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  1. Agree with the solo challenges some of them are next to impossible and you have to be really lucky. I am OK with the dashboards not really sure I need thicker ones.
  2. Sounds like it could go either way, I have yet to use these two aliens but I think this might be an instance when a Timing Conflict occurs and since this seems to be a case of disagreement that is what I would use. Timing Conflicts When timing conflicts occur, resolve effects in the following order: 1. The offense. 2. The defense. 3. Players who are not the main players, starting with the player to the left
  3. There are a few cards that ready characters and even fewer to remove it. I have found the caught in the web card is annoying to say the least.
  4. At last Cosmic Encounter avatars.
  5. Your right it doesnot say anywhere in the rules to turn them face up again. Never noticed that before. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4. Choose Aliens: Shuffle the flare cards and deal two to each player. The player takes the alien sheets corresponding to the two flares and looks at them in secret, choosing one of the two aliens to play during this game. The chosen alien is placed facedown in front of the player, while the other alien sheet is returned to the box. Note: The aliens are rated by recommended player skill level, shown by the alert lamps in the upper corners of the alien sheet and the flare cards. If playing with beginners, the green alert aliens are most suitable. If playing with moderately --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I only played them face up after everyone chose them due to the varient rule. Just took it to mean that normal rules have them turned up after everyone selects powers. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hidden Powers In this variant, players leave their alien sheets facedown after selecting them at the start of the game. While a player’s alien sheet remains facedown, its power cannot be used. A player may turn his or her alien sheet faceup at any time in order to use it. Once turned faceup, the player’s alien sheet remains faceup for the rest of the game. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Probaly should be a line under step 7 of the set up to turn over the powers for clarity.
  6. TheImp

    What a great game!

    I had fun playing this as well. My only criticism of the game is that it would have been nice to have at least a small summary character sheet to refer to. We spent quite a bit of time looking up all the characters in the rulebook when picking a character card. Mainly it was trying to deduce what other players picked so we could pick one. Maybe we were a little to competitive and we should just pick a character and see how it all plays out. I am sure that eventually when the players become familiar with the characters we will no longer be looking up characters in the rules or have use for a sheet. But it would be a nice add in for new players to quickly refer to.
  7. I love this game, however the one thing I find it is missing is a small Cheat Sheet that list all the characters on it, with a brief description. I find that new players myself included are always taking time to go to the book to see the characters to deduce what someone may have picked. Are there any good downloadable cheat sheets online?
  8. I played a two player with my gold and cities together. My characters were acting as a team so they shared resources (buildings, gold), and if a character targeted one it affected the resource stock. At least that is the way it made most sense to me.
  9. You, can offer pretty much anything even money. $5 for a colony. However I believe the rules state there must be an exchange of a minimum of one card or colony. Other than that you can put anything on the table. However any future considerations are not enforceable. For example if a player offers future support in your next encounter there is nothing that stops him from forming an alliance with the opposing player stabbing you in the back. The consequence is that players will be less likely to trust him in future deals if they go back on their word.
  10. Obviously 0 is the fewest. If it were 1 and there were no ships at all in the warp then the destiny card would be useless and you would not be able to have an encounter that turn.
  11. I was hoping to have a CE Avatar as well. Maybe it is something that will be added at some point.
  12. I believe all players should agree to move to the next phase before doing so. In my games I always make a point of saying "Moving to the next phase does anyone else want to do anything". So if he agreed to move to the next phase he would not be able to argue your point. In this case I am assuming he didn't know that it was now the next phase and he had planned to use his power. I don't think you placing your card facedown would have influenced the outcome to much so a little leeway could have been granted in this case and you could take the card back in your hand if it is not one you would have played with him using his power.
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