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  1. gilbur


    Cool sounds like something was done.
  2. The facile human give them a list to choose from like animal abilities or you can take the mongrel man from the core book for ideas. Looks good other then completing your races. I am sure others will comment.
  3. gilbur


    Thanks for the responses, like when we can just talk pros and cons of a setting, I have been thinking this might be great with the edge set more then genesys though as I am big into the career/ specialization trees and probably not much work would need to be done mechanic wise, converting races and maybe careers or even the theme might be a tree as well.
  4. gilbur


    Before I get wrapped up into it, any one started a starfinder conversion yet? I started collecting the flip maps and tiles for my Star Wars collection and so looked into the actual game it’s self and ended buying the core, armory, and character operations manual from a gift card I had and the store had a 4th of July sale. How many would be interested in a starfinder conversion?
  5. I understand I never read any of the njo stuff myself actually bypassed the whole series since they killed off chewie but read books way after there is 2 9-book series that I recommend as Jacen becomes a Sith Lord and runs the empire and then the fallout as we see see Jaina becomes the sword of the Jedi, she is awesome which they did the movies on some the legend characters instead of Kylo and Rey.
  6. I would love to see someone do a Legends era book, covering all the characters and items and things from the Original Expanded universe that is now called Legends. I would love to see stats on Jaina Sole and Jacen Solo and others and since it's not canon any more maybe someone's campaign ideas they have done for the game. I am a Big nut for the Novels for Star Wars.
  7. Thanks everyone for responding and I have seen the specialization trees love them and have started a couple of different projects with them from regional trees for forgotten realms to race trees and then of course you have the career trees.
  8. So it has been awhile since I was on this forum site, usually am on the genesys site instead but I am working on a game world and I know others have created other stuff using the edge system at the start but then moved over to genesys system instead and understand the freedom the system gives but I myself actually like the feel edge gives more so over genesys. So my question is this, has anyone started a fantasy conversion I could look over not completely take and use for my gaming world, I did already have edge of the kingdom before he converted to genesys. I do understand all the pros and cons of the edge vs. genesys. The factors is I love the career and specialization trees vs. free form talent picking. I have way more Star Wars dice then I do have genesys dice and for the force system I like that better then the free form magic system in genesys and I have ideas on rune magic as my world is way strong on the dwarven and elven races so it would fit better with the edge vs. genesys
  9. Printed out your pdf so I can look at away from the laptop. Going to look into it some more.
  10. Just in case you are interested I took the Merits and flaws and converted them to XP cost where player pays the xp for Positive Qualities and gets back xp for negative qualities. we were helping out Paul and adding stuff where we were working on the Physical Adept so here is my qualities https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LflKAuqQ8sF8TVFM4GbmsLeciodFZGa6
  11. I finally downloaded your version of Paul's Shadowrun and have one problem with your Assensing as the Physical Adepts in Shadowrun were able to Assense if they purchased the quality which allowed them to Assense as well. table of content has Nuyen on Page 3 when it should be page 8 under resources.
  12. I guess everyone got off track about season 7 episode 1 as it looks like the Kaminos played around with mutations and the Clones and so you can do a campaign with mutated clones as a special arc trooper group.
  13. Looks interesting need to flesh it out a little bit more. This looks like you are trying on the Victorian setting. kind of like a steampunkish setting which is lacking right now.
  14. Check out the Settings forum section there is others that might have unusual Races, if not there is a Setting book coming out through Discord and maybe even the Facebook Pages with Settings as well. I am helping out with a conversion for Rifts that will eventually have the Dragon wolf converted over some time in the near future maybe even in our next Book as I helped with the Races and Adversaries for the first book. Intelligent Wolves are very much do able.
  15. It is mostly based of the 5th edition with some 4th edition stuff in it. the Author left out Technomancer and physical adept which others have corrected. It is a big PDF and is quite interesting, so it does not even touch 6th edition. I do recommend downloading and looking it over to see what you think of it.
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