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  1. gilbur


    I will, unless others start to do their own version. I do know that Foghorn was waiting for Realms of Terrinoth to do a conversion.
  2. gilbur


    Yes, I know they are for the most part the same system. There is differences though, like instead of open ended magic like in Genesys, you have spells that are powers and you have the force die/points, instead of just one class you get into, there is your class and specialization that characters can get into. I understand there is quite a bit of similiarities, but I myself love the Edge/Age/Force system alot more over the open system of Genesys. I have been running a Star Wars game for the past couple of years. It does not matter which system I am Converting Dragonstar to, it will be 100% winging it anyway.
  3. gilbur

    Powered by Edge of the Empire

    I know they for the most part are the same but is different in ways, like magic (Force) is not open ended like in Genesys. Talents is not as free formed in the Edge like in Genesys and the thing that like better in the Edge over Genesys is the Classes have Specializations as well and have their own Talent trees. Spells are powers not a list and then I can use the Force Dice since I have alot of Star wars Dice and no Genesys Dice.
  4. gilbur


    I have decided to for go a Genesys version of Dragonstar and since there are others that have helped start a Dragonstar version for Genesys. I am more familiar with the Edge and do plan on making Dragonstar for Edge instead. You will be able to follow in the coming weeks under "Edge of a Dragonstar" topic. It will be basicly some of the same stuff already posted here and I do give others like Foghorn (since he did help with some of the write up) permission to use my stuff under the Genesys system.
  5. gilbur

    Powered by Edge of the Empire

    I have decided after the long weekend for me to decide to adapt "Dragonstar" to the Empire and have decided to call it "Edge of the Dragonstar". I am more familiar with Edge over Genesys and do like more of the Mechanics from Edge over Genesys and since there is more figured out game mechanics for the Edge. Maybe somewhere down the road maybe adapt it to Genesys.
  6. So I was wondering if this has or will be finally out of Beta testing?
  7. gilbur

    Powered by Edge of the Empire

    I know it ha been a while since I have been on this forum as I was lurking over on the Genesys Forum and have been doing some converting a Game system. So right now I am in the middle of a Decision and alot of you would say they are the same system with minor modifications. My problem that I have was that I am thinking of Converting an Old FFG title Called Dragonstar to the either Edge or to the Genesys system. So throw me your best Pros and Cons of both Systems. I love both of them and could do either system.
  8. gilbur

    Super Worlds.

    Looks pretty good so far.
  9. gilbur

    Gah! 50 bucks!!

    I was originally going to invest in physical copy of the book which going through MM was 39.99 until they ran out of copies then I saw the pdf for 24.95 which I would pay for that since I am not actually into running a fantasy setting but wanted the other mechanics like additional magic stuff, so I do see spending 24.95 then all I have to do is print out what mechanics I want from the book. It is worth the 24.95 for the pdf...
  10. gilbur


    Here is the next two classes and their specializations: Cleric: Charm, Cool, Discipline, Divine, Knowledge, Leadership, Medicine, Melee (Light) Unification Missionary: Coercion, Deception, Leadership, Ranged (Light) Healer: Alchemy, Knowledge, Medicine, Resilience Sage: Charm, Computers, Negotiations, Perception Inquisitor: Coercion, Perception, Ranged (Light), Streetwise Crusader: Brawl, Discipline, Melee (Heavy), Riding Runesmith: Mechanics, Negotiations, Rune, Streetwise Druid: Athletics, Brawl, Medicine, Melee (Light), Primal, Resilience, Survival, Vigilance Ecoterrorist: Charm, Coercion, Skulduggery, Stealth Hunter: Coordination, Ranged (Heavy), Stealth, Vigilance Pathfinder: Medicine, Ranged (Light), Resilience, Survival Beastfriend: Charm, Medicine, Melee (Light), Riding Hermit: Charm, Computers, Knowledge, Negotiations Avenger: Cool, Deception, Ranged (Light), Survival I can see alot of questioning about skills being placed several times, so let me know what you think of these classes and specializations.
  11. gilbur


    Alright here we go: I am a very big fan of the Edge's specialization for the classes and have put together all the original classes and 6 specializations and even the new classes in the Starfarer's Handbook, So here is the Barbarian and Bard classes and their Specializations for you to look over and give me feedback on. Barbarian: Athletics, Brawl, Coercion, Melee (Heavy), Perception, Resilience, Survival, Vigilance Wayfinder: Discipline, Melee (Light), Skullduggery, Stealth Medicine Man: Alchemy, Cool, Knowledge, Medicine Brushrunner: Cool, Melee (light), Stealth, Survival Battlerager: Deception, Gunnery, Melee (Heavy), Vigilance Berserker: Athletics, Brawl, Ranged (Light), Riding Vindicator: Cool, Discipline, Knowledge, Primal Bard: Charm, Deception, Knowledge, Leadership, Melee (Light), Skullduggery, Streetwise, Verse Corsair: Astrocartography, Coercion, Perception, Piloting Gallant: Athletics, Discipline, Ranged (light), Resilience House Trader: Coercion, Mechanics, Negotiations, Perception Loremaster: Charm, Cool, Knowledge, Streetwise Jester: Brawl, Charm, Deception, Vigilance Arcanist: Arcana, Cool, Discipline, Leadersip So here goes the first two classes, let me know what you think or would change, these are not set in stone, just thought out classes and their specializations.
  12. gilbur


    Alright, for all those that are new here when I had started, it was just going to be one forum topic but over time it turned out to be two different topics. The starting was talking about the races in Dragonstar which is this forum but then I started to talk about everything else that is talked about in Dragonstar so another forum topic was started //community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/256024-dragonstar-genesys-2-magic/?page=3. Dragonstar conversion: Races --- Done (maybe updating later after I go over Realms of Terrinoth) Spellware---Started (Not complete) Equipment--- Not started yet (but mostly bringing over stuff from Star Wars, Will have to work on Magic supported equipment) Weapons and Armor--- Not started yet (especially the Magical Weapons and Armor, but stuff from Star Wars will Work great in this conversion as well.) Magic and Psionics--- has been started, not complete was toying around with another system, need to look at Realms of Terrrinoth to decide) Vehicles and ships--- porting over from the Edge system most likely) So if you can think of anything else you think I might need to look over let me know...
  13. gilbur


    Give me this weekend to get my head back into edge/genesys system since it was kind of wrapped up in the savage worlds for a couple of weeks since my favorite system was finally released for another system.
  14. gilbur


    Actually i was hoping to make this a community project since at that time i was running a star wars game and could not fully commit to this project but now since i am in a 1st edition d&d dealing with the temple of elemental evil. I should be able to focus on this conversion. I still would like others input as i work on different projects though.
  15. gilbur

    Battletech Genesys

    Nice to see one of my forums busy with ideas. This system would be great for Battletech as the more crunchy you are willing to put into the system, the more others will enjoy the system. I have been a player of Battletech since it came out and I do see alot of opportunities here for Battletech but wanted to see what others come up with from other conversions as I am working on a completely different conversion as we speak, so I do not want toget side tracked with to many different conversions. I was also thinking that Advantages would work great with missiles and the wound threshold thing I would think about as I am doing my other conversion.