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  1. NPE is always going to be subjective. It's when something becomes NPE for the majority of people that it becomes a problem. As a TO I'd like to think I have a rough idea of the general mood, at least as far as my locality is concerned, and tlts is a problem for a lot of people. There was a problem with fat turrets too. Trouble is at the moment they're hardly seen at all, which is a shame. If you reduce tlts down to having 2 or 3 in a list, it still causes the fat turrets problems, but gives them a fighting chance.
  2. The tlt isn't the problem. It makes several ships and pilots that were previously below the curve viable (hwks, Horton, Kavil) and is fine on the k-wing. The problem is 4 tlt y-wings. And this isn't particularly a problem of power. Yes it is a powerful list, and yes it can be beaten. It needs you to be absolutely on top of your game and with a list with the options to deal with it, but it can be beaten. The real problem is that it's a slog, and a boring one at that. The issue is not power, it's negative play experience. You could beat the list and you've still not enjoyed yourself. Conversely you could be soundly beaten by other lists and it be the most fun game you've ever had. It does need fixing, for the sake of the game and the enjoyment of the casual player, rather than for any power-balancing for the competitive player. And let me just qualify that. When I say casual player, I don't mean someone who doesn't go to tournaments, I mean the sort of player who goes to tournaments with no particular expectation of winning the event,just wanting a fun day of gaming and meeting new people with a shared interest. Just saying "just play better" is not an answer that is good for the game. It's an argument that speaks to the competitive player, not the casual player who can have their afternoon spoilt by having to play against quad tlt. A friend of mine had an idea for how to fix it. Make it cost 5+X, where X is the number of tlts in your squadron. It stops quad tlt in all but naked hwks. It means the fun tlt builds that are interesting to fly with and against can stay but the spam lists would become a thing of the past.
  3. I woukd say the scyk needs a lot more help than the kihraxz. Trouble with the star viper, and the scyk for that matter, is that most of the usual slots for fixes for them are already taken. Both have a title you'd still want to make use of, and any named starviper is definitely going to want it's mod for autothrusters, if not by he scyk too wanting stealth device or a shield. An option for the starviper, then, is the much maligned torpedo slot. Something akin to chardaan refit might be the best option. I like the ideas for the zann consortium pilots, and I think there's some good mileage in giving them access to cloaking device, but perhaps go down the route of using the new upgrade card rather than just giving a pilot a free cloak action and a 4 point upgrade for free (although the pilot skill does limit its power somewhat). Here's an idea. Let's go for something really scummy, but based off the x1 title: Zann Refit Torpedo, 0 cost Your upgrade bar gains an [illicit] icon. If you equip with an illicit upgrade you may reduce its cost but up to 3 squad points. I'd then add another starviper only illicit that costs 4 points. Not sure what yet. Possibly something that gives then an evade token and/or more green manoeuvres.
  4. That would be a really good scummy ability, if a little powerful. How about it only worked when shield tokens were assigned, so its not just something you can do for extra damage, but something to specifically counter rebel regeneration builds? Or is that too situational?
