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  1. Hi Also Attacking more than one enemy in a hero's turn only applies to monsters in that hero's engagement zone unless the hero has a ranged weapon.
  2. Hi I thought you had to have the key words "RANGED WEAPON" to engage an enemy in another Hero's engagement zone?
  3. Hi WookieeRoar Thanks for the reply, that has cleared up my confusion. Thanks
  4. Hi All Now i’m new to this but have played quite a few games, and I was watching a game the other night when the Light Side player destroid the DS dial with the Trench Run card, force Barrier and Asteroid Base. Now I know how the other two cards work but Asteroid Base, reads Remove a shield from a unit. The LS player used this on 7 attacking cards, when the card says “a” shield from “a” unit. Have I missed somthing? Thanks.
  5. Hi All I'm happy to wait for the FAQ on the above, but can't find a post regarding Initiative. My question is, in a game with only Rebel and Scum ships playing who has the Initiative? Thanks Steve
  6. Hi Krankenstien Thanks for the reply, I had read it that the figure had to have a special action on it own card to remove the condition. Your reply makes much more sense thanks again.
  7. Hi All I have a question about the Stunned condition, the card reads ->: (special action) Discard this condition. there are a great many cards both Hero and Imperial that do not have a -> (special action) they can perform to remove this and the Bleeding condition that has the same requirement to Discard the condition. How then do you escape from these conditions or are Stormtrooper and others frozen out for the rest of a mission if they become Stunned? Have I missed something, I've looked through everything but cannot find an answer please help.
  8. Hi VanorDM Thank you for your reply, this is what I was telling them but they were not convinced. Thanks
  9. Hi All I've just used the VT-49 Decimator for the first time last night, and my opponents (as this was a free for all game) were wondering why I did not place any Debris Clouds after destroying their ships. Now I've seen the Total Annihilation rules in Mission 11 Interdiction, but had assumed these were for this mission only and not a general rule for the VT-49 to use at all times as they seemed to think. Can any one tell which is correct please. Thanks
  10. Hi All Can you help i'm looking for a RPG Group playing DH hear in the UK I live in Northampton. If you know of any or where I can go to get that information could you please let me know. Thanks
  11. Hi All Thank you for joining in on the conversation my aponant and I had, yes we are all right in our own way what matters is we had fun playing and yes talking about this great game and the point is um how to explaine well. When I was much yonger and learning to take good photos I read this quote, by who I cant rember but this I do. Set the shot up, check the light, the focus and shutter speed then take the picture. Then move 10 feet to the left or right and do it again, now what do you have to pictures of the same subject but from a differant angle. Aways shoot from another angle
  12. Ah good old page 7, we’ve read you so often. And are we now saying the absence of definetive prof is prof definate? I think the point of my posts has been missed in the clamer to prove the existance of the nonexistant, that it is very anoying when your tooled up chap in the black hat and cloak finds himself stuck up the tail pipe of his wing man who should not be their unable to get rid of that stress token from his last fantastic manuver. Nor can he place that all important focus token that would alow him to blow every other mothers son into little bits. Now I find myself serounded in a ball of ionized plasmer, and unable to control my ship as all it’s systems are dead and no matter how good a pilot I belife I am that moot point is going to get meeeeeeeee!!!!! arrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Hi Jim (Emrico) Yes I hear what your saying, thats what we were thinking but we were unable to find a specific rule any on of the cards or in the book that covered ionized ship movement order. We were hopeing to generate some discause about this subject, not just get a straight reply telling us the rules that you can't point any more then we can as they do not exist. A ship that is IONIZED is by deffernition ADRIFT, so it is not under control in any way the PILOT'S or any other. These are our ideas, what do you ALL think.
  14. Hi All This is for Tk2166, in reply about proton bombs and their damage. Well let me tell you tonight tookout 2 B-wings and 2 HWK’s with 3 well placed tokens. Try dropping them and doing a 5 reverce, your apponent will love it.
  15. Hi All I have a question reguarding ships that have been affected by an ION CANNON and in what order they move. I played a game the other day and as my apponent and I had a few ships with ION CANNONS quite a few of our ship whould be drifting each turn. So given that these drifting ships have differant PILOT SKILL values we encounterded this question. If these ships are adrift then their pilots would be trying to get their systems on line again and not flying (because they are adrift) their ships and the PILOT SKILL dose not come into play. So in what order do these ships move? We decided that all ION'ED ships should drift before any other ships move in PILOT SKILL order. What do you think, I would like to hear your thoughts on this. P.S. We could not find any rule on this subject.
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