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  1. That ship is fast, but enemies with Energistic conversion matrix (archeotech) can be faster and some ork ships have "Red Button" (or simply by using Flank Speed). Don't rely too much on detection bonuses, you can still be surprised by a sophisticated pirate ship on silent running, say with Cypra-pattern drive & Empyrean Mantle (-35 total to detection). Minefileds could also be used, a ship / station / port may turn out to be in the hands of enemies, or they may just sneak saboteurs on your ship for the occasion. One-trick ponies generally don't fare very good. Personally, I would get a bigger hull, it might just end up cheaper in SPs, than saving space & power by using all those good/best quality components. Also, I would be the captain of a much bigger ship. It's a style thing.
  2. shorty_monster said: Then I'm sorry I'm late to the party. As mentioned I picked up the books because there was one specific story I wanted to tell. The argument that there are changes in the system between the settings isn't a very strong one, FFG designed these games, they could have easily designed the core rule, which do all run off the same basic system, to be totally modular, with little to no extra effort. IIRC, FFG didn't design the system in Dark Heresy, it was originally made by Black Industries, FFG merely bought it when BI closed down. Thereafter they've tweaked and redesigned the system in each following iteration.
  3. H2SO4

    Pirate Game

    Cymbel said: Yeah, as Iku Rex pointed out, a big hull has its advantages, especially if going into mass starship combat or such, I was really hoping a raider or frigate could be the hull we had to use, but oh well. And well, the advantages of torpedoes is not sheer firepower, but range, couple with the variable warheads (plasma, boarding, melta, virus, etc.) and the fun things they can fire. That said, what weapons do you reccomend on the repuslive class if we want torpedoes (I think we have the Gryphonne atm) on the prow? I was thinking a sunhammer lance battery on the dorsal ridge, then some broadsides on the side, the question is which kind? Melta Cannons? Plasma Broadside? Sunsear Broadside? I have 2 slots free on either side and a lot of power and space left for when we can pick some up. Don't forget the Disruption macrocannon Broadsides. Remember, gloriously succesful pirates steal whole ships, not just the cargo from a shot-up wreck. And for that, you'll need to be able to pilot the ship home, as it were. (Personally, I favour having a couple of disruption broadsides on the right side of a Grand Cruiser, just for the poetically symbolic style of things.)
  4. Cymbel said: If I am not wrong, I think I remember that there are some small warp capable ships that follow well plotted routes without a navigator, but even then they disappear fairly regularly. Something like that may work for the PCs. I believe you mean the chartists? They bypass the need for a Navigator by using charts and making shorter warp jumps, constantly re-calculating jump lengths and directions by reference to their jump-charts. Which means they travel slower, take more jumps and are in greater peril, since they have no Navigators to warn them when a warpstom rises. They're also limited to the routes they know and have the charts for. I don't think it's possible to hijack a proper warp-capable ship by a small group, unless they have a Navigator and we're talking about a pocket-sized* fast courier, a rare miniature* yacht or the hijacker happens to be an elite squad of space marines. I mean, in RT (the rpg) it is not possible to take over an enemy ship unless it's Crew or Morale has dropped to 0. (0 Crew - > no-one left to resist, 0 Morale -> there is an ongoing shipwide civil war with no-one in charge.) [* by IoM scale] And that there is a hostile takeover by a RT with a ship of his own, 10.000-250.000 of crew and more money than god^H^H^H you can imagine plus other resources to match. Heck, in RT if there is a rebellion and the character tasked to suppress it loses his roll against mutineers by 3 degrees or worse, the mutineers succeed in taking over the ship and the only way for the characters to survive is to leave in a hurry. (Yes, in RT you can lose your ship to a mutiny, if you fail a test badly enough.) In the end, there is just so much a small group can do against an enraged mob of unwashed masses of humanity. So unless you can arrange for a ship-wide mutiny, with you leading it, taking over a whole ship is probably beyond the characters' means. But why would you a need to take over a ship? Contact your Inquisitor to have him use his authority to commandeer the vessel, to arrange transport to your destination or just delegate the matter to another cell of acolytes / Imperial Navy / space marines / etc. Also, you don't need to take over that ship. All you need, is to have the ships' commanding officer by the balls. If you have a firm grip, their hearts and minds will follow.
