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  1. Twilight 2000/2013 campaign

    For this idea, I would look into Converting Twilight 2000 and Traveller: The new Era as I just Don't think Anyone would complain about them being Converted to the Dice System but even maybe Emailing Marc Miller and getting his Complete Approval is always a Great thing as you can contact him through the Traveler 5th edition website. He might even giving you some of his old ideas that might work for this rendition. I really don't think he would have any problems for a conversion though.
  2. Twilight 2000/2013 campaign

    I do love the original traveller 2300, I only know if one publisher who is very picky about their stuff being converted over to other systems. As other companies do not complain and as long as you do not collect money off it their system, now if there is stuff completely copy write protected, you might want to get permission and most of the time, they don't mind as long as you get permission and do not collect money for it. I mean someone just did Dark Heresy and the original company is not sueing the conversion. If you email Marc Miller personally, he might give his blessing on the conversion as there is alot of different renditions of Traveller to alot of different systems. Since he is the original creator behind the Traveller system and he is still active on Traveller.
  3. Crafting Rules

    You need to put this down in as a Pdf some of us like me like to get stuff printed out, because I try not to go on-line when I run my games.

    Here is my link for storing all my Dragonstar stuff, so go here:!AmPfFtoq21krgSHsqt55aRqXuo2g

    Here is my link to where I do plan on adding my Dragonstar stuff as I have found place to store alot of files!AmPfFtoq21krgSHsqt55aRqXuo2g It will have everything I convert to Dragonstar...
  6. Battletech Genesys

    Putting this on the backburner for now, as with runebound coming out soon, that will help me with dragonstar conversion, so going to concentrate on my other conversion and also there are others working on mech/ mecha conversions.

    started to look over my Dragonstar stuff again as I will be using some of the stuff in the coming week as my players have finally made it off their planet and are exploring the region around them. Maybe posting stuff later.

    getting back into the Dragonstar conversion as my players have finally getting off the planet to explore their region of Space, so some of my creations will be making an appearance to them within the week or so. I do recommend downloading the Dragonlance stuff was put together quite well and the races in there could also be used for Dragonstar.
  9. My review of Genesys rpg

    Great review by the way, even though I did not have to watch your review as I was drawn to the book once it was announced. Your review is 5 times better than the idiot on "Live from the Sword Coast". He did not do his research which he had plenty of time to do and do his comparing of GENESYS to the Star Wars system and would have seen that they were the same systems for the Dice and would have at least saved 30 dollars, but do understand wanting to be complete just like your review. Everyone needs to understand that this is not a complete game system but a TOOL KIT to use the Narrative Dice System for any Setting from Dungeons and Dragons to Star Wars, So everything in between these two settings you only need this book to help guide you in the direction of your favorite Setting using the Narrative dice.
  10. Player Locator

    USA ---- St. Louis, MO ---- Gilbur
  11. Battletech Genesys

    Now after looking over alpha strike rules the only way to use those rules i would have to downgrade the armor for the weapons in the book to be used. That is the only difference i see between alpha strike and classic rules unless someone seen something I am missing.
  12. Battletech Genesys

    I look over the alpha strike rules and thought it lost quite a bit from the actual game but might just download the rules. Just to see what actual changes they made to the game. I am always open for suggestions. Thanks for that idea though.
  13. Battletech Genesys

    I could possibly see silhouettes 3 and 4 for the mechs. Silhouette 3 for light and medium mechs and silhouette 4 for the heavy and assault mechs. I will change this for my future stuff since i am playing around with the mechs in my star wars game now.
  14. Battletech Genesys

    For silhouettes i am going light is silhouette 3, medium is 4, heavy should be 5 and assault is silhouette 6 this is just ideas as the bigger the mech the more armaments they would have. As for your heat i oroginally was not worried about but do know that the heat buildup was part of the game will look into this and toss around seeing how i can implement this into the conversion.
  15. Battletech Genesys

    Bumped, since the holidays are now over hoping to have my conversions complete later this year...