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  1. Overall a good FAQ, well done boyz ! Warpstone skaven only, ok. Reversal ruling on deathmaster, nice. But changes on clawleader is bad idea, too much modifications. A FAQ shouldn't improve cards but only limit cards in order to balance the game. Sorry that some factions are weaker than others but there would be no end to improvements. Except about reversal on deathmaster that is a simplification (should be the same on dwarf Duregan too!)
  2. This has been clarified I suppose. Thank you
  3. indeed ! And does Master rune of Valaya affect all battlefield phases for the whole round? "Action: Cancel all damage assigned during the battlefield phase this turn." Thanks
  4. My question about the Doors in Cataclysm mode : Do they prevent from attacking my fulcrums in their zone ? (until all other zones are burning obviously). The FAQ in the end of Cataclyms rules reads that attacking a fulcrum is also attacking its zone. Thanks
  5. action works when Borgut participates in his second battle, not following battles. Isn't that explicit?
  6. Virgo said: Ellyrik Mallumo confirmed that Bash'Em grants additional battlefield phase, even third or fourth one. O_o so an erratum is needed. Thx
  7. The active player determines first where he will put his units. Then the opponent chooses his'. Then units enter play simultaneously. It acts exactely the same as indirect damage on both players. Players add their entering play actions to the action chain begginning by the active player and then they resolve them from the last to the first action.
  8. "for the second time" means Borgut attacks for a second time, not the first nor the third. Use google translate if you have problems with english language. And by the way, Bash'em don't allow a 3rd battle, only a second. But Da geat waaagh works.
  9. if you play magic ward any time during the ballefield phase but before the ambush step the defender can't even trigger ambush because his units have no textbox
  10. Yes it blanks both ways. Whether you play magic ward before grimgor or in response (because the ward will resolve first)
  11. I've sent a rule question about this future legend : "Hi! I have a question about the upcoming legend Vlad von Carstein. Yeah i know it's very soon but then you can still rewrite him if necessary He reads : "If you have no cards in your hand and deck, you win the game (instead of losing)". So does it mean you still lose if your deck is empty but not your hand even if Vlad is on board?" and Lukas answered : "Thanks for the question. That is the intent, you would lose if you still have cards in hand. -- Lukas Litzsinger" I post it just in case ^^
  12. SleepyLynx said: Yeah, as long as your Action of dealing indirect damage "goes off", the removal of token will still happen despite that those indirect damage was somehow cancelled by card effects like toughness or redirect damage etc. But if the Action was cancelled by, say, Mage of Loec, then there's no act of dealing indirect damage at all (as the Action was cancelled), thereby preventing the "then"- claused token removal from happening. If the whole Action is cancelled, the "then" clause isn't read at all . But I understand
  13. GREAT NEWS!!! But why did FFG wait so long to intruduce Multiplayer rules et Neutral capitals ????
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