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  1. Sorry I have not posted anything in awhile, but personal stuff has gotten in the way and have not put this on the back burner, but hoping for some good results that would change my life (Like a New Job). Still working on Classes and specializations hoping to get back to this in the next couple of weeks. Will keep everyone informed.
  2. I am thinking for the most part, will be very little changes but nothing that will be a major change to both systems.
  3. Spellware is Magic Tattoos and these are things I am putting together as I go, when I finish it was be explained in better details as I have been saying everything is being converted and since I am doing it on my own is a slow process. You can find the books online and very cheap, only tow books you need is the Starfarer's guide and guide to the Galaxy, if you want to help with the conversion. The books are worth the money especially now.
  4. This is fine for the D20 System but it is being re-vamped to the Narrative system which is totally different, so right now I am going through changing everything to the Narrative dice and it does not really give you a feel for the system as It does not have the stories that are in the actual books. So the changes are being made for the GENESYS and I am right now just getting input for the changes since I am really new to converting a system over to GENESYS and have gotten good reviews and things I can change, so this is work in progress I am planning a PDF file or two with the end results as I only concentrate on one thing at a time. Hoping that FFG would help with parts of it as they do not really have to work on it but I just don't see that happening as I think all their IPs should be where they concentrate on converting them. I loved Dragonstar when It was D20 but I think the GENESYS could make it way better.
  5. Sorry for not posting anything in the past couple of weeks, personal things have taken me off track but still involved in this creation and also getting back into the RPG have been playing the Imperial Assault since the beginning of the year and now getting more wrapped up into the RPG again. Look for stuff in the coming weeks.
  6. yeah, but it is quite fun as I am working on a Dragonstar conversion and I starting to look into the system a little bit, I come to have fun with the conversion with help of the community.
  7. Sorry, had to get my daughter moved into college and then had family emergency but still planning posting the Spellweaver class this week for everyone to see and critique the class, do have a week off work starting Wednesday night and will be hoping to get all classes posted by next Friday.
  8. After introducing my group to some of the stuff for my game, have come to my conclusion to introduce the Spellweaver class, they will be based around the Spellware. the specializations i am thinking is a Sage Knowledge type, a doctor who specializies in the application and experimenting with the Spellware, probably a covert type and then we would have a combat type. Will hopefully create the class this weekend and have stuff posted tomorrow night for what everyone would think of the class. Going to spend today looking over Feats from 3rd edition and talents to see what I could come up with for the specializations.
  9. Here is Spellware, as usual always looking forward to everyone's input, will probably expand but for right now just look forward to what everyone thinks.. Spellware.pdf
  10. I am planning on adding another page, one thing at a time. Really new to all this stuff but still having fun coming up with these conversions and seeing what everyone thinks about the stuff i converted over. Going to either look into changing original concept a tad or post some spellware later.
  11. I have come to a conclusion as I suck inventing stuff I need but here is sheet 1 of my character sheet. As usual let me know what you think about it.. Dragonstar 1.pdf
  12. help me out here, I do get why they are doing magic this way. I am more into the Force die and power way as it gives more stuff for players to spend their xp on. So I think I am going to stick with the Edge as my primary system for Dragonstar and maybe do a write up later on for Genesys
  13. After looking over the skip tracer, this does not look like a witch hunter to me anyway. They do alot of tracing through computers to find their prey and then extort their prey for more money. Witch hunters to me would be more if an actual bounty hunter.
  14. no more videos there is an interview someone posted though, Character sheet is posted on facebook too. I guess now with the big news out of Gencon, we have to hope they will start to post more articles on this project, which from what I heard is something they have been working on for most of the year. What I am wondering though is why is most of the rpg stuff still under development like Fully Operational has been there since February, come on Fantasy flight, let's get these books published and since you guys are still having this stuff come from China, this means these books won't be on our hands until next year the longer it is in Development.
  15. From what I read and watched is that GENESYS is going to be mostly a a tool set for using in any type of setting you want, so when Android comes out in the future, if you want to can just port over the other races Elves and Dwarves over to it and you would have Shadowrun. Now you would maybe look around for the other races that are in Shadowrun to use with Android.