  5. I've been having some thoughts about the YV-666 and the possible different builds with it, but have only had the one chance to fly it yet, so I thought I might put a few ideas down here and see what people thought and get the benefit of some greater experience... Firstly, some builds for the named pilots: Bossk: You want to cause crits, but also make sure you can hit things. I really like the idea of using HLC with Calculation or marksmanship to get the extra crit over a mangler cannon. I think the synergy with recon spec and calculation seems decent, with the chance to spend both focuses to get a decent chance of hitting for lots. I also think an engine upgrade is great on Bossk, given his high-ish pilot skill. I think this build is quite a glass cannon, so I'd be looking to pair it with something to distract attention away from him. TLT Ys seem appropriate atm. Bossk (YV-666), Calculation, Heavy Laser Cannon, Recon Specialist, Engine Upgrade (50) Syndicate Thug (Y-Wing), Twin Laser Turret, Unhinged Astromech (25) Syndicate Thug (Y-Wing), Twin Laser Turret, Unhinged Astromech (25) If you can afford a few more points on him, I wonder about K4 Security Droid and/or Outlaw Tech to maximise tokens, or Greedo to turn one of those hits back into a crit. Moralo Eval: With this pilot you really want a cannon. Personally, I value the HLC much more highly than the Mangler cannon, so I'd go for that as the starting point. At PS 6 without an EPT the advantage of the Engine Upgrade starts to become a bit more debatable, but given that one of its weaknesses will be swarmy low PS lists, I think it's probably still worth it. For crew, the recon spec seems less useful on a 1 agility ship, so I'll go for a K4 and tactician (which ties in nicely with the fact that you're going to be making good use of that extended firing arc with the HLC and his ability). Moralo Eval (YV-666), Heavy Laser Cannon, K4 Security Droid, Tactician, Glitterstim (48) Syndicate Thug (Y-Wing), Twin Laser Turret, R4 Agromech (26) Syndicate Thug (Y-Wing), Twin Laser Turret, R4 Agromech (26) Latts Razzi: With Latts I like the idea of using her as a support ship, buffing the rest of the squad. As such I set a target points based on what I want to fly her with. At the moment I'm really enjoying flying my Khraxz swarm, so if I replace 2 of the Marauders with Latts it seems like a decent trade. A 40 point build then. K4 Security Droid and the Weapons Engineer seem like a decent combo, making it easy to get those target locks, and so you can spend one, but still have one left to shoot if you target something different. It leave 1 point left for something else, but the options are limited. Greedo is a possibility, but he seems best to me on the ship that's going to fire last, so will be less useful in this build. A point for an initiative bid seems the best bet. Latts Razzi (YV-666), K4 Security Droid, Weapons Engineer (39) Cartel Marauder (Khirazx) (20) Cartel Marauder (Khirazx) (20) Cartel Marauder (Khirazx) (20) However, from the one outing I had with it, it seems very fragile for a (fairly) high cost large base ship. I think until Scum get a defensive buff card for it it's likely to work best as a stripped-down cheap build. The three upgrades that come to mind are Bossk, Gunner and Tactician. All 3 is 38 points has some good potential, but so has putting just the tactician on, and that leaves you room for glitter stim on 3 marauders. Cheerio, Ben Trandoshan Slaver (YV-666)
  6. Me! I seem to have accidentally fallen into becoming a one-faction player without ever intending to.
  7. I understand that the mathswing numbers show that the star viper and Scyk are overcosted, but I would expect the numbers on the Kihraxz to be better. The big difference between it and the xwing is that you can get 5 of them in a list. The only other way of getting 20 dice at range 1 is 4 phantoms. Having low PS is not a problem in itself, there are plenty of low PS lists that have been successful, even up to the wave 6 meta, and there's less in this wave to contradict this in this wave than previous ones. I've not flown 5 Kihraxz yet, but I have seen a similar list win an event, and I don't think it's a list you should dismiss so easily.
  8. Kavil with predator and unhinged astro is very good too. He's really good at making sure you get the hits in against those high agility autothrusters ships.
  9. BBBBZ is a proven successful list. 5xKihraxz has more firepower, if less durability, so surely it should be a solid list.
