories that are in the actual books. So the changes are being made for the GENESYS and I am right now just getting input for the changes since I am really new to converting a system over to GENESYS and have gotten good reviews and things I can change, so this is work in progress I am planning a PDF file or two with the end results as I only concentrate on one thing at a time. Hoping that FFG would help with parts of it as they do not really have to work on it but I just don't see that happening as I think all their IPs should be where they concentrate on converting them. I loved Dragonstar when It was D20 but I think the GENESYS could make it way better.