  5. Book of Judgement has some rules concerning "Cyber-Constructs, Beasts and servitors", pg71 onwards. Unfortunately, the rules for simultaneous use given are limited to those of "Constructer Interface", which allows the use of Tech-use (silent) instead of Command skill and the use of pre-computed attack patterns, which give specific bonuses. "All Constructer Interfaces are of at least Good Quality and allow a user to make Command Tests to a Cyber-Mastiff or Grapple-Hawk silently, using Tech-Use in place of the Command skill. The device can interface with up to five constructs, but can only actively issue commands to 2, the others may report data back to the user, but may not be commanded. Only Cyber-Mastiff ’s and Grapple-Hawks may be issued commands, other constructs may only report data. A Best Quality Constructor Interface allows for 3 constructs to be commanded, but is still limited to 5 total uplinks." Since the limitations mentioned seem to be due to the device, and not the user, I would go with the INT-bonus previously mentioned.
  6. Skeletor said: Plushy: The idea is that the sect is so seclusive and has illuded the minds of the greater imperium for so long that it will come to the GM and his players to come up with a proper method of dealing with their silence. My personal suggestion is to allow the sister to in time teach Thoughtmark and Battlemark to her fellow acolytes. Darth Smeg on page 1 has a good example of a sample how "conversations" could be held. I don't think a speech-synthetizer (vocal cogitator?), similar to Stephen Hawking would be out of the question. Say, a vocabulary of 30-80 words, (attack / help / watch out / friend / enemy / up / down / left / right/ above / below / shoot / grenade / …), to help co-ordinate operations with non-sisters. One could possibly even make a larger unit with proper keyboard and combined vox to transmit longer communiques in times of need. Or just use a translator / servitor. Imperium does have a long history of utilizing "lateral thinking" to sidestep orders and legal issues (Sisters of Battle, anyone?). You could add vocal cogitator use to the talent -section, like: "Quick Typist": "May communicate a short sentence (<5 words) to others using a vocal cogitator as an instant action." "Lightning Typist": "May communicate a long (<15 words) sentence to others using a vocal cogitator as an instant action." That's how I would improvise it.
  7. Adeptus-B said: 'G-Totes' or 'G-Lugs': short for 'gun toters' and 'gun luggers', the only thing they are good for (from the voidsman's point of view). Or 'meat cargo'. Maybe 'I.G.' for Interior Guard, a parody of 'Imperial' Guard, playing on the fact that they rarely see anything but the Interior of a ship. Or 'pluggers', given their role in repelling boarders, i.e. 'plugging' holes in the ship… I like the "pluggers", but maybe it would be more derogatory to call them "plugs", as in they're used to "plug" the holes… Or possibly something along their secondary function as keepers of discipline, ie. "whips" or "hounds". Maybe even slackers, drones, or rations / canned meat as most of the time they're just "slacking off", waiting for the need for their use. Since we're looking for slang words and expressions, I would start by looking up slang used in prison, army, or by sailors or the police. They're bound to have a large number of suitable candidates for appropriation and use.