  10. I've been trying to make scum work for ages and had my first minor degree of tournament success the other week (came 3rd). I usually come last, or close to it. Part of that I think is my general skill at the game (which is moderate, at best), but also the fact that I like to try out quirky lists that no one sensible would give the time of day to. I thought I'd done the same this time, but then I saw from nova open Twitch feed that Ira Myers (IIRC) was running a similar list to mine, so I guess there must be something else in it than just my usual sub-par quirkiness. I was expecting there to be some TL spam lists that I might face, but also a lot of the PWT lists that TLT's good against. I'd also realised from a week of testing that brobots with autothrusters are an issue for TLTs, especially on a list with as many HP as brobots (okay, 3HP soontir might go down fairly quickly, but those IG-88s have a lot to whittle down). I came up with the plan that I'd need to make my TLTs more effective against Autothrusters and I'd need something in there with autothrusters itself to help out in the mirror match. I decided the answers were Kavil with TLT and predator (a decent change of getting 4 hits with his TLT to speed up the whittling on high Agility AT ships) and Guri, who with AT and sensor jammer, and the ability to get 2 focus tokens a turn, was looking like a pretty good counter to TLTs. After that I realised I didn't have enough points to get two extra TL ships, so I went for Palob with recon spec. He can really help Guri out with stealing a focus token. I went 4-1, beating Vader/Juno/Palpmobile, Corran/Jake/Biggs, Brobots, RAC/Fel on the way. I lost to a Chewie/Kyle/Cracken list that could just maximise the damage against me with loads of target lock + focus attacking. That list came 2nd. That said, the winning list, the only one to go 5-0, was a 3xKihraxz/2xScyk list, so it goes to show you can have a successful scum list without TLTs. Ben
  11. As I seem to be unconsciously becoming a scum player I will definitely purchase at least 1 mist hunter and 1 jump master. I'm also a fan not rebels so will probably get the Ghost too. But it's the mist hunter that has me most interested this wave. I can see myself buying 4 if their dial's not too shocking. 23 points for a ps3 bwing that can take an evade? Add FCS and multiply by 4!
  12. Yes, good point. Compare him with my Kavil build, with predator and unhinged astromech. You get the extra dice, a lesser reroll and a lesser focus, but I bet the two do about the same damage with the TLT but the dial is so much better, and he's a point cheaper.
  13. The advantage of Marksman on Horton is that you're already getting rerolls with him anyway, so it means you've effectively got target lock and focus on all your attacks. As for giving him the title, you need the droid to give him the EPT, so you can't put a generic R2 unit on there. TLT isn't an ion cannon that makes it easy to stay on the tail of your intended target, so it will become difficult to remain in arc. Cheerio, Ben
  14. I built a list using TLTs that I thought should have answers to other TLTs and to lists that are good vs them. Kavil (TLT, Predator, unhinged astromech) Guri (Autothrusters, Sensor Jammer) Palob (TLT, recon specialist) Just came third at a tournament (and I usually come last, or very near it) with this list. It's only got two TLTs, but they're highly accurate. With Palob stripping a token off you and with a focus for each shot, and with Kavil shooting first with 4 dice and predator (and probably a focus) they do 4 damage a turn to everything, and then Guri is there as a counter to TLTs, given that she can get into range 1, and with her sensor jammer taking a hit away from each attack (especially if Palob has nicked their focus token) and flipping a blank into evade from her ATs (an probably having 2 focus tokens to play with). It did great against a range of lists: RAC/Fel, Brobots, TIE advanced. It lost to a rebel hand-off crew (Chewie, Kyle and Airen) who could target lock everyone up and then pass the focus after Palob had a chance to steal. I think luck played it's part in it (Chewie made every single "guess 1 with 3po" he tried to cut down on the TLTs getting damage through, every attack rolled all hits) but there's a certain amount of that being built into the list anyway. Corran Horn caused me problems after he survived a full round of focus firing on him, and the next few rounds of attacks whiffed, but then pushed it too far to try to get away from me and ended up flying off the board. If he'd stayed on I think he would have given my opponent the game. Although, I think if I'd had just average dice rolls to begin with he wouldn't have been there to cause me the problems he did and I'd have been able to deal with the rest of the list easily enough, but you take the wins however you get them. Cheerio, Ben
  15. Quite a lot of 3 ship builds on the day: Chewie, Kyle Airen; Palob, Kavil, Guri; Han, Blue, Rookie; Vader, Juno, Palp-shuttle; Corran, Jake, Biggs; Etahn, Keyan, Gemmer; Corran, Jan, Biggs; Kath, Boba, Marauder
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