  8. H2SO4

    Errata update

    Nameless2all said: LMAO Wow….. they still didn't fix the Auto Temple in HA (pg 72). It's still way better than a Temple-Shrine to the God Emperor in RT book (pg 204), and costs nothing. P.S. I still love you FFG. Not necessarily that much better; Temple-Shrine to the God Emperor: 1 space 1 power 1 sp, +3 morale, +100 ap to creed objectives Auto Temple: 1 space 1 power 0 sp, +2 morale, +150 ap to creed objectives So a Temple-Shrine costs 1 sp, gives 1 more morale but only 2/3 of ap (to creed objectives). The way I see it, Auto Temple is a) subsidized by the ministrorum (specifically the sect supplying the missionaries) and b) the missionaries are not on Rogue Trader's retainer. -> Less sermons of obedience towards the RT, more work towards converting the heathens, at a lower payroll. Not costing ship points doesn't mean its free either, look at most of RT Corebooks essential components (page 201, table 8-3), almost 30 components, of which only 5 have an assigned SP cost… Bet that "Jovian Pattern Class 4 Drive" or "Strelov 2 Warp Engine" aren't free, despite the 0sp cost.
  9. Do you mean the Optical Mechadendrite? (RT Core p151) Or the Memorance Implant? (RT Core p150) Cybernetic Senses? (RT Core p149) Or possibly the auspex servo-skull? (RT Core p375)
  10. grotz said: Thanks. For both options I was thinking of antagonists or plot devices, not PC options. Oh, and I didn't mean a tech-priest psyker exactly. I wouldn't want to mix those concepts… though I always assumed the incompatability was more of an ideological barrier. (Btw, what happens to people with psi potential born on forge worlds? Do they get sent to the Black Ships as in the rest of the Imperium?) Anyway, I was imagining a heavily augmented psyker whose cybernetics interact somehow with the warp and/or his psychic abilities. I don't recall its name or where its from, but in one of the RT books there's a staff that the wearer plugs into his spine to temporarily boost his psyker level. I think forgeworld-born psykers get the same rides as others do. I suppose a tech-priest could become a psyker through the "wyrdling" -mutation (gain Psy-rating 1), though. What you describe can be found in RT: Hostile Acquisitions (pg. 68), by the name of Æetheric wave-spars: "When a character with this implant Pushes a psychic power, he may add a +1 bonus to his total Psy Rating. Poor quality ætheric wave-spars also add a further +10 to all rolls on the Psychic Phenomena table. Good-craftsmanship ætheric wave-spars instead reduce all rolls on the Psychic Phenomena table by –10, calculated after all other modifiers." Availability: Very Rare. Of course, I'd wager, that some xenos, like the Yu'vath or some heretics dabbling in warpcraft would have something similar, but more powerful available. Perhaps like the psionic amplifier in Judge Dredd. These, of course would be corrupting, dangerous, and extremely forbidden. So a radical Inquisitor attempting to use one would feel quite fitting.
  11. The Russian said: How about Letters from Iwo Jima? Soldiers holding a rock against someone who wants it and expects all the fanatic zealotry (here IJA = IG) to lay down their lives for it just to kill some enemies before dying. Though how could EVERY soldier buy into that, some want to go home eventually. That is exacly what the Commissariat is for. Those "not buying into it enough", or not making enough of a show of being into it get shot as a warning example to others. "The floggings continue, until the morale improves", indeed. Of course, the morale when encircled not really a a problem against most of the imperium's enemies, as against Orks, Necrons, Tyranids and Dark Eldar surrendering is not an option, which would lead to surrounded and cut off forces fighting to the last bullet, knife and drop of blood.
  12. Adeptus-B said: The Synford-Pattern Lockshield isn't Primitive, it's +4 Armour to most locations, basically turning flak armour into poor man's power armour (or power armour into poor man's terminator armour!). My group has mostly guard flak or Enforcer carapace, so the addition of the shield has rendered them immune to most standard weapons unless they luck out and hit the right arm… Yes, there are gimicks that can overcome this (such as every cultist cell suddenly decicing to start employ snipers), but I'm not happy about being limited to that finite set of gimicks for every encounter from now on. And I'm not happy about the sheer number of adversaries I've largely lost access to. Goodby, warp zombies! Goodby, plaguebearers! Etc… -And the Arbites Shotgun from BoJ does double the minimum damage of the Vanahiem. But that's beside the point that pointing to another broken weapon doesn't make this one not broken. Add to that the fact that in 40K lore, Arbites use standard combat shotguns, loaded with special ammo, and not shotguns that dwarf boltguns, and, yeah, I'll be banning both those things in my next DH campaign… Zombies, plaguebearers and others are all fine, you're just not using enough of them! Even the weakest possible opponents become a credible threat, when they can swarm you. Shield's no good when you get shot or stabbed in the back. Enough opponents and eventually someone is going to get hit in an exposed area. No need for snipers, if you throw enough bodies at the problem, shooting from high and low, both sides and back. Remember the "ganging up" -bonus, it gets mean really quick. Large enough rabble of peasants armed with torches and pitchforks will ruin even an armoured knights day. Just let your players know how the numbers are stacked against them beforehand so they know a frontal assault will end in tears and they need to come up with something more intelligent. In addition, I would imagine clever cultists to use landmines, tripwires, ambushes, malayian tiger-traps, molotov coctails, boobytraps, brainwashed suicide bombers, psykers, satchel charges and grenades, gas leaks, live wires, etc. A shield will not save you from cobbled together flamethrowers either. And dim-witted true fanatics among the cultsmen won't mind getting detonated by their own poor quality crappy McGyvered-together weapons made to prepare speficically against onrushing Arbites. I would imagine any credible cult-leader capable of hiding from the them to be also prepared for the eventuality of the Arbites' assault. Heck, if your opponents get to melee range, they can just rip the guns from your hands and turn them against you. Besides, the Synford-pattern lockshield only gives the +4 armour bonus to legs if standing still or head when moving (in addition to the arm carrying it and torso). So its wielders aren't really invulnerable. Also, while the shield has a firing port where "you can shoot a pistol or basic weapon without penalty", doesn't using a basic weapon with only one arm produce a -20 penalty, unless modded with an "extra grip"?
  13. Face Eater said: In summary. … 3) When it comes down to it the top level stuff RT and DW characters will be green with the firepower you get on your Leman Russ Executioner or a Bane Blade. I'm relatively certain that when it comes to a barrel-measuring contest, even the tiniest ship-based macrocannon beats tank guns hands down, not to mention torpedoes or a Nova-cannon… A tank commander may feel like the big man while sitting in his seat, but only a starship captain (and higher) knows what wielding Power feels like.
  14. htsmithium said: the mechboy in me wonders what it would take to loot a kraken now. They used to hunt whales, so a huge cruiser-sized mobile abattoir? But what would be the prize for the effort? Exotic meatstock, with tonnage to feed a hiveworld and kraken bone, possibly useable as ivory or whalebone was at a time. Kraken musk to produce the truly exotic fragrances for perfumes? Obviously enough samples to drown several magos biologis research outposts, and lodged in the beasts gut probably enough non-digestible wealth (gold, platinum,…) to make aladdin look like a pauper. Perhaps even a xenos tribe living parasitically within the creature. What else?
  15. Warboss Krag said: Strange, I've seen a lot of background that says bolters kick like crazy. (It's the initial charge that clears them from the gun, you know. That's the reason they spit brass. If they didn't have an initial charge to get them out, they'd have the gyrojet problem, that the round is still trying to attain velocity when it exits the muzzle - a gyrojet pistol, .45 cal, would hit like a mule at 20m range. At 1m, it wasn't even a spit-wad. Having a bolter do the same thing would be real stupid, particularly for a close-ranged device like a pistol…) Yes, but unlike the gyrojet pistol, the bolter round explodes (damage code X). That should more then make up the difference. That said, I would imagine a SM-sized bolter to kick like a rabid mule on PCP, because it is designed for the size, strength and robustness of Astartes physiology, even before factoring in the powered armour. When making a gun fit for a combat demigod to be used against enemies powerful enough to challenge him, one tends to use all the leeway available to ensure maximum performance